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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday at last! The weekend cannot start soon enough for me.

Eff off to:

  • No not water in the cafeteria (and no coffee for those who drink the cafeteria caca)
  • Skid weekend
  • Worthless teleconferences where NOTHING is accomplished
  • Arseholes who piecemeal their requests. Just do it all at once, damm!t.
  • Did I mention it's a skid weekend?

Hope you STalkers have an enjoyable weekend!


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Second EFF OFF to skid weekend!

Also, EFF OFF to teenage, boy crazy girls and the dramatics that come with it. 

And EFF OFF to shitty weather when it is SUPPOSED to finally be nice. 

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How about boys who look like girls? LOL

PigPen has hair half-way down his back. Add bushy sideburns, a scraggly moustache, and a mini ZZ Top beard that goes all the way down his neck. BLECH!!!

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Gross! I’m so glad I’m old and married. These young men with their scraggly beards are not attractive.

so it looks like me, Aniki, and Probablyalredyinsane are on the same EOW schedule.

Skid weekend for me too, and I am just soooo not in the mood for any of it this weekend!

Eff off skids.

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Iamwoman, I'm a military brat with old school values. I grew up in a household where men had short hair. Period. Dot. When my brother wanted to grow his hair past his collar, my Dad said, "My house, my rules. You want to look like a hippie, do it under your own roof.". So when my brother headed to college, he moved out and grew his hair!

I have a feeling that, unless PigPen moves away, he'll still be a regular loooong after he turns 18. ~sob~

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I consider myself to be a pretty tolerant person when it comes to whatever gender a person identifies with. However, at one of the grocery stores I frequented over the last 4 years, there is a cashier that is decidely on the fence and very confusing.

This individual is very slight and slender - moves like a woman, has long hair like a woman, long fingernails, braless with what appear to be small breast buds and wears jewelry, BUT sports a thin but OBVIOUS mustache, has a male voice and dresses like a man. I'm freaking confused. Hirsutism, maybe???

I mean, Prince was a man who dressed in some ways like a woman, okay. Annie Lennox dressing like a man - I get it. 

People in transition, I understand. I can't figure out if the cashier is transitioning to a man - hence the clothes and mustache OR is transitioning to a woman hence the breast buds, jewelry and mannerisms. Or maybe this person is really on the fence or loves confusing the CRAP out of people.

I don't really care. My groceries get rung up well and bagged properly. It's just one of those things that make you go, "Huh?"

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It IS confusing! I'm perfectly fine with however someone wants to identify in any many of things. However, I do NOT want to accidentally call someone Ma'am when it's a Sir, or vice versa!

I've seen long-haired men with non-specific clothing and such large breasts, I thought they were women.
I've seen women with short hair, flat chest, dressed like men, and thought they were men.
I worked with a woman who had the fullest, but tidiest moustache I've ever seen.
I currently work with a woman who has more chest hair than my DH.


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Viva la difference, but if I say ma'am and you're a mister (or the reverse) please don't jump all over me for being "intolerant".

I know "binary" gender labels are not politically correct, but puhlease. 

I heard on the radio this morning that there is a campaign to remove the word "No" from our lexicon to be substituted with "Yesn't" as the opposite of yes.

Tell me that isn't a bunch of entitled snowflake nonsense from people who cannot handle hearing "NO."

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Eff off to setting up iPad's for clients and having all this blasted apple security in the way

Eff off to still not having reviews three weeks after (I'm getting a raise, so I'm ancy)

Eff off to how short-handed we are today (we're okay now, but if we start getting a lot of calls we're in trouble)

Eff off to living with my in-laws

Eff off to BM evading being served

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I do too!!! I need that raise ASAP!!! We were hoping to move beginning of this month.. That's been delayed due to a lack of a review and raise...

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Eff off to radon tests and having to install a radon abatement system in the house we're selling.

Eff off to my knees which are talking to me loudly.

Eff off to the rain, which I'm grateful for, but I've had my fill and could use a dry day to mow my lawn.

Eff off to my hair falling out in droves the last couple of months!!

Eff off to my flabby legs from lack of exercise the last year. Shorts weather is frightening!

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I've looked into it and stress is certainly a factor, but I think there might be some of it from having surgery and going under anesthesia - and going off the pill for 3 months due to surgery.

My hair was LITERALLY falling out in piles when I moved into my house a month ago. It's slowed down in the last week to about a dozen strands every time I brush my hair. 

I have a hair appointment tonight and I'm going to have her cut some length off and layer it because of the volume lost. I should have it back in a few months.


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Eff off to cancer.  My dear friend just texted me the pathology results from her lumpectomy last week.  Not good news Sad

Eff off to people who call for ridiculous reasons "yeah, I just checked my status and it says I have been excused, so does that mean I am excused?"  YES YOU EFFIN IDIOT

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Cancer gets a quadruple eff off!! Just learned my SBIL's cancer is back and it's looking bad. Sad

WOB, you know as well as I do that people can no longer bloody well read plain English!

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Eff off to no Spring!! What happened to the 70s and no humidity? We went from the 60s to the high 80s and already have an ozone alert today, which usually doesn't happen until July. Pisses me right off.

