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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday at last! Friday the 13th in 2020. Oy. This week has been like an entire week of Mondays. Blech! 

Eff off to:

  • Zoom meetings. I've been on do many calls this week, I've been wishing for a case of mild laryngitis. For ME​​​​​. Gads.
  • Cancer. That ruthless POS claimed another friend, who fought valiantly for 7 years. RIP, dear lady. Cray 2

Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend. Hug your loved ones. <3


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Eff off to covid.  My 97yo mom in a long-term place tested positive Wednesday.  So far, just a slight cough and runny nose and she feels all right.  But it is so frustrating.  I called her nurse yesterday and we spoke awhile.  She said she was ok with me calling daily but told me about the crazy conditions there with many testing positive, staffing shortages as personnel test positive, etc.  In addition, my Mom's dementia means she is having trouble operating her very basic flip phone so contact is sporadic.  Crazy times


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My poor old doggo...she has chronic pancreatitis.  This landed us in the local emergency vet at 12:30 a.m. the other night...long night of her being there and me being home...cause you know COVID.  

She has managed to evade the grimm reaper once again..(the last time she had an attack we had 3 days in doggo icu and she almost didn't make it).  

She is home now..and feeling much better...but I'm not sure she or I can take another bout of this.

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I feel you on this. Our 7 year old boxer/American bulldog has a bump on her back we discovered last night. It's towards the back of her hip. Her back right leg (at the hip) was already amputated last October because of cancer. 

Very nervous. Made her an appointment for next week. :/ 


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My mom retired as a pharmacist and she now breeds yorkies for a living.  Things go wrong during labor or afterwards and its very expensive.  So now she's taken to calling me and guilting me for money to pay these exorbinant vet bills.  It was $5000 this latest one cause it got mastitis and septic.  I didn't pay all of it.  She borrowed money from other people too but its becoming a common occurence.  I don't approve. She has too many and so what if you get $1000 a puppy if you have to spend $5000 (or your daughter does) at the vet for the mom.  Nevermind these trips to dog shows like Westminister and all these dog shows are super expensive too.  I don't see an end to this trend with her and I can't keep doing this.  My older kids are now 11, 13, and 15 and I need to be saving for a first car for DD15 and braces for DD13.  She likes to throw in everything she's ever done for me or xmas presents she bought for my kids.    

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Your mother is retired and is choosing to breed expensive dogs in her retirement.  If she can afford to retire and engage in this hobby, then she needs to be able to afford everything that goes with it.  If she cannot, then she needs to stop doing it.   It sounds like she's becoming a hoarder and perhaps isn't as educated as she needs to be about dog breeding.

You don't owe her ANYTHING.   I am sure you've been grateful for everything she has done for your kids, but if she's using that as leverage to guilt you into bailing her out of her ill-managed circumstances, then they really aren't gifts, are they?

Keep your focus on you and your kids and practice telling your mother "No" as many times as you need.  It's OK to say no. 

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My mother went from horses to dogs. She now has 4-5 large breed dogs in her home plus pupplies. And expenses and she never breaks even so keeps having more puppies.  My sister and I do not help, nor do we stay at her/dad's home when visiting. They are also largely untrained and have a pack situation so outsiders are not welcome.  She shows as well - we think she gets her self worth from the dogs and winning.

The last time I stayed there I was acutally bit by one and never again....

She will not give it up and my dad, the enabler, lets her keep on.

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NoWire, you already got solid advice.

Hon, it sounds like you have definitely repaid your mother for anything she has done for you and your kids. Well OVER.

She wants to breed them, fine. But within HER financial limits. 

"NO" should become your immediate answer. Add "sorry" if you're trying to soften the rejection. If she pushes, tell her you don't have it. After all, you're saving that for the future if your children; not her poorly funded hobby. I feel sorry for those innocent dogs. Sad

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Eff off to meetings all this week. I don't mind the virtual aspect so much as the VOLUME of them. I have a super busy workload and I'm feeling it.  Also training someone so there's that layer added on to everything I do.  I'm now trying to get the trainee actual access to some things so she can work on stuff herself. Otherwise I just have to "show" her how, and it takes a LONG TIME.


Weekend now please.

We are now also again banned from going to work in person, which is fine, but it does make training even more difficult.

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I hear you, Cover. Yesterday, I got sucked into yet another meeting that is every weekday for an effing HOUR. Dash 1

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I don't care if you want to grow and sell pot, but damn it, stop doing your pot sells on rural roads. Saturday night there was a running shootout between local Grower and Buyers, that came all the way from Texas to California, to make a buy. Texas Buyers made the huge mistake of trying to use fake money for the buy, Grower figured it out and the chase was on, shooting from both moving cars into town. Unfortunately, the Texas Buyers shot and killed the local passenger in the Grower's car.

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1. Certain people in my friendship circle are being jerks to me. I called that person(s) out via social media, not with an accusing post, but a post about being kinder to our fellow woman. Of course she unfriended me! She knew who I was talking about!

There are a few. I dont know why, either, except its one or two people, who are talking negatively about me and by association, people that dont even know me or my situation feel like they have to "reject" me.

It makes me really sad.

 - BUT, I am continuing my mission to help out my fellow woman. I helped two of them out this week - one with a raving review on "rover" a dog sitting app, and one who needed me to help with her resume.

2. Eff off to misplaced loyalty with Munchkin SD14 andFeral Forger SD21. 7 years of watching her abuse her younger sister. Steal from her, hit her, call her names, exclude her. And now, Munchkin is thinking they are friends, so now if I say anything, even just MENTION her name, automatic poutyness.

- BUT I offered to buy pie ingredients and suggested she make a pie for her sister who is visiting during Thanksgiving Holiday.

3. Eff off to prop 19, which will hurt us financially.

- But I am going to book a much needed vacation and check out some property for "operation Lakehouse".

Happy Friday 13th! Which is a good omen for today:


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CLove, sorry to hear about those jerky people. Hold your head high and ignore those wh0res. 

Keep taking the high road with Munchkin and FF. While FF will inevitably bite Munchkin in the arse, it's something Munchkin will have to learn for herself.

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Big FAT Efffff off to cancer this week. It's taking a 34 year old client of mine as we speak. We had no idea. Sad