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OT - Eff Off Friday

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TGIF! Halfway through the workday and it feels like I've been working for 24 hours. Gaaaaaaaahhhhh.....

Eff off to :

  • Cancer (the #1 C word) claimed another victim. A family friend, 60 years young. 
  • King Effing Pita. That effer blathered on and on and on for 28 minutes. Why can't he get laryngitis? Naturally this BS is pertinent to ONE EFFING PERSON. They need to get their own zoom. 
  • Whiners who whine about the same thing over and over and over, yet do nothing to change the situation. You hate the job. You whine about the job. There are other freaking jobs. LOOK FOR ONE!
  • My boss not responding to emails. Not sure what's going on with her, but people are complaining that they have to message her multiple times because she is not reading/responding to their requests for time off. 
  • The other 'C' word. I would love to have a conversation with someone (other than DH or my Dad) without C word #2. I'm sure you know what that word is and it is not 4 letters...
  • The Black Dog. That effer is nipping at my heels HARD. Eff Off!


Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend.


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because Eff off to car problems. DH took my car for an oil change and inspection and instead I need new front brake pads, new front rotors, etc. So instead of it being under $100 trip, it is more like a $600 trip. It is not like we can't afford it, but we have been trying to be financially savy with the big move coming up 4 weeks from today and I don't like seeing more money go out the window than we planned. Safety first though!

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Oooooooooooowwwwwww! Hate it when that happens. But better to pay for it now (safety!) than to have the brakes go out in the middle of your move. *give_rose*

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or my car wouldn't pass VA inspection because that also had to be done today the brakes could of held out a little, but since we have the money to do it and it is a safety thing we are doing the brakes too! Luckily we aren't driving my car cross country we are shipping it and driving DH's truck, but they won't take my car if it doesn't have it's inspection sticker. So it happens, but still sucks! ((hugs))

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Yeah you want those brakes in the mountains!!!!

Oh wait, you aren't driving it. Better now than in new place tho. You'll be busy enough!

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area which is more hilly after we move in so definitely feel way better having new brake pads then worn down ones!

Good news is that they told DH it would be 1.5 hours to do it all and he had been sitting there for 3 still not done so they knocked off $150 since it took 5 hours and DH was sitting there waiting.

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I was holding out for Eff Off Friday!

Eff off to management who led me on for a year and then screwed me over on my promotion.
Eff off to PMSy teenage daughters who throw attitude at you because they know you won't sell them to the gypsies.
Eff off to earthquakes, we had a 3.6 yesterday and I was like no no no! We are just finally starting to get out of lockdown and now you are going to start this crap up again! NO!

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Oh, that SUCKS! BTDT and it's bloody irritating. 

Gads, woman! Hope you're safe. *give_rose*

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Have to return to work Monday after being out since 2/9 due to an MVA.  I truly enjoyed the two month break ( but not the injury)

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Thrice, good to hear you're healed up and can return! I would love to retire, but need to win the lottery. Must remember to buy a ticket... 

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So sorry for the loss of your friend Aniki.  I know someone who recently retired and passed the next day from that horrid disease.  It's not fair.. you work your whole life and don't reach that time where you can relax and enjoy everything you worked for.  It is definitely something to put things in perspective! NO?

And.. I'm with you on the PITA's who are on group work calls that feel they need to fill a large amount of time with "nothing" to justify their existence.  We have an admin who is on our calls and the issues she brings up have virtually nothing to do with what any of us are doing for our work.. really mundane and "off topic".. and things that would be so much better brought up by her OFFLINE with our manager instead of wasting 20 minutes of the rest of our group's time!

I'm gonna say "eff OFF" to anyone that isn't responding to emails.  There was a new guy who was taking over a responsibility at my work and he sucked about getting back to us.. I sent many messages.. zero response... the latest response wasn't even from HIM.. it was from some other guy who is apparently now going to do THAT responsibility.. I can't believe the guy wouldn't have at least said.."Hey.. the workload is going to be shifted around and I think Dudeman will be the one handling these reqeusts going forward".. how HARD is that?  this is one thing about working remotely.. I am not as sure that everyone is really at work when they should be haha.

I was just discussing that "Cword" myself with my DH.. how that even for an introvert like me.. that I am getting a bit tired of having little to no human contact (outside things like aside from him.  We used to do lots of spur of the moment road trips and we haven't felt like that was really a great idea until we were both "fully vaxxed"..   That black dog has been harder for a lot of people due to the way the last year or so has played out.. very emotionally tiring.

I'm going to add my own.

EFF off to my DH's phone that decided to DIE this AM.  He has a shift that was going to start at 2pm for work today.. so he had to rush out of the house to deal with THAT.. he needs the phone on his job.

Eff off to my YSD's BF's mother (future MIL).. who let slip she thought that it was selfish to ask her son to move with her for her big promotion at work.  Lady... wouldn't it be selfish if he asked HER to not take this opportunity and then they broke up later and she was dead ended with her employer ?(she has progressed very quickly with them.. and this is a great opportunity.. and pays her about 20K more than her last job which was already decent).  She is working towards her degree.. but it's unlikely that any other company would give her this shot without one.



