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OT - Eff Off Friday

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It's Friday! Woo hoo!!! Just a few more hours until the workday is done and the weekend officially begins. 

Eff off to:

  • People who try to talk to you while you're in the middle of a phone call. Buzz off!!
  • Burnt popcorn smell. Eeeeewwww! It's ruining the lovely aroma of my delicious coffee. 
  • Insensitive, rude poopheads. There are gentler ways to give negative feedback, but some folks seem to take pleasure in being as harsh and arseholey as possible.
  • E.T.A.... ASSuming that NO response means "I accept your offer". 1) I DID reject your offer, and 2) when does no response mean Yes???

Happy Friday, STalkers! I hope you have an enjoyable weekend. Stay warm and safe!!


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Eff off to this weather. I am sick of freezing rain, snow, more freezing rain, sleet, all of it. I am not necessarily ready for Spring, yet, but am really over freezing precipitation, making driving hazardous and long hours for DH.

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I've been waiting.... lol

Eff off to:

- Being broke. Like broke, broke. I haven't been this broke since I was in my early twenties. It makes me unhappy and scared.

- Being stuck in winter wonderland. Temperatures ranging from -10 to -35 degrees Celsius. Snowbanks so high you can't see when you're pulling out of a driveway onto the main street. 

- The business is bleeding us dry. If we can make it to May, we should be fine as it's the beginning of the peak season, but man, the struggle is real.

- Issues with SO. I guess the positive in all this is that we are both dealing with so much that we are simply plugging away and not dealing with any of our issues. This will blow up, I'm sure. 

- FIL is terminally ill and in a coma.

- My aunt is terminally ill, dying of brain cancer.

- SO's truck is broken, we have no money to fix it, so we are using my car as the only vehicle right now. It's not easy as I'm shift work and he's not. 

- My mental health is poor right now. 

- I feel the most distant as I ever have from my family.

I think that's all... lol.

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Oh, hon. I'm so sorry you're dealing with all of this. It's horrible to watch loved ones suffer and die. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

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Keep on keeping on!!! Nothing lasts forever, not even bad things.

Sorry your are going through this. It shot and sunny where I am, I will send some your way!

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Eff off to people who think the world is their crosswalk. You DON'T have right of way just cuz yer crossing the street willynilly jackass.

OCD coworker. You do your job buddy. I do mine just fine without you effing it up.

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I'm with DPW... I've been waiting for this...

Eff off too:

  • Personal s***
  • Psycho's SM trying to start s***
  • Psycho's SM and dad trying to convince me that MIL should take the kids tomorrow and I should come spend the day with JUST THEM
  • Emotions. All emotions
  • Being broke because of everything
  • Us still owing $5,000 on the ex's forking repossesed car because she destroyed it so bad and took it out in DH's name
  • Endless meetings putting me behind on my work while my bosses are in panic mode because they spent 3 months approving something so now we have a short period to magically pull it all together
  • How starving I am, but all I keep in my office is unpopped popcorn... WHich it may be too early to eat...
  • DH having clinicals this weekend
  • All this frick fracking anger inside me
  • Therapy being too darn expensive for me right now
  • The car shop ordering the wrong part AGAIN for the car after THEY messed up the first time and I had a bumper go flying off my car on the highway
  • Feeling too tired to get up for the gym, so now I'm feeling fat and lazy
  • NIghtmares
  • My parents still being rude about everything so I can't talk more than like 5 minutes to them before they start being jerks again and I have to get off the phone
  • The tendons being tight in my shoulder and causing pain

I'd go on, but I think I've put enough down for today.

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I'll do that tonight!!! With gloves this time... My hands are still healing from like 3 weeks ago... LOL

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I have no choice. I still have a little bit of scabbing going on. If I forget the gloves I'll just tear my hands open again.

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Thanks DPW!!! No worries though! I read yours too! Hugs your way! I'm so sorry you're facing all this right now.

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Eff off to dead car battery on a frigging cold day,  DHs nutjob stalker son, my cousin has kidney cancer. Sad

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Dammit, that little arsehole needs a restraining order. I'm so sorry about your cousin. Is it B? *sad*

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EFF off to:

This week at work.  Lunch and dinner meetings that we get 4 hours a day behind.

Rhode Island for not having gas so that my DH has to leave me for a week.  If your in RI - Help is on its way Smile

My BFF's sons.  Horrible, just horrible.  If I told you half the stories of how they treat her you would think she was a SM.