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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday at last. FINALLY! It took a LOT for me to roll out of bed and motor-vate this morning. I reeeeeally wanted to roll over and sleep for another 2 or 3 or 10 hours. Farking virus.

Eff off to:

  • Having a stomach virus. I hurt in places one should not hurt. Gaaaaaaaaaaah!
  • People who get on their cell phones at stoplights. And then get pissy with YOU for giving a little horn toot because they're so engrossed, they miss the light change and continue to sit there...while 2 cars in the other lane have already crossed the freaking intersection. GET OFF YOUR DAMN PHONE, ASSHAT!
  • The middle manager who cannot seem to get it through his thick skull that I cannot FORCE people to sign a MF documemt. "Hey, Buttmonkey, I have a great idea. YOU fly to The Land Of Oz, go around to every bigwig's office, and stay there until they sign. Don't come back 'til they've all signed!" Oooooooooh, how I wish I could say that. But I was thinking it REAL HARD.


Wishing you all a stress-free, peaceful (or fun-filled) weekend!


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F off to people at the gym who hog squat racks by doing things other than squats and that could be done somewhere else in the gym. Helloooooo! Some of us have to go to work after the gym! Then, they give you a turd-under-the-nose look when you ask to work in.

F off to my new neighbour who fixed a hole in his fence. Previous neighbour left the hole so that I can carry on a love affair with his dog. The guy moved and a new one moved in. He has a dog too, but did a neighbourly responsibility and fixed the hole in the fence. Who does that?!!!

F off to migraines. I woke up with the beginnings of one, so I was already crabby when I went to the gym. Then, the idiots who hogged two squat racks didn't help.


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Omg Evil3, I feel ya on the lack of gym etiquette.

95% of gym-goers don't have any!!

Letting someone else work-in is supposed to be a given and is expected gym etiquette, but people rarely do anymore.

Maybe it's just a part of the general hatefulness in society these days.

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Ugh, like the jackasses who drag a bench under there instead of just asking for a spot?  Especially on the Smith rack, the worst. 

On that gym theme, f off to people more worried about getting their IG video than doing their workout, loud attention grunters, and gross dudes who follow the younger women around and offer "advice" on their form. 

I joined a community center for my weight training so I can knock it out at lunch and now the crowd is delightful, mostly seniors and other lunch break warriors.  I just use the old gym for spinning so I avoid the worst of the crowds. 

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I remember those gross dudes. Really hacked them off that my form was better and I could squat more weight... MEOW!

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Those farking iceholes! Gym machines need a time limit. When you go over that limit? You are ejected into a cold pool of water. Cold enough you break the ice crust on top. I hope you gave them that turd-under-the-nose look right back!

I hope that migraine backs the eff off!

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Happy Eff Off Friday!

I'm with you in the rant over pissy cell phone users lingering at stop lights. Driving first people, mmk?

Eff off to:

1. cattiness within other departments at work affecting progress in my own project.

2. people flying off the handle about things that don't exist anywhere except in their own minds

3. feeling constantly sleep-deprived

4. the Maggot Queen and her never ending quest to  not only partake in item number two, but also to simply stir up drama for what seems like kicks for her

5. dumb people. I'm sorry. I really do try to be patient with people, but after being sheltered my entire childhood in gifted classes and then slapped in the face with utter dumbness once I entered the real world 20 years ago as an adult, sometimes I really just don't have the patience to either explain things in very simple terms or ignore people who insist in believing dumb things. I finished my work week yesterday and am hiding in a blanket on my couch, enjoying the break from everyone


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I hear you on the dumb people thing. Mine is more... why the hell is incompetence promoted?!?! The eff off guy above? Gaaaaaaaaaahhhh.... He makes me want to stick toothpicks under my fingernails. Don't get me wrong - he's very nice. But I can tell him the same bloody thing a million times and he NEVER GETS IT. ~bangs head~

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What a coincidence!

Jist this week, I was reading articles on why idiots get promoted.

From what I read, it seems to be that they self-promote more than competent people, and also people are generally promoted until they reach their level of incompetence.

So if someone is amazing at their job and they adequately promote their accomplishments, they will most likely be promoted. At that point, they may not have the skill set or IQ to master the newer, higher level job, so they become just another idiot.

If they do have the IQ or skill set to master that job, they will most likely be promoted again and again until they reach a level where they are incapable of doing the job at hand.

So basically, people are promoted until their inner idiot shines through.

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Ah yes. Too dumb to realize there are people around us who are more intelligent than ourselves.

I have even seen the Dunning-Kruger effect mis-applied by dumb people though! There is an article in Psychology Today Magazine that bluntly states that all conservatives are dumb and it's because of the Dunning Kruger effect. As a conservative who has deeply researched both party sides to the extent that I don't agree with either but have come to the conclusion that in the present, the reds pose much less of a threat to the American dream than do the blues, I was amazed that someone could make a blanket statement that "not a single conservative has researched the actual issues at hand" and then use a very famous psychological phenomenon theory incorrectly to try to "prove their point."

So, like anything else, even the Dunning-Kruger effect as a label has been ruined and misapplied by dumb people.

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I like this place better with no politics, so I'm going to leave that alone other than saying it's silly to paint one side as dumb.  

Many people don't realize that 95% of us are within two standard deviations from the mean.  People believe they are more intelligent than they actually are, and many of the tests used to measure intelligence actually just measure certain aspects of it, such as reading comprehension, which ends up skewing the results.  There is an interesting series on the Radiolab podcast about this.  Genius level people are not the norm, they are a very small part of one tail on the curve.  I think the word "gifted" is also over used (that's not a PA comment directed at you).