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Thank you, ESMOD. How awful! This was a vicious cancer - she was diagnosed just over 2 months ago. 

DH and I are not very sociable creatures so we're not missing physical human contact all that much. We made a trip last Fall and only had contact with the gas pumps. Even took all of our food with us. We're gearing up for a repeat performance in a few weeks.

TBH, I fear my Black Dog may be due to the fact that WFH appears to be coming to an end. Of course that could change, but I am not looking forward to being in the office again. In fact, I already ordered earplugs to wear...

Wow, future MIL is being a twatwaffle! Sounds like she doesn't want her baby boy to move away from her. Is she related to 'Ho?!

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I'm with you on the WFH... I have been doing it for over a year.. it is going to be hard to not continue that.  I'm somewhat hopeful I can at least not do it "full time"

Yeah.. I think she had a kneejerk reaction about him moving halfway across the country.  Apparently, she later was helping my SD with packing stuff up... and seemed very nice and supportive.. perhaps her BF told his mom to knock it  

Honestly, I told her to not put a great chance aside for a BF (even one of 2 years).. because how bad would she feel if they break up and she let that opportunity pass.

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I'm hoping we will be able to continue some form of WFH. Even if it's only one day a week. 

I can relate to passing on an opportunity. Psycho exh insisted I turn down an offer. That was a YUGE mistake. 

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My work told us "we are never going back to full time in person - give us your ideal work plan...."

Ok then, one day a week in person (Mondays for me) with a potential max two days in person IF needed.

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That would be great! I'd pick Wednesday or Monday/Wednesday for the 2 day max. But it's more likely we'll go back to five effing days a week in the office. 

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before the MVA.  I let them know that I will need to be remote since Chef is going in for shoulder surgery this upcoming week

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He thinks he'll be able to work with one arm...

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EFF off to a lateral hip tendon injury, i.e. Tendonitis.

I was in tears this morning and can hardly walk. Rest, ice, meds, a cane and staying as much as possible either flat on my back or on my side. DH is helping a lot. He was freaked out when I started crying because I have a super high pain threshold.

Plus my period, which is super fun because it hurts to sit let alone take care of lady stuff.


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OUCH, Cover!!! Gentle {{hugs}}}. Hopefully, that tendonitis AND your period clear up ASAP.

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I was supposed to meet a friend for a distance lunch tomorrow. Which would require a ton of walking. That's now cancelled. Ugh.

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Never had it before and it's levelled me.

At least I cancelled work for myself. I can't sit for long either. Sick day!

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Back/hip pain is the worst!  I have scoliosis so I have always had the ability to wrench my extreme low back just above my can.  Ouch!!!!!

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Shok Ouch!

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My BIL was all set to retire and then got cancer.  Thankfully he survived, but the treatment was awful. Then as he was getting better from that, he got a related medical issue that put him in the hospital for a few days. Then he had nerve damage that caused foot drop from the chemo and radiation and had to get extensive tests to diagnose, and then treatment for that. Then his father died. Then their house burned down! He has not at all been able to enjoy retirement in the least.  I feel terrible for them. 

As for my Friday, it is so far going well.  Smile

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Tog, I'm so sorry your BIL is going through all that shizzit. Prayers things start looking up for him. 

Woman, I'll trade you! *kiss2*

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Thanks, and my sister is going through it too right with him, of course.  It's been awful.

I don't want your King Pita. If I managed him, I'd shut him up so quick he'd forget how to unmute himself. 

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I would love for you to manage King Pita for one effing zoom! *dirol*

However, there IS the possibility he would be obtuse to what you say to him... *dash1*

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Believe me, if Evil Aniki was the Zoom host, I would exert supreme control and mute everyone until it was their turn to talk. 

KP thinks NOTHING of constantly interrupting or talking over others. He did this to me yesterday, several times. Each time, instead of pausing, I simply talked LOUDER. *diablo*

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Eff off to my kids SM today! I swear to GOD she is stirring up more shit. I am trying so hard to keep a solid relationship for the sake of my kids but we are about to go full on "follow the CO and have my kids FATHER talk to me about OUR children if there are any questions". 

I 2nd the Eff off to Cancer. I am so sorry about your friend. My mom is not doing the greatest right now... It just really sucks when you can't do anything to help or make it better for those you love.

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Dang, JMTB, that must be bloody irritating.

I'm sorry about your mom, hon. Yes, it sucks something fierce. {{{hugs}}}

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Feeling a bit lost right now. My mum passed away on Wednesday morning. She was 87. I can't even go to the funeral - I'm at the other end of the continent and, due to local covid restrictions, I can't even be there for her funeral. I can only hope I can attend remotely. Fingers crossed. 

I hate putting all tht responsibility and work onto my brother.