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OT - Eff Off Friday

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This week has been crazy. Fast, busy, insane, hectic... TGIF!!!

Eff off to:

  • Rain. I wanted to sit outside at lunchtime. Nope.
  • DH's work mandating OT. There goes our Saturday plans.
  • Fackwads who continually try to shove their craptastic, uninformed, idiotic, inexperienced, POS opinions down your throat. Eff off to the next galaxy.
  • Eff off to judgmental, inane trolls who have NO idea what kind of Hell we stepparents have survived and continue to handle.

Hope you have a good weekend!!


Eff off to the sun for coming out AFTER lunchtime!


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stupid, nonintuitive 911/ Public Safety software that has been around since 1997, is still in the dinosaur age and was run by retired dude.  Counting down to MY retirement... one year, 7 months, 11 days, 11 hours... but who's counting? 


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Eff off to:

  • Looking at the clock and realizing it's not even 11
  • The only other female tech quitting
  • To the work friend who stopped being friendly to ANY of us when his girlsfriend was in town, then she left and all the sudden he thinks we're all besties again. Someone explain?
  • Having to deal with Psycho tonight. UGH
  • The rain meaning I cant take the girls to the movie I wanted to. (Outside at a park. lol)
  • The houses I like being too far away to actually get


As a positive Dh has an advance work schedule for the first time in ages. So we know this month's schedule. He also helped me clean the house this morning. Which was nice, cuz it was MESSY and mostly his and the dogs' fault.

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He cut off the guy friends too! It was like he was dead to EVERYONE for two weeks!

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Likely because his gf is high maintenance and jealous when his attention is not 110% focused oh HER.

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Bleck! Now I actually feel kind of bad for him. Poor thing. I wish him the best with that. lol

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Happy Friday Aniki!!! I got nothing we can’t work right now as our base is still closed.  We left and came to San Diego for the week because I needed a break from the after shocks.  We head home on Sunday and I pray the worst is behind us.