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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday at last. Unfortunately, it's shaping up to be another Groundhog-like Day. This has been a shite week.

I only have one thing today...

Eff off to:

  • Cancer. That vile bastard got another one. One of my oldest and dearest friends lost his mother to that monster. She was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a double mastectomy, did the chemo, and has been cancer-free for almost 20 YEARS. Uterine cancer slithered in like a viper and struck. She was diagnosed on January 12, 2020. and passed away last night. I called her Aunt Mary. RIP, dear lady. I am bereft.


Hold your loved ones close and be thankful for their presence; be thankful you can touch them, speak with them. Never let anger prevent you from telling them you love them. It might be the last chance you get.

Wishing all of you peace, love, and warmth.


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So sorry for the loss Aniki, we lost my great Aunt last week to cancer, it was fast, she was diagnosed and passed a few days later.

My Eff off is to allergies! Mine are kicking my a$$ today and I am not loving being here at work with the flourescent lights at all!

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I'm sorry for your loss, advice. xo

Allergies suck. I've tried countless medications and the only thing that works for me is Benadry.

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As you know, my dad went through a similar fate, so I know exactly how you feel.  I have a close childhood friend who has recently been diagnosed with a rare form of a bone sarcoma - her scan is Sunday night. 

Cancer SUCKS and I am so sorry, Ani.



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Oh Aniki do you ever wonder WHY this happens. I am sorry for your loss. Life has so many questions. You are so right be thankful for the people you love and that you can touch them. Sending you a hug.

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Queen, I OFTEN wonder why things like this happen to good people while horrible people seem to get away with the most awful things. Pact with the devil? Karma obviously needs some backup. Sad

{{hug}} back to you.

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My mother.My sister. Too many friends. Furbabies. 

SOB cancer attacks anyone. Hurts everyone.

So very sorry ,Ani.

Cancer sucks.


btw ~you may try bee pollen capsules to help alleviate your allergies .

You take care.


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Cancer sucks. Thank you, Wicked. 

I have tried the bee pollen capsules, but they didn't help. I do eat local honey (maybe not enough?), but notice no difference. Benadryl works and I don't take it all that often. Smile

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Aw Hon,

I hear you. My recent losses to that evildoer, cancer, have been devastating. Will there ever be a cure? So much pain and grief! ((((HUGS)))

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If there was one wish I could have realized, it would be a cure for cancer. 

Thank you, redhen. {{{HUGS}}}