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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Another looooong work week and the end is finally in sight! Anyone else counting the hours 'til they can sprint for the exit?

Eff off to:

  • People who bug you when you're on your cell phone speaking with someone. And to ask me inane questions, like "what is your favorite brand of chocolate" and "is Aniki Germanic". Dude, I'm TALKING ON THE PHONE. Oh, and NO, Aniki is NOT Germanic. Every single one of my coworkers - with the exception of YOU - KNOWS that I am Finnish. ~eye roll~
  • Jackwads who mess with my coffee. You do NOT mess with a Finn's khavi! And how bloody old are you? 42? Put.My.Farking.Coffee.DOWN. I'm married. You're married. WE WORK TOGETHER. We are NOT engaging in any kind of 'flirtation', you juvenile dipshidiot. 
  • Poor wittle poopsies who get their fee-fees hurted over the DUMBEST crap. Yes, Caran, we are talking about you. We were NOT talking about you until you stuck your big nose into our conversation and YOU made it about yourself. Gads.
  • DH's work. Once again, he's working OT on Saturday. The weather will be absolutely perfect to take out the canoe (or kayaks). Wish upper management would get pull their heads out of their backsides, LISTEN to the peons, and learn WHO is doing WHAT in the WRONG WAY so no one would have ruined weekend plans.


Hope you have an enjoyable weekend, STalkers!


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AHHH Friyay!!
My Eff Off are as follows:

Eff off to aftershocks! Three more years of this is sh*t!
Eff off to my mother for pulling a super d*ck move after I shared my feelings on something.
Eff off to nightmares that leave you gasping for breath when you wake up, only to fall back asleep right back into the same damn nightmare!

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FriYAY? Was that deliberate or a Freudian slip? Either way, I like it!!!

Family ain't easy. Been dealing with some d*ck moves myself.

I HATE those nightmares!!!  {{hugs}}

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Right? We work different shifts, so Saturday and Sunday are the only days we have to spend time together.

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Hola Amiga!

One NEVER touches a womans COFFEE.....EVER!!!!

*Eff off to doing what feels like a thousand timesheets to the point I feel blind.

*Eff off to the big girl that decided to sit next to me on the train (knowing she's too damn big) and for a moment I lost circulation on my thighs. I had to get up quickly and wanted to pepper spray her so badly Diablo

Have a fabulous weekend Aniki!!!

Give rose



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Hola, Siempre!!

I'm telling you... I'd like to have the ability to electric-shock any fool who puts hands on MY COFFEE. I'm Finnish and coffee is serious business, dammit!

Evil Aniki wishes you'd had Taco Bell last night and could have.... let loose with an air bomb! *diablo*

Y tu tambien, amiga!

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Oh let's see....

* Eff off to the heavy, heavy rain and the lack of gutters on the house due to ongoing gutter replacement, new trenches alongside house, mud everywhere and water in the garage.

* Eff off to muggy as heck now (ok, not like Florida or MA but it's unusual here).

* Eff off to work.  I need a real, REAL, long vacation - and although I have time off soon, it's a family visit so it doesn't 100% count.  Only 50% counts.  I'm tired.

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Oh, damn, Cover! Sorry to hear that.

ALSO in need of a vacation... As I was driving to work today, I seriously considered driving to the airport and flying ANYWHERE. It's been that kind of week.

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Eff off to DH’s spending habits. Yes, we have a budget. Yes, we each have our own funds. But dang, man, we’re having one other couple over for dinner and you spend $300 and cook for an army? Get a friggin grip. I don’t like leftovers THAT much. 

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Holey old socks! What'd he buy - an entire beef tenderloin, some 2-lb lobsters, and a few dozen YUGE scallops?

P.S. What time should I be there for leftovers and what kind of wine would you like? Wink

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Any time after today,Doll. Come on. He’s a good cook...but damn.

Yes, alcohol was procured. 

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My DH is working OT tomorrow night, so I'll be there with wine and dessert.

How about a chocolate layer cake with almond and raspberry fillings, covered with chocolate ganache? Biggrin

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I already have a lemon loaf cake, but what the hell there is too much of everything else so I need more dessert. 

My thighs do not. 

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Oh my goodness, I am sooooooo your husband. I have to be Martha Stewart when people come over and always buy enough food and beverages, including alcohol, to feed an army. My SO shakes his head. LOL 

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"Chef?"   Chef does this all.the.time

He over buys, over cooks, has NO concept of splitting a recipe, yet won't eat frozen leftovers.  We waste quite a bit of food (and money) but he just won't adjust to two of us

 Part of it is coming from a large family and the other part is his eyes are bigger than his stomach.  He knows I have to be careful about what I eat but I swear he's wants me to get fat along with him!

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I have a feeling I may have to use that word at some point this weekend...if only silently to myself! *wink*

Eff off to: Compulsive Liars - Not only is it ridiculously annoying, but people (SKIDS in particular right now) who constantly lie just make life 1000x more complicated than it has to be. it really that hard?  I think not.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! <3

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Ermagawd, I was in a relationship with a compulsive liar. WHAT is the point of that caca?? Like...

Me: Did you eat the last chocolate pudding?
Liar: No.
Me: There is chocolate pudding in the corner of your mouth and a blob on your shirt.
Liar: I didn't eat it. 


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Thankfully my MR. ED can't tell a believable lie to save his life, so we work out great in that department.  But SKIDS...OMG!

My customary "Go To Response" to SKIDS is this, "I pity liars because either they are unhappy with or ashamed of their reality, or they don't have the social skills to be who they are and get their needs met without manipulating the situation and attempting to steal control from others.  Sucks to be them and the people who have to deal with them."  *dirol*

If I had an SO who ate the chocolate pudding and lied about it so I couldn't eat it...that would be the end of things.  I love my chocolate! <3  

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Eff off to people

Eff off to how dirty the house is

Eff off to how long shipping takes when you REALLY want something (head medicine... My head super bad flared up and walmart stopped selling the only stuff -non-prescription- that works... So I had to order it online... And my scalp was bleeding earlier... I need it!!!)

Eff off to anxiety and paranoia


The coworker messing with your coffee.. You could always "accidentlaly" fling it at him.....

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Eff of the being forced to interview for a job I've been in the "acting" position of since February and going GREAT. Eff off the the wating that comes with wanting to know if I am in fact the person they are going to offer the position to. Eff of the the B**CH who I thought was a friend that applied and interviewed without at least letting me know; now it is super awkward.

AND - Eff off to the tropical storm in Florida ruining the entire weekend.

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That SUCKS! I could understand if it was "standard procedure". But to interview others?? WTH.

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Eff off to domestic terrorists that decide its ok to shoot people they dont know. Been having a  heavy heart recently, as what happened at a local festival COULD have happened to me as I ALMOST went. My whole community is wracked with fear, tension and sadness at this tragedy.

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It's sad and terrible and horrific, isn't it? I'm very glad you were NOT there, CLove! xo

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to sealing the driveway.  1.75 days and 19.5 buckets later

And that doesn't include the prep work

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