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OT - Eff Off Friday

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TGIF!! This looooong work week will be over in few more hours. Too much to do over the weekend in regards to the skid invasion, otherwise known as Christmas.

Eff off to:

  • The butthead who just HAD to cut in front of me.... when there was no one behind me AT ALL. Jerkwad.
  • The team member with a voice like a megaphone who cannot seem to SHUT UP.
  • Mending the freaking curtain. DH, that curtain has needed to be mended for 3 damn months. I am NOT making any extra effort to get it done before the skid invasion.
  • People who fail to understand that acronyms can have more than one meaning. They do not always represent vulgarities. Just because you see that acronym in my notes doesn't mean what you ASSume. Consider the context of the discussion, poop head. Examples of misunderstood acros that are related to my damn job:
    • FFS
      • Fast File System, Fee For Service
    • JFC
      • Just For Clarification
    • POS
      • Place Of Service, Point Of Sale, POSition
    • OMFG
      • Offical Meeting Place Facility Guide
      • Ontario Mega Finance Group
    • JFC
      • Justification For Change
      • Just For Clarification
      • Java Foundation Class
    • WTF
      • Write To File
      • Wireless Telecommunications Facility


I hope everyone has a good weekend. Take some time for YOU!


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Eff off to emergency c-sections. My best friends daughter will probably have one today, and although we are excited for the new grandbaby, it's still scary because the baby is small and the worry for the mother as well.

Eff off to cops who tailgate you at 530 in the morning (not knowing it's cop because it's dark and all you see are headlights) and thinking this is how it ends, on your way to work when some freak rear ends you then kills you. Jerk cop finally pulled around me and sped off.

Eff off to the holidays this year, I'm not normally a Grinch but there has been so much tragedy in and around my family lately that it feels like the holidays are to blame, even though I know they are not!

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Megaphone voiced working peers are the worst!  ~needy attention  mongers all .

Having read some of your past EFF OFF Fridays referencing the buttheads you work with , the vulgar interp is warranted!


HEY ! My Eff-OFF is to FAKE posters.

The drama queens and kings who create step fiction to fill the creative void in their sad little lives and then sit back and read as genuine caring members jump to defend or argue . Meanwhile the OFP(Original Fake Poster ..but the "F" could stand for something else)  weighs in just enough to keep the  back and forth drama ball  in play OR disappears  !  never to return except as another member only a few hours or days or a couple months old. Like sleeper cells from a spy thriller .LOL .

Yeah, I read too much fiction BUT I don't appreciate reading it here on ST unless it is intentional humorous banter.


You have a good weekend ,a great Christmas even though it it'll be a skid invasion as you put it.

TEQUILA is the cure..

I hope you get a pleasant surprise like last Christmas from your loving DH.

I still recall your infectious excitement from that post !

*smooches* to you,Dahlink.

Kiss 3

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BTW you give great advice..I always read your comments and thum'up!  .


May God Bless mother and baby AND may 2019 be a happier year for you and loved ones.

Give rose

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Wicked, this woman simply does NOT know when to STFU (and that does NOT stand for Star Trek Federation University or Special Task Force Unit!). Why are annoying people so loud?

Ah, yes, those OFPs who seem to originate for the sole purpose of creating drama. Lots of kiddies are on Winter Break from school, you know! Dirol

Tequila or bourbon - have not yet made a decision on what to drink during the skid invasion!

DH has already admitted he bought me jewelry, so...

Smooches back to you, swidheart!

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Not really loud, but fast and often. It's only a post-retirement part-time job, but some nights - I just want headphones or something after a few hours of talk-talk-talk-talk-talk-talk-talk-talk-talk-talk-talk-talk-talk-talk-talk-talk-talk-talk-talk-talk -talk-talk-talk-talk 

Maybe she's lonely but Arggh! Oh and if someone comes up to ask a question she's got to jump in and start answering.  I stopped getting annoyed and let her take over.  Less work for me and she can talk to her heart's content.


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Headphones are worthless when this woman talks. ~sob~

You can start walking away and she continues to talk - only louder! She has actually gotten up and followed me into the bathroom, talking. Sadly, I was not blessed with flamboyant flatulence to drown her out.

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You are too EFFing clever.

BTW, Ani, you are our resident ST crafty ,talented and clever Valkyrie mixologist..BET you can mix BOTH of those spirits and create something so tasty , so smooth and delicious BUT POTENT ~that will knock a person on their a$$ after the tiniest sip . 

I want that recipe! STAT!


Air kiss

And your DH..what a doll baby!

The new jewelry should look great with your little black lacy apron..and nuttin' else.

DH wearing his roll basket..LOL

You have gifted us here  through the years with so many funny  posts , great laughs and great insight !

Thank you,Ani.One of a Kind YOU.

Have a wonderful Christmas, hon.


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Hey, I love Star Trek! But a potent drink named STFU - have to think on that one.

Woman, that apron is hot pink with white polka dots and lime green trim. LOL

Wicked, you are too kind!! Thank you!! xoxo

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Psoriasis Or Shingles 

ugly and painful any way ya cut it....

