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OT - Eff Off Friday

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TGIF!!! Happy Friday, STalkers!

Between work, NEW work duties, training for those new duties, and trying to get work done on my Dad's house before he comes home... I need a clone! When can I get off if this crazy merry-go-round for a break?

Short and sweet today... Eff off to:

  • King Pita. You are one of the rudest effers with whom I've worked. You constantly interrupt people who are talking (especially women), cause extra work, eff up work others have done, and don't listen for shizznit. Case in point: New Guy started on Monday. During Wednesday's Zoom (I effing loathe them), New Guy was introduced and asked that we please call him Moe instead of his first name (we chatted prior to others joining  - He's named after his father who goes by the first name. To avoid confusion, he has been called Moe his entire life.) Throughout the Zoom, KP constantly interrupted to ask Moe something OR tell Moe something, leading into each remark with Moe's first name (which was only listed for emergency purposes). Every time. Every.Single.Time. Moe said, "Please call me Moe." Nope. KP persisted. So did Moe. "PLEASE. Call me MOE." And finally, "If you please, KP. CALL ME MOE. I do not respond to <insert long-ass, old-fashioned first name>." Even his work email is set up as FirstInitial Moe Lastname. Yesterday, Moe refused to respond to KP. Our boss repeated every damn question, but addressed him as Moe. Wonder how long this will go on? Evil Aniki wishes KP would get laryngitis for a year or three or relocate to Irkutsk in December with a tropical wardrobe...


Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend!!! *give_rose*


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She needs to, but... She is a lovely lady, but the most passive person I have ever known. When she gets 'angry' she eats cookies. Yep. Someone made her so upset that she broke down and ate cookies. I don't think the woman has even made a wave in a swimming hole. 

That, and the fact that she's gearing up to retire ate why she says nothing. There is possibly one other reason, but I won't discuss that publicly. 

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Glad you like her - but passive people make poor managers.  This kind of stuff hurts the morale of the whole team.

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Liking her has nothing to do with how I feel about her as a manager. She's someone who was thrust into the position due to a death and the higher ups were scrambling for someone with the most experience. She is not cut out to be a manager.

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I expect her to retire within the next 12 months. Heaven help me if KP is her replacement. I will be desperately looking a new job or will need a YUGE prescription for Valium.

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We had to put my DD's guinea pig down on Monday.  He was the guinea pig of guinea pigs.  He was super loving, wanted  you to pick him up and cuddle him. Everytime someone came downstairs he would run to the cage wall and try to climb out so you would pet him.  He was an AWESOME guinea pig.  The people at the vets loved him...he was so friendly.

In the last 4 months we have battled a eye infection that took 6 weeks to clear up and then an abccess on his chin.  We had been giving him daily antibiotic shots to help the abccess.  He had surgery for the abccess on a Wednesday and seemed to be rallying.  On Sunday, I noticed he didn't move much and wasn't eating very much hay or pellets. Still would eat his raw veggies though...que syringe feeding and watering till the vets on Monday.  We also noticed some paralysis in his hind end and blood in his urine.


On Monday we found out he had arthritis in his knees and vertibra.  It wasn't best we might be able make him comfortable..but it wouldn't get better.  DD made the decision to let him go....He died in her arms from just the sedative...we didn't even make it to the euthanasia solution.

DD has had him since 8th grade..she is now a freshman in college.  He was 5 years old..

Rest in Peace dear Bunsen.  My you frolic once again with your brother  Beaker...(Beaker passed in his sleep a year ago).

Eff pets not living long enough. 5 years was not enough.