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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday at last!! Who else is ready for the weekend? If it's not skid-free, I hope it's peaceful.

Eff off to:

  • Saying the new computer update will only take MINUTES and that I can work while it's updating, when the reality is that it took 2 HOURS and I couldn't do a bloody thing until all of my files installed. Wanker.
  • People who interrupt when you're having an important work conversation saying "Quick question...". The question is NEVER quick, always in 2 parts (WTF?!), and takes at LEAST 5 minutes. Because what I'm doing is obviously not important. Just wait until your bug fixes get denied because you don't have authority to update. Why not? Because YOU DIDN'T LET ME DO MY JOB.
  • Low talkers. You know what I mean. Those folks who talk so low, you cannot comprehend most of what they're saying and must constantly say "What was that?" "Come again?" "Could you speak up?" I have EXCELLENT hearing, but I don't want your mouth against my ear so you can mumble. Enunciate, effer!
  • Discovering that the amarena cherries are all gone and I want a Manhattan tonight. Dash 1


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EFF off to:

  • Man Brain
  • Nightmares
  • Power Outages
  • Stress
  • Frankly work this week
  • Much more..

Those quick questions you mentioned... I swear they're always some random a$$ BEYOND detailed question that requires like a 6 hour explination to answer...

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Loathe that Man Brain!

Stress sucks sweaty goat balls.

I don't understand why this effer thinks it's okay to constantly interrupt people conversing with ME. Next time, I'm walking the eff away.

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I'm a big ball of stress and anxiety this week. It hasn't been good for ANYTHING. LOL

You should walk away! Some people seem to think whatever they have to say is WAY more important than anything that anyone else might have going on!!!

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Oh, believe me. If I'm anywhere other than my cubicle (not leaving it!), I will walk away. This effer has no manners.

Despite being our of amarena cherries, I plan to drink tonight. Maybe I'll open that bottle of tequila..

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Bio-free weekend for me! LOL 

SS18 is working so that counts as a date weekend for us!!

EFF off:

SS14 for being a little shit

BM for all of the ways that are too long to list you dumb C**t

My job for being so freaking stressful this week

Men in general right now- They are pissing me off (I work with all men, so that is most of it)


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Between the two of us, we could have a looooooooong list of BM and BioHo dumb c*nt ways...

I have to say that I work MUCH better with men than I do with women. I understand the MENtality better than the woMENtality and I work more like men. Except for that one arsehole here...

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Usually I agree 100%, they are just all on my last nerve for the last 2 days! However.... if I worked with all women I would probably would have quit after a week like this! LOL

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I once worked with 79 other women. You read that correctly: 79. NO men. It was a nukkin fightmare. It was like working in a Bitch Zone. I swear that half of them were PMSing all at the same time. Worst job EVER.

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Eff off to two-faced co-workers.  You know when you're watching a movie and the audience is the only one who sees what a piece of shyte one of the characters is?  Meanwhile everyone in the movie itself is clueless?  That is my newest co-worker.  She upsets the entire team but the "right" (read: a-holes in position of power) people in the company have taken her under their corrupt, two-faced, devil wings.  Therefore, sun shines out her arse.

I'm over it.

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LOW talkers and UP talkers.

A Bane on BOTH.

I love how you point out Effs Off that I never realized were so EFFABLE.

*smooches * to you ,you clever ,intuitive you.

And He!! Yeah! Bring On The Weekend SNOW!!!!!

We are getting a couple feet.

Got all the wine and good liquor stocked .




Have fun this wekend  ,Ani ,whatever you do.




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UP talkers - those who have no isinde voice?

Wicked, my plans for the weekend are to cook and sew in between playtime with DH. Dirol

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No although those old yellers are awful as well..the ones who have not inside voice.

Up Talkers are perpetually  speaking with an inflection as though EVERY EFFING statement is a question and their voice tone goes "up" towards the end.

Like if someone asked you "Are you feeling better?"it has a certain questioning tone unlike when a factual statement is spoken.

That turning up on the end tone    is used with every single statement ,sentence, expression with Up Talkers .

It is actually called Up Speak and I cringe when I hear it.I wish these people could hear how they sound.Like  insecure,unsure dunces.

I don't know how else to describe it but it just is annoying as he!! ~it's like this person is always asking a question .

Have so much fun this weekend,Ani.

You deserve it.