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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Sorry I'm late to the game today, STalkers.

Eff off to:

  • Cancer
  • Unidentifiable health issues
  • House/car insurance companies
  • People who refuse to comprehend that the friendship is OVER (t's only been 3 freaking year)


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you have to drink before you have a CT scan. Because I have had so many operations/procedures/colonoscopies where I had to drink the stuff to "clean you out," I have developed an intolerance to any of it. I can make myself drink it, but as soon as it hits my stomach I throw it back up.

They said this is way better than it used to be and is different than what you drink for the other procedures, but when I try "visualizing" - it comes right back up. I'm going to see a hypnotist today who I know can help me. I once had to take about 10 pills twice a day for H-Pyroli and I couldn't keep them down. He helped me and I took them all for a couple of weeks with no problems.

And if the scan shows anything bad - then double eff off to cancer!


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unidentifiable health issues indeed! I've been dealing with side pain for 22 months. I've been my primary doctors and 6 different specialists, and no one can find the cause, Therefore there's no way to treat it. EFF IT!

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Ghost...have they ruled out Gallbladder or  endometriosis? I had endometriois and let me tell you it was on all my organs.

...Sooo sorry.

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I haven't had a gall baladder for 10 years, so it can't be that. It's also not a GYN issue. So those two things were ruled out for sure. I suspect it's GI issue; it's just that nothing has shown up on a CT scan or MRI thus far.

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I was just diagnosed with colitis. I am fairly certain my first flare was 8 years ago. I have been going to Drs. for years telling them my symptoms, had dozens of tests. Nothing. One day I was in so much pain I couldn't sit or lay down. I went to ER and Dr. diagnoses colitis. And what do you know? I have ALL the symptoms. I had previously been told it was stress and heartburn. Nope. My body hates me. I sweat more than average, I get the chills after I eat, I go to the bathroom immediately after eating most of the time, I can throw up for weeks at a time. It sucks but now that I know what I can and can't eat, it's a ton better. Also, I had my gall bladder taken out probably 5 years ago and looking back, I don't think I needed to. I am pretty sure it was just the colitis flaring up. 

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I'm dealing with an unidentifed problem that might be a form of cancer. Total suckage.

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Foff to cancer is right Aniki

Foff to drunk drivers

Foff to "TIP THE BILL" I am  reading in the news again.  So tired of bartenders and servers acting like they only make 2bucks an hour. I know it's an easy 20bucks an hour based on 4 tables because I WAS a server.  THAT was small town USA. Many yearsago...Sure you had stiffs but that was not the norm. 

Foff to Liars who get away with not following court orders.





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To the bartenders and servers! I also was a server in a small town (a looooong time ago), in high school. I worked 2 1/2 shifts a week and made about $2k a month.

If you are a server, only making $2, or hell even only $20 an hour, you should probably switch jobs cuz you suck. I hate to be blunt like that, but seriously. 

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Totally agree steppedOut...20bucks an hour is super low but based on min of 5bucks being tossed on a table.

Women servers act like they NEVER make enough to pay "THE light bill'...for Petes sake they play those lies with customers too. I heard it a least 1x a shift every darn day...

 TIP the bill" is another lie they are promoting....poor us only making 2bucks an hour.

Gets in my crawl every time.

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And lets not forget a good portion of that is "tax free". You are "supposed" to report ALL of your tips, but literally nobody does. So, what is not reported is tax free money. Thus they are paying in less and likely getting big tax "returns" at the end of the year because of low reported earnings. I have returns in quotes, because I think you should never get back more than you pay in. Might be unpopular, but, it is my opinion. 

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BM pulled his in court... She’s a server... After getting fired for being a CNA and no one wanted to hire her after that...

she makes no money! Only $500 a month! BS BM...

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I'm so tired of people beeyotching about TIP THE BILL. I have yet to meet a single bartender or server who isn't making significantly more than minimum wage.

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One more.

Boo to Fur baby potty training...what were we thinking?

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Eff off to 90 degree humid weather. I can deal with the 90 degrees but not this awful humidity.

Eff off to these doctors that have all this education but can't understand a simple email.


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DH's father lol. - I will have it in stereo as his family are descending on me tomorrow. Pray for me.