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OT - Eff Off Friday

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I'd like to do a happy dance that Friday has finally arrived, but I'm too damn busy!

Eff off to:

  • Covid. It has joined my list of dirty words that should not be spoken of in polite company.
  • Those neverending, effing Zoom. Gaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! How am I supposed to get work done when my screen is tied up with programmers bickering about this and that? This is Every.Effing.Day. FTLOG.
  • King Pita. That effer's 30 minute Zooms never last LESS than 75 minutes. That's right. Because the effer won't shut the eff up and yammers on and on and on and on. Even the boss dropped off at the half hour mark. The rest of us were stuck. I think my ears were bleeding by the end of it. *dash1*
  • All of the arguing because people cannot respect the opinions/choices of others. Okay, fine. You do NOT have to respect it. But it is not YOUR effing choice to make or YOUR effing life to live and it does not affect YOU in any effing way. So butt the eff out. Sheesh!
  • Friends who only contact you when they want your money. More like former friends. Haven't heard a (personal) word from you in several years and was pleased to see an email in my inbox this morning! Only to open it up and be disappointed. No salutation, no "how have you been", no message about what you've been doing or how you are. It's a freaking generic email and the ONLY reason you contacted me was because you're selling some effing crap product and want my money. And this is the second time you've done this. I have emailed you 3 times - NON money-grubbing related and being friendly - and you never respond. If I receive a third "sales pitch" from you, you will be blocked. 
  • Getting old. My sweet SM missed a step, had a nasty fall, and had to have surgery to put a pin in her leg. I wish Star Trek beaming technology was available so I could help my Dad when she comes home. Sad


Wishing you a stress-free and peaceful weekend. *give_rose*


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Maybe I should give up something else...!

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Eff off to people who send an email, copy lots of people, then call you personally to explain that they misstated something.  Thank you for the call buy you realize its not my job to fix your mistake - so go back and email all those people and explain your correction.  

Eff off to the electric company who routinely screws up our billing, and I mean really screws it up.  One month we have a $400 credit.  The next month, a $500 bill due.  We call and no one seems to know anything except 'system error' that the billing gods (who cannot be contacted by mere mortals) are working on resolving.  EFF OFF.


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I love the people who Reply All on emails, followed by those who Reply All with a snarky message about Stop Replying To All.

What the eff is wrong with the effing electric company? That could drive you to drink!

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Those people should all be fired immediately!

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I think they should have to give a day of vacation to those they inconvenienced! *dirol*

FTR, I have rarely found the need to Reply All. 

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The electric company replaced our meter. The first month our bill was over $10,000. I called and they said 'oops, we'll fix it'. Next month our bill had a credit of over $10,000. I was tempted to keep it and we'd would not pay a bill for years. But, I called again. Now they have to send someone to recalibrate the meter (which they should have done when they installed it. First guy come out and says 'why am I here'. Tiurns out to fix the meter reading you need some kind of special tool. It took three tries to get them to send a guy with the tool. Just over three months to have them do what should have been done in the first place.

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If I did my job that way I know I'd be shown the door for sure!!

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to isomnia.  Ugh...woke up at 3:30 yesterday morning.  Was up from then on...even today I'm not fully back to normal.  Yesterday I was a zombie....

Eff of to the people that lived next door to my parents.  They abandoned their little kitty when they were evicted.  My mom has been feeding the little kitty for last three months...and now she is having it spayed and it will become an indoor kitty with my parents other two. Its cold and covered in snow here way was my mom letting it stay outside.  But they neighbors that abandoned it...can go to H3ll.

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Halo, you are talking to the Queen of Insomnia. Over the years I've tried giving it up for Lent, straight talk, ghosting, and a restraining order. Insomnia never fails to come calling. Ugh.

