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O/T Funky Friday / EFF OFF if you want

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So what ever you want to get out there today.... we can have it here..

scream shout drink kill and dance..... may day may day it's almost pay day !!!!

EFF of to the bitch who jinxed Aniki }:)
EFF Off to all the crazy BM's out there
EFF Off to all the bratty skids out there,

Funky Friday with a festival tonight.... Maskernbal und carnaval


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Acra, you beat me to the Eff Off! xoxo

Eff off to the neighbor who started YELLING at me last night the minute I opened my car door. Why? The plumbing crew parked a bobcat on the street across from his house and he couldn't get out of his driveway. And if *I* didn't call them, he was having them towed.

First off: FACK OFF, jerkwad. *I* didn't park the damn thing. WTH don't YOU call them and b!tch?\

Second: maybe you should start driving a smart car or a mini coop if you can't get your damn vehicle out of your driveway. FFS, I could have backed out an EXTENDED VAN without any problems.

Thirdly: After I called the plumbing company and told them about your mega-whine, I came over and told you they were on their way to move it. So WTH did you call the police after I told you that?? A$$HOLE

Bonus: The officer was really nice and offered to YELL AT YOU for being a d!ck to me.

And an uber EFF OFF to the bad luck/karma/crap I've been dealing with these past several months. God, if you're trying to make me stronger, I think I can probably bench press the entire South American continent. Maybe you're trying to build me up to Europe/Russia. Blum 3

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well I can not leave you to do this as well, you've got enough on your plate....

so helping you out lol

and I see we have stalker and mockers on the site, they can all come here and tell each other off Wink

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Eff off to ceremonies for every single milestone the skid has. Whatever happened to just graduating high school? Now at the completion of every grade there is a f*cking red carpet rolled out.

Eff off to family reunions which = non skid weekend becoming a skid weekend.

Eff off to my co-worker who thinks she is my boss.

Eff off to my coffee being made way too sweet.

Eff off to grocery shopping.

I think that sums it up!

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EFF OFF to all this rain we're getting. Enough already!
EFF off to all the extra expenses that keep creeping up!
EFF OFF to all the nepotism in this small town! GIZZ, what ever happened to requiring experience like in major cities?
EFF OFF to BM's DH for contacting SO and thinking he can use him to get at BM or what ever it he was trying to get out of him. What goes around comes around you EFFing idiot!

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Everything is flooded here! Roads washed out. I went to go and get some strawberries this morning from a local farmer and they were closed because the fields are flooded. The fields look like lakes!