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What - you didn't get 2 weeks of it?? LOL

I've heard so many people (midwest, south) who are saying the same thing - what happened to Spring? People in my office have started sneezing (good ol' pollen). I'm SO looking forward to poison ivy, black flies, skeeters, and deer flies. Yippee. I MISS WINTER!!!

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- Eff off to TOO MUCH rain and the humidity it brings.

I mean, I like rain, and we need it, but it has been raining nonstop. Forecast shows it will rain for at least the next 4-5 days, too. 

- Eff off to skid’s summer visitation. She’ll be here soon. While I AM disengaged, I do have to deflect all the shade DH’s Mom tries to throw my way. Just so over it. 

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Momjeans, have you grown gills and webbed feet yet? Wink

My Dad and SM will be coming back soon, so I plan to spend a lot of this skid weekend at their house, dusting, washing sheets, freshening it up...

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It's not only a skid weekend here, but a skid BIRTHDAY weekend! Honestly, the boys don't bother me, but EFF OFF to my MIL who will be in my house annoying my DH and FIL for OSS's birthday. Ugh.

EFF OFF to people who take over meetings to rant about things we ALL know are problems but offer no solutions, effectively making it IMPOSSIBLE to discuss solutions during the meeting. And so help me if their remarks ruin this project!

EFF OFF to people who can't sign an attendance sheet. Seriously.

EFF OFF to my own personal insecurities that make me feel like I am annoying people that I am trying to befriend.

EFF OFF to my doctor's office not knowing their arse from a hole in the ground.

EFF OFF to allergies.

EFF OFF to sweet, delicious carbs that are ruining my ability to tone up!

I would like to give some EFF YEAHS, though:

EFF YEAH to making salary and getting a pay raise!

EFF YEAH to Anti-Canada actually doing something progressive (don't want to say what due to anonymity, but it's YUGE).

EFF YEAH to the weekend!

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Egads, a birthday weekend? Plah! I'm SO glad that 'Ho always insisted that skids MUST be HOME with her for their birthdays.

Ah, those freakin' carbs. I indulged in some boozy fruitcake last night. A BIG piece of boozy fruitcake. Me and carbs - mortal enemies!

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Eff off to skid weekends being two weeks in a row 

Eff off to always having to put real life on back burner for skid weekend

Eff off to having to ask if skid has to go then him promptly sh!things himself

Eff off to me having to clean it all up 

Eff off to dad' who don' do sh!t about their kids crappy behavior 

And finally a BIG GIANT eff off to the babying of a six soon to be seven year old 

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Kmommy. Hon....

Don't sit around on skid weekends with the skids. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. That's what I do! I do my own thing.

I stopped caring if PigPen sh!t his pants. He was 12yo and simply didn't feel like getting up to go. Initially, I threw those vile skivvies away. Then I stopped doing skid (PP!) laundry and told DH that if the skids (PP!) needed laundry done, they needed to take it home with them. (SS - formerly known as PrincASS NEVER left clothes at our house.) The poopie pants STAYED in the hamper and the door to the skids' room stayed CLOSED (although I liberally sprayed Febreeze aaaaaall around the doorway...). When DH finally threw them out, there were 4 pairs in there. I don't know WHY BioHo never questioned PigPen's underwear disappearing.

WHY are you babysitting the kid? I skid-sat once. ONCE. DH had to work late, so I allowed 'Ho to drop off the skids. Next thing I know, DH is telling me that the skids will be arriving around 4:30-5.
Me: I thought you were working late.
DH: I am.
Me: Then why are the skids coming? No one will be home.
DH: You won't be home?
Me. No. I'm having dinner and drinks with my sister.
DH: Can you pick up the skids on your way home?
Me (laughing): DH, do you honestly think it's a good idea for me to pick up the skids after I've been DRINKING?

He never asked again. STOP SKID-SITTING, WOMAN!

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I second the motion to stop skid sitting.

I only skid sat once as well. Skids are more vile when DH isn’t around. Never babysat again.


oh yes, dealt with the pee/poop undies too. The first time a poopy pair of undies was tossed in the universal hamper I flipped out and it’s been separate laundry ever since, going on 6 years now.

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No such thing as a universal hamper! DH grew up with a hamper in every bedroom. I grew up taking my dirty clothes to the laundry room AND sorting them into the appropriate piles. Had their been poop-laden skivvies, my parents would have had us at the doctor's!

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Ugh skid sitting is the worst especially when you have a kid who literally poops his pants on purpose...very spiteful little sh!t if I do say so myself 

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Too lazy = On purpose.

I skidsat ONCE. Once was one time too many. If I could go back in time, I would not do it once.

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Eff off to the lady who let the door slam on me this morning. Dreadful manners.

2. How in the world can bm's continue to get away with sooooo much stuff? EVEN when courts find them responsible.

3. People who say "Prayers UP"...what does that mean. Do prayers go down to Hell IF when we dont say Prayers UP. 

4. No scones. Cant find a scone in this town IF I tried.

5. Texas shooter. No on will ever be the same there.

6. The former Playboy bunny who jumped out of a New York Hotel holding her 7 year old son.  Poor little boy. The bio dad must be to his knees in grief. I would be.



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1. Beeyotch

2. Clueless. And WTH is karma??

3. Do satanists wish for down??

4. I've never had a scone.

5. Sickened and horrified. 

6. WTH?! More horrified.

I want tequila.