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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday is in the hoooouuuuse! Admittedly, I am both happy and sad that it's Friday as it brings me one day closer to Hell Week and whatever shenanigans BioHo has up her sleevelsess-dingy-one-inch-bra-strap-under-quarter-inch-spaghetti-strap-skin-tight-tank-top. Yippee ki yay. Makes me give some consideration to planning my own kidnapping... Okay, okay. You know I wouldn't do that to my DH. But I kinda wanna! 

Eff off to:

  • Cancer. It effing sucks! Sorry to hear that a years-long STalker is suffering from the 'C' word. Also, a friend of mine was just diagnosed with leukemia. Hate this damn disease in all forms. *diablo*
  • King Pita. What else is new? I'm not the only one with little patience for that irritating effer. KP dropped off of a zoom this morning after doing his usual (asking questions we have answered for him multiple times, questioning when work will be completed that has been completed for a week or more, being his usual annoying self...). Anyhoo, the minute KP dropped off of the zoom, Little Miss Mild spat out, "I damn well HATE when he does that shite!" 5 years and I've never heard that woman mutter so much as a "gosh golly gee wilikers". *shok*
  • The continuous push of "Be Safe" and "Be Healthy" from that unmitigated asshat, KP. A database admin replied to an email that he would answer in depth as soon as he returned from lunch (so as not to leave us hanging. To which KP replied "Have a SAFE and HEALTHY lunch!!!!!" Yes, just like that. Bold/caps and five exclamation points. No, KP. I am NOT going to have a SAFE and HEALTHY lunch. I'm gonna grab some sketchy ass sushi from that place the health department dogs, drink half a dozen Sapporos, and DRIVE. Eff off. And when you get to your destination, continue effing off until you've effed off to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. *dash1*
  • BioHo, that twunt. It never fails. Whenever we're having dinner with one (or more) of the skids, she MUST CALL. We had dinner last night with SS18, SD25, and SD's fiance. The waitress had just delivered our appetizers when DH's phone rang. Thinking it was work, he pulled it out of his pocket. Good thing he had it on Vibrate so it did not read aloud the display... "Dumb C*nt". REJECT. Not a deterrent. She immediately redialed. REJECT. Redial. "WHO F*CKING DIED?" (irritating giggle "No one. I need...) "I'm BUSY. Get lost." ~click~ And DH turned off his phone. DH does not have voicemail set up, so no one can leave a message. His phone is still off. *lol*
  • No time machine or any way to freeze time. At this rate, I'm going to need to lose a few hours of sleep to finish my dress for the wedding next week. *wacko*


Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend! (I won't be having one...)


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Ani too bad KP and Ho can't bith get dropped in the middle of the ocean!!

Eff off to the effing heat. Its like August dog days already.

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Good one, WarMachine! As long as they don't find each other and breed!!!

Come to da Yoop and go swimming. *dirol*

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to the Ho.

Lady you will get through this wedding. Think of all the bat shit crazy you can blog here about HO after this.

Bring a notepad and pencil and everytime Ho pulls something start writing it down, plus smirk when you do. It will make the loon paranoid, but unfortunately give you writers cramp LOL.

Good luck lady

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Thank you, darlin'! No worries about writer's cramp.  I can type AND record on my phone! *lol*

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And eff off to the fact that this subject line comes up as a suggestion so I don't even have to retype my eff off.  I've spent so much time clearing up other peoples messes this week, I'll be working most of the weekend to catch up on my day job.

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I'll be thinking of you finishing the dress this weekend.  I'm sure it'll be fabulous.

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Thank you! DH wanted to go hiking tomorrow. I told him he's on dishwashing and housecleaning duty so I can get my dress done! *wacko*

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Eff off to cancer. Always, eff off to cancer.

Eff off to my own procrastination AND the weather. I waited too long to clean and stain my deck, now I'm in the middle of it and can't finish until next week due to the weather.

Eff off to even having to have a deck, would rather just have a patio but my back door is 6 feet off the ground (which means 13 steps to clean and stain, as well. Awesome!).

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Hereiam, we have a new chest of drawers set that needs to be put together, but it must be stained first. The days we plan to do it, it always rains. The days it doesn't rain, we have something else happening. Pssssst... wanna come stain my furniture? *kiss2*

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Do you have a spare room, where you can stain it, indoors?

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Unfortunately, no. At this rate, I'm going to have to stain it board by board. Maybe all will be done by 2025...LOL  *kiss2*

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Eff off to cancer - it's why I'm working where I work today. A lovely lady thanked me for my work today because she was treated for TWO different cancers at my center and obviously is still here. So I gladly logged in today.

Eff off to the love of kitties. My baby girl is entering the last stages of kidney failure; the vet thinks she'll be ok through the summer but expect a major turn in the fall.  She's getting tons and tons of hugs and kisses and is so loved. I'm going to be a mess.

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Cover, my sister had breast and endometrial cancer at the same time. It was an awful time for her and I was her main support. Hope that lovely lady beats that effing cancer.

So sorry about your kitty. I'm sure you're making her feel sooooo loved and special with all of the attention. {{{HUGS}}}

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Aw, sweet kitty. Lots of pets and special treats.

You know, everybody loves puppies and kitties. But I'm partial to the seniors. The days with them are so extra precious. I noticed white eyelashes on my little dog just this morning and I got a little teary. And she's fine. A holy terror that bosses us all around.

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So sorry to hear about your furbaby.  I hope her remaining time is filled withh joy.  I don't want to even think about that day for my little furry ones.

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To people who wont take an effing hint.  I said we don't need to have a meeting for this topic and yet you scheduled...wait for it...a meeting.  Then I say again we don't need this meeting and you...wait for it...reschedule it.  ARRRGGGGHHHH.

On a happy note - we are going to see an actual MOVIE tonight.  Like, in a theater.  Can't even remember how long its been!  Going to see Luca...

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Damn, caninelover, do you work for KP's brother? He has also pulled that caca. Evil Aniki always manages to be on another call...

What is this 'theater' place of which you speak?? *lol*

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Seriously this meeting is like an effing zombie - its like I need to stab the brain before it will die LOL

I know, its such a foreign concept now - to actually GO to a movie...

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Gaaaaaaaaaahhh!!! *dash1*

There's something about the smell of that buttered movie popcorn... And a ginormous cup of pop!