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OT - Eff Off Friday

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TGIF, STalkers! I've missed you!!!

My sincere apologies to those I've worried. Things have been insane at work. Add the fact that we've been living Murphy's Law (Anything that can go wrong will go wrong) means chaos is a way of life at this time. 

I'd also like to thank everyone who sent up prayers and good energy and well wishes for DH's grandmother. She's home and doing well. Her memory has deteriorated a bit more, but the lady is over 100!

I need to post a blog about what's been going on (I could post 4 or 5!). Maybe this afternoon or next week. Let's get to it...

Eff off to:

  • My boss retiring. NOT an eff off to my boss because she is most definitely one of THE best you could ever know. She's kind, thoughtful, considerate, understanding... Our workplace is chaotic and, at times, damn ugly. She is grace under pressure and always thinks of her people. Just got off the phone with her and we were both choked up saying goodbye. I will miss her very much! Fingers crossed that Charlie Brown is named as her replacement and NOT KP. 
  • KP. Dude, get a grip! Perfect example of why you should NOT replace the exiting boss? The more duties you and Charlie Brown take on, the more frantic you get. Tasks that are due in 2 weeks, you are pushing for people to complete it 2 HOURS. Effer, it does NOT work that way. Chill your jets and have a 5-gallon mental margarita. If that doesn't work, please put a pound of ice cubes in the nearest toilet and give yourself half a dozen swirlies. 
  • Wasps. DH and I were painting Dad's garage. I was on the ladder, painting the trim at the top and noticed one of the boards was sticking out a bit. Pushed it back into place...and was SWARMED. Very thankful I'm not allergic as I was stung a few times, but I fell off of the damn ladder batting those effing flying arseholes away. Result: Hairline fracture in my left wrist. Especially annoying because that is the hand I use to lift and pour while cooking/serving AND hefting my big ol' coffee mug. I had to set up a table on my right sight for my coffee. It's annoying. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!
  • Beloved furbabies not living forever. Yesterday marked 4 years since I lost my darling Mr. P to cancer. My heart is still broken over it because I swear I was just loving on him the day before. 


A friend sent me a meme for an actual product sold on TV: Stay Fresh Cheese Bags. Makes me want to say that when I sign off of a work zoom. Stay Fresh, Cheese Bags! *lol*


Again, thanks so much for the concern. I will respond to messages and emails as soon as I can. xoxo


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Good to see you!

I got the update that you were just swamped, glad you're OK <3

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I'm sitting at the vet's as I write. I am terrified that my 15yo kitty is near the end. Please send me positive vibes. 

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Thank you all for your support. It was much appreciated. Unfortunately, Moustache crossed the rainbow bridge this evening and I am heartbroken. Thank you all. 

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Im sorry for your loss.

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To hear about your furbaby.  It is soooo very hard to lose a beloved friend.  I was in a daze for a month; it does get a little easier as time goes by.

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I am so deeply sorry.   So many of us have been in your place.  We love you, and we love Moustache.  

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I am so grateful for your care and wishes, ladies. It means a lot to me. Thank you all so very much. 

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OMG I am so sorry about your cat. Went through that last year with an 18 year old cat, and while it does get easier over time (=I can see photos now without crying!), its so hard to lose a friend like that. I still miss that cat.

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We live our furbabies and they make us better people.  Hugs to you.

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To everyone here with Eff offs.

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I posted this already in another blog but heck:

EFF off to perfectly able teens not working because parents don't think they need to (socialization, learning new things, learning how to get along with people, responsibility - oh the horror!, self-sufficiency, accountabliity....and so on obviously not important)

YSD and her friend decided NOT to go back to their beloved camp as camp counselors because "why work?"  OF COURSE! 

DH continues to be flummoxed as to why my 17 yo (almost 18) niece is working.  AND one of my firends was "shocked" that my sister is requiring her to have a summer job.  WHAT IS WITH THESE PEOPLE?  Seriously?  I will FREAKING lose it if YSD is 16 and here next summer doing NOTHING.  Because that's what DH allows. I swear I will take a lot of time off for myself.

