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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday is in the house!!!!! 

Eff off to:

  • Meetings scheduled at 2pm on a Friday. *dash1*
  • The jerkwad who constanly has his teleconferences on speakerphone. You don't know what that echo is? Seriously? Maybe if you take your phone and stick it where the sun don't shine, the echo will stop!
  • Arseholes who find it necessary to constantly give their unsolicited, uninformed, idiotic opinion. You don't have any training OR experience in this area, yet continue to blather on and on with your USELESS CRAP. Go the eff away. If we want to listen to worthless bullshite, youtube is full of it. 
  • People who MUST have the last word. Even when there is agreement, these people have to be "the rightest of right". Yeah, we get it. You're right. Joe is right. Wanda is right. Mark is right. Jenn is right. Fred is right. Shirley is right. George is right. Bonnie is right. Herb is right. Caran is right, too. But Caran has to be the rightest of right and continues to argue the bloody point even after everyone agrees. Eff off, Caran!!!
  • Biting insects (black flies, deer flies, mosquitos). I need a freakin' medal that identifies me as an Olympic Blood Donor in my state. Sigh...


Happy Friday, STalkers! May your weekend seem long, your skids be mostly invisible, and your sanity be intact.



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Eff off too:

  • The dirty minds of my work friends... Basically everything I have said today has been taken out of context... UGH
  • Three meetings already today...
  • Being told we MIGHT get the 5th off, but they havn'et decided, so no one make plans... Because we may not. It's more confusing than anything else...

I'm doing alright though Smile Pupper is adjusting, kid free (which is WEIRD), and you caught me right after I ate tacos.. Tacos put me in a good mood... They're my favorite. LMAO

I relate to that phone one though... Dude bro in the office next door... Every. Damn. Day.

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Ah, ye old double entendre! I work with mostly men (which I prefer), so we're often laughing when we shouldn't... *diablo*

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I work mostly with men... They just all have dirty minds apparently... LMAO

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I'd really like a 5 day weekend and a 2 day work week, but with the same amount of pay.....

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Eff off to PMS and cramps and bloating! 

Eff off to mgmt telling people 'you don't need to do x' and then asking 'why didn't you do x?' 

Eff off to mgmt asking why something isn't done yet when you received it less than an hour ago AND you are in a meeting with your direct report for 30 min!  REALLY?!  WTF.


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Bummer! Midol?

Sometimes management is so bloody clueless...

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That last one... Is the same reason I finally informed my boss I'm not a magician...

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Eff off to:




bad weather


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Foff Friday

Aniki your right... to people who put their cells phones on speaker at work OR public location. Good LORD




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to picking up a part approx 30 minutes one way only to be told that the other part is now here right after I get back from picking up part #1!!!  (for Chef's biz)  And yes I like driving out to the city but not that much!