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This week I only have one eff-off, and it's to BM. This woman's sole purpose on earth must be to be a terrible human being!

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I'm so grinchy this Christmas it's not even funny.  I've been so overburdened at work and home life that I have ZERO spirit of giving.  I hear the word 'donate' and 'charity' and it makes me twitchy.  I feel no warm/fuzzies over giving...I have zero desire to give to my family or cook.

First though- I blame my and dh's family partially.

1st- my brother/wife ALWAYS every year/every Holiday always celebrate the MAIN event/day with HER family-our celebration always has to be done the day before/day after/weekend after, etc..that was the case even when my dad was alive.  Even more so now- now it's just gone to 'come join us on main day' but damn I don't want to spend every holiday with her effin family.

So because ALL their effort goes into the main event w/her family day I end up (or my mom) w/the load of the main dishes and they show up w/ a side dish or desert.  I told my mom and was clear that I was NOT doing that or taking main head on any planning-that I would show up w/side dish and wine like they do and let THEM for once do the heavy lifting.  My mom walks on eggshells around them and never wants to BURDEN them but has no issue burdening me.  So SHE takes on the heavy lifting/cost so I said lets PLEASE make something Christmas eve it was pasta-loved it.  Well she agreed and now changed it to TURKEY- and wants ME to do the roasted potato mix or mashed potato and also carrotts/butternut/etc....that takes HOURS.  I was FURIOUS.  And guess what? Bro wife bringin a effin green bean casserole.  I let my mom have it last night on the phone.  Today I e-mailed them both and said NO I'm doing green beans and they can do the roast/potato time consuming dish.

Then my dh's family-ever since his dad died we have only had ONE Christmas together - most of the time my MIL can't bother to show up- his brother has now gone into hiding from the law (warrant out for divorce settlement issues).  My MIL doesn't do ANYTHING and slowly it became expected that now I have to do ALL dishes and SD/boyfriend show up at some point to eat/go and then a dish goes to MIL.  So everything falls on me. I told him NOT this year. I wanted to go to Cracker Barrel honestly low key/countryish- no cleaning before's closed.

So...I'll do a normal meal like any other day and feed my sons and us...not doing anything for his family anymore. If DH wants to do it all, great....I'm done 'giving' - people take and take. I don't even have decorations up.



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Bananaseedo, I find myself wanting to SPRINT past the bell ringers so I won't snarl at them...

Wow, that's sucky. Screw that. Do some quick and easy appetizers and forego all of that work. My brother once called my sister on Christmas Eve to ask if she could bring veggies and dip for Christmas. For one, she'd already purchased the ingredients for her dish, and two, no way in hell she was hitting the grocery store on Christmas Eve! He got miffy with her and said, "It's just some damn vegetables." And she said, "Yeah. So you go buy them. I'm busy." Christmas day, my SIL, my niece, and my brother are all hounding me because Sis did not show up and was not answering her phone. You know, because I'm apparently her keeper. I told them all I had no idea and they needed to ask her. When I called her, she said brother p!ssed her off so she was staying home with her furbabies. Not that I bothered to relay that to our brother. He did apologize to her a few days later.

I don't blame you. No decorations for us, either. Too much going on with work and health and I just don't give a rat's patootie.

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EFF off to myself for saying I would take the Gskids shopping today after work !  I should have done it weeks ago but something always got in the way, now it's down to the wire, it's raining and the only place to go is Walmart, this is soooooo gonna suck!

Major Blunder will need a Major drink when he finally gets home tonight !

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Nooooooooo!!! No Walmart the weekend before Christmas! What were you thinking???

Major, I vote for a 32oz glass...

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Ya it was supposed to be other day and that went down the tubes so tonight is basically my last shot here, 32 oz might be on the small size   lol

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She's working up the ingredients for the STFU cocktail..

I am going to be the tester.I hope there are multiple tests.




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Wicked, there are always multiple tests! Poor DH once begged me "no more, baby!" But that last one was THE drink. 

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EFF off FRIDAY because I have to WORK ON MONDAY.  Why?  No one will be here to provide services to!  I advised people to freaking bring a book or internet day-it.  Because I won't care. 

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I've assigned basically ANYTHING to do with Xmas on the 24th to DH.  He doesn't have to work so he gets to do the final wrapping, cleaning and cooking.

And I just checked the work schedule.  The "person in charge" is the one who holds us here until the last possible minute, so I'll get to go home *maybe* an hour earlier than normal.  She's a micromanager with no people skills.  I predict no treats either.  The other person, who has the day off, is great.  He'll let us go hours early and provide wine/snacks for those of us here.  So we usually just end up sitting around talking in one of the conference rooms.  Not so this Monday. 


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I consider cooking for the skid invasion a gift to DH. Blush

I miss my previous boss, who would let us leave half a day early with full pay. We busted our butts that half day, too!

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I have to work on Monday as well but will get out 2 hours early. On a good note , one of my vendors just sent over Champagne and Treats, New Years is wrapped up !