I hope there is a special place in H3ll for effers who abandon/abuse animals. Along with child and senior abusers. *diablo*

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Oh Aniki when it comes to King PITA I would be hanging up at the half hour mark as well, but I'm passive aggressive like that, maybe if you all do it in solidarity the guy might get the hint...or he will just think his internet went out...either way it's a win, lol.

My eff off is to my period!  It woke me up from a dead sleep with cramps so bad I thought I was going to pass an ovary!  Dangit I was supposed to sleep in today, but I guess mother nature had other plans.  

Oh and for Lent I gave up on getting my promotion that has been promised to me since last year.



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Advice, Evil Aniki plans to have another call if (WHEN) KP's next meeting runs over the allotted time. The asshat. 

I had a dream last night that I got my period - haven't had one in well over a year. Maybe it was a sympathy dream!

That sucks. Sad

I'm Catholic-light, so I don't give up anything for Lent. 

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I feel for you, Advice.  My uterus is having one heck of a going away party.

My eff off is to two people: My MIL and myself.

Eff off to my MIL for being her usual hypocritical, petty, whiny ass self and interrupting our evening with her childish nonsense.  It is so amusing to me that her answer to other people's legitimate problems are some version of bootstraps but wah wah wah all the way home if MIL is even remotely inconvenienced and she's too obtuse and self-centered to have any kind of awareness about it.

Eff off to myself for letting her behavior bring out such ugly feelings in me. 

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Gimmy, I'd love nothing more than to show your MIL some of MY bootstraps. *diablo*

{{{HUGS}}} for you, sweetie. It must take some major shite for your lovely self to feel like that. <3

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To people who run stop signs.  One got me last week and now I'm wearing a cast.  Poor (paid for) car is totaled.  On the bright side,  I'm on "vacation" from work.

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I'm so sorry to hear that, TT!!! Gentle {{{hugs}}} and prayers for a total recovery with minimal pain.

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Get well soon thinkthrice, and enjoy the time off work!

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What's shaking bacon?

Eff off to..... not having enough time. I'm having one of those "hamster in a wheel" days where I feel like I can't get anything accomplished off my todo list and somehow it is growing exponentially. I suspect I'll be working this weekend. Ugh.

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There was bacon in the lovely stew I had for

DPW, I can totally relate. I keep getting pulled in different directions due to "emergencies" or "escalations" which means my regular work suffers. I'm not authorized to work outside of my 40 hours. Tried pushing it (was working about 50) and got a verbal handslap for it. Sigh...

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Same. All directions. All levels. All types of situations. I have been working on the same bloody workplan for three weeks because I can never get it done. The project deadline will have passed and I'll still be working on draft 1 of the work plan lol. 

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My boss cannot make a deadline for one of my projects because I keep getting pulled away for "more important" things. Frankly, I consider the majority of these damn zoom meetings to be a YUGE part of the problem. Like the one I'm on now that is now 3 minutes past the end time and the same guy (Mumbles) is still yammering on and on and on. Sigh...

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Eff off to the effing effer who was shouting at me in all caps this morning. I took the day off today because DH is having minor surgery. I saw his email come in, didn't open it for 3 hours so didn't know he was shouting about needing something NOW.

I closed that email and that effing effer can just stew over the weekend. Eff his NOW demand. I'm not even the person who can fix the problem. 

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Merry, maybe that effing effer will blow an O ring. What a jrek!

I hope all is well with your DH. xoxo

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Thank you, yes. All is well for DH. He's just extra high maintenance for the next few days.  

The effing effer is a known jackwad. His tantrums span far and wide and it isn't the first time I've been a target. I wonder if he is a poor widdle COD?

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Eff off to the Facebook "friend" who insists that the reason Texas had its power outage was that it was so cold and if they had even more decentralization and deregulation (like everyone with their own generator), this wouldn't have happened. It's not because Texas is mostly on its own grid to avoid oversight and regulations like, you know, winterization of equipment and the ability to borrow energy. Then kept sending me links to Tesla battery-powered solar power articles like they were relevant to the Texas grid issue. Geez.