Lots of psychological concepts lose meaning when they are distilled into clickbait and misapplied.  Many news publications just summarize the abstract without understanding how the study was conducted and how they controlled for confounds, what the n was, etc. 

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Sorry! I certainly don't think any side is dumber than the other. I was citing the article's focus which happened to be politics, and found it not only insulting, but lacking any substantial evidence, and obviously written by (ironically) someone who thinks he is smarter than he actually is. I didn't mean to place the focus on politics, but had to state my stance to justify why someone such as myself would find such an article biased, off-putting, and given the topic of the Dunning-Kruger effect, incredibly ironic. 

Yes, gifted is overused these days and has lost its meaning. Not so much in the past.We all can say or do stupid things at times.

My comment was moreso to point out how overused and misused psychological labels have become, thus losing context and meaning.

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It seems that, all to often, labels are now a word without meaning. A label is placed on something or someone, but that label is no longer accurate and the true meaning has become horribly skewed or is long gone.

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Totally get it, I've just seen that topic devolve very quickly :).  Context is important. 

I'd argue that gifted may have meant even less in the past, given the history of standardized testing and the amount of bias present in it.  But, you are probably right when it comes to personal recognition and labeling.  Now I'm curious.  I agree that many concepts are dumbed down and then subsequently misused.  There are many poorly understood concepts being used to make spurious points, much like the example you gave. 

I'd honestly love to have a conversation about your thoughts over coffee.  That's the only way to talk about complex issues, especially politics :) 

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Labels that are so handily slapped on, like gifted. And narcissist... 

Mmmmm.... coffee.

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I've had two bosses who refused to promote me. Same reason: "I can't afford to lose your expertise!" For whatever reason, they did not take into consideration the fact that I could still "step down" and do my previous job when there was a backlog. So my expertise and I went elsewhere. Pffffft.

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Happy Eff Off FRIDAY!!!

Eff off to:

  • Liars
  • People that don't listen during counseling (Will blog about that mess LMAO)
  • Missing the kiddles
  • Not getting to travel for work next week because big furbaby is an anxious mess and won't let coworker take him outside...
  • Anxiety and having to work on stuff from counseling.

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Eff off to Spirit Airlines. They make it impossible to actually talk to a live person. I am trying to get my stepdad home where he needs to use a voucher and have his daughter bypass the TSA security to take him to the gate, SO NO SPIRIT I CANNOT DO IT ONLINE!

I think they actually have 1 person who works in customer service. 

When you finally get on hold to wait for someone, they play the worst music ever so you WANT to get off the phone.

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How frustrating, Lambie! I bet that person only works PT, too. Gah. Hope all is resolved.

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Hola amiga!

Eff off to commuting on the train and while there were 10+ empty seats available, she chose to sit right smack next to me instead  Stop

With her big coat and blaring music EARLY in the MORNING!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend Aniki!


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Hola Siempre!

Um, EW. Was she giving you the side-eye and flirting???

Y tu tambien!

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I have been known to get up and move to another seat if someone is in my space. I don't care if they wonder why. Stay out of my bubble.

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Ditto. Do these people not consider that their "target" could have a bad reaction??

Unless they think they're sitting with you for protection. lol

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Eff off to websites which give you every which way and means to contact them - apart from a sodding phone number!

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I always end up with someone whose first language is obviously NOT English. I'm sure to not use idioms and slang and they simply Do.Not.Comprehend. Argh.

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Eff off job! Literally. I gave my notice. One can only take so much of someone who is in a serious position of authority, yelling at everyone unprofessionally, violating company policy, lying, and essentially terrorizing the employees, while people who are above him are completely aware of it but do absolutely nothing to stop it. And then when I go to them to complain, they agree that it's not ok but take steps to hide it from everyone else or do anything about it. Like it's 1950.

On that same note, Eff off to this sterile work environment where fun comes to die, and the catty b*tches that work here, who I will not miss. I do have a new job, so on to a hopefully better work environment!


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Gads, SG, how awful! Glad you got out of there. Fingers crossed that the new job is much, MUCH better!

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Thanks Aniki. I'm getting too old to be starting over again and my current job has a pension, but life is too short to work in this kind of environment! Deuces!

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They still have jobs with a pension? LOL!

Life is too short to be miserable. That includes relationships AND jobs! xo

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A Flying Monkey Punch to the nimrod who thought it was OK to go 60 miles an hour during a sleet storm on Tuesday, lost control of his car, and totalled my SUV that was TWO MONTHS AWAY from being paid off! Thankfully, no one was hurt but come on, really?? Dealing with insurance all week has been a huge PITA. And meanwhile, I'm also waiting for biopsy results. Ghost needs a break! And a drink!


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Oh, Ghost, I'm sorry but glad you are okay. That really sucks - about everything.

I hate driving in bad weather- especially with other people. A lot of times, it's certain drivers that cause accidents, not the road conditions.

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I don't mind driving in bad weather because I know my (and my car's) capabilities. It's the asshats on the road that make it scary!

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OMG, Ghost!!! I'm so sorry that happened to you! That bloody asshat. I hope you've been checked out and are okay. That's the most important thing. {{hugs}}

A DOUBLE Flying Five Fist Monkey Nut Punch for that jackwad. 

Name your poison, sweetie. And give us an Ann update! 

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I did get checked out, and all is well other than some vertical strain, which is to be expected. I just get people who think they're immune to weather conditions!

As far as Ann goes, well, interesting things have happened! I'll post an update as soon as I get the time. Smile