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OT - Eff Off Friday

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'morning, STalkers. It's a short one today. 

Eff off to:

  • Cancer. It claimed another lovely soul. One of my stepbrothers lost his 12 year battle. We all thought he was winning that battle. The last 2 weeks were like a free-fall from an airplane and that shining light is gone.


Hug those dear to you and let them know you love them. Life is short.


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Aniki! I am soooo sorry for your loss!!!! :(  Cancer is definitely a killer.  Both my best friends have gone through different varieties of it and it's been awful to watch.  Thankfully both of them seem to be practically cancer free now, but I know the battle is hard to watch too!  I lost my grandma to it as well.  Reach out if you need an ear <3

Eff off to:

  • Micromanaging bosses
  • The housing being a mess
  • My Laundry room flooding... So I guess I have to redo the floors and reseal it up. Yay.
  • BOys.  Sooooo hot and cold.  One moment you're talking and things are going well. The next moment they vanish like *poof*
  • Bills, honestly they just super stress me out. But also there's some pride in paying my own

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It's always too soon.



I don't too much to eff off about this week..other than Beaver and piss poor parenting skills.  

Is it too much to wish for her to be hit by a bus??  

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Nope, the buses around here get it too, so I'll hope for one of our public trans buses driven by a intensely angry driver.

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You'll be in my thoughts.

My EFF off is to work too.  I haven't had a day off since 13 August.  The project I'm working on doesn't finish until just before Christmas.  

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Ani I'm real sorry about your stepbrother. He was a good guy. Call if you need anything. 

Eff off to toxic effers who keep coming back to spew their venom. Effers should choke on it.

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So sorry A.  I can tell you researchers are working their butts off to cure cancer and many many other scourges of the human race.

My Eff off?  To our HR department that launched a new HR "system" that was guaranteed to take the burden off of administrators.   ....    .....   BWHAHAHAHAHA.....not a chance that happened, in fact it's now worse.

Example:  Notifications that someone is onboarded (i.e. all paperwork done and they can now come to campus) officially may or may not be sent out to the new hire. The administrator (i.e. me) is usually not notified, the hiring manager is usually not notified. I asked HR WHO tells the person this and WHO else is notified..."Oh, the recuiter can send the email...."  Not MUST not WILL but "can."  And the person can show up 'active' in the system but is NOT cleared to pick up their badge - removing that potential double-check. So now my only option for each new person coming in (I had 5 in the last month alone) is to communicate constantly with the new person (because if they don't complete their online hire process there's no notification, of course, that it's done or not)  and check with HR multiple times.  That never used to happen.

As a result me and another person are creating help guides (that HR should be doing) to help other admins in our institution.

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My boss gave us all a gift certificate!  yay!  Thanks Merry - aren't you one too?

Back at you!

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Yep! One of the staff brought in cheesecake for the few of us actually working in the office. Took me two months to lose 1 pound and 15 minutes to put it back on. No fair (but yummy).

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I am so sorry for your loss Aniki. I can't even imagine the hell he and your family have gone through with a 12 yr battle. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Big F off to Cancer this week. 

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Aniki, Wow I am so very sorry for your loss. A 12 year struggle shows what a true warrior he was.For that fight he should be remembered with grace. Again so sorry to hear this. xo

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I'm so sorry about your loss, Aniki. Don't even get me started on cancer, it changed the entire course of my life.

Eff off job. Getting closer and closer to quittin' time.