EFF off to my hair-person being way, way over booked.  I cannot get in in the forseeable future. But I may go in with my aunt to her place when we visit them in a month. I'm looking so, so shaggy!

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Gads, I loathe this poopie biz of teens not working. All too many of these young folks will hit their 20s with no work ethic and no skills to live a normal life all by their wittle selves (I Should Put The Pizza On A PLATE Before I Microwave It? How Do I Do That And How Long Do I Cook It?) Maybe they should get a trophy...

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My SSs are now old enough to get learner's permits and have been begging for a car. They live less than a mile from school and about a mile from several places where they could work (Starbucks, the grocery store, McDonald's, etc), so really, they don't need a car. Also, why would we just give them a car? My thinking is that *maybe* we'd contribute for a car if they went out first and earned some money themselves. It's not like they do anything else, other than online video games and paintball...both of which cost money. I babysat full-time the summer between my freshman and sophmore years of high school and worked at least 20 hours every week since then. I liked having my own money and also liked having a job. 

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I have missed your posts. Not to say that I havent loved Gimlets replacement posts, they are awesome too.

No eff off this time. I want to say I luv luv this board and the fab ladies/gents on here. We may differ in opinions at times but I have learned so much about myself and my ex situation from y"all! So thanky m'aams


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It is great to see your sunshiney self here! And more importantly, you are well Smile

No eff offs for me today...I'm enjoying the ride this week.



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Velkommen tilbake!

Mine eff off to learn the English. Dash 1

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Good to 'see' you back!

Eff off to my sewing scissors for breaking last night. *shok*

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Thank you ,Watereddown!

Oh nooooooooooo! I'm getting ready to start a major project and would have a mini freak-out if my trusty old Fiskars broke. (Psssssst... I highly recommend Fiskars!)

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Sorry to hear about everyone's pets. That's one reason I'm not overly interested in getting a dog right now. 

For me, eff off to my co-workers...won't go into detail again, they are just being jerky. 

Eff off to my workplace for discrimation...also won't go into details, but I've spoken with a lawyer and potentially have a case against my employer, but really, what would it get me? Even if I got a settlement, I feel that the black mark would follow me, because who wants to hire someone who has sued their employer, even if their employer was actually guilty? 

Eff off to MIL for meddling, yet again, with BM...and expecting DH to manage around her. 

Eff off to BM...she always gets an eff off, because she always deserves an eff off. 

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To Toxic Troll Bm always deserving an eff off!

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It has been 4 years and I'm still not ready for another dog. Honestly, it will be a several more years for me.

I hear you about the work issue as I was in a similar position years ago. {{hugs}}

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Eff off to having to have rotator cuff surgery because of the MVA back in February.

On the bright side, another six to eight week rest from work

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Thank you, thrice!

Oooooouuuuucccchhhhh!!! Prayers for a quick and successful recovery. 

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To see you posting!

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Eff to Friday!

My younger son failed one part of his drivers written test today, so we also had to reschedule his road test which the earliest is 01Jul!  We go back Tuesday to retry for the 2nd part.  On the way back I get pulled over by cop that was behind me.  Super nice and said my iregistration supsended per insurance lapse.  I showed him my insurance proof (I had printed the cards today even) and the app, all good, told me to go on but check with tag office.  I realized again at the DMV how much I hate not having an intact family.  I was seeing mom/dad celebrating with their sons, then I saw about 3-4 dads with their sons or daughters there for the test.  My sons have never had their dad at anything. He never cared and of course now is in another country and they have almost zero contact.  I hate doing everything alone and being a single parent, I don't wish I would have stayed married at all as he was an abusive dic*.  just wish I had chosen differently and never had to deal with blended shit where only one person in the team cares as we all know.  Just wish I had a normal intact family and I think my sons place in life and opportunities would be so very different and better.  I suffer greatly from envy and jealousy of intact homes, they have so many more pros-from raising the kids to their finances and retirement.  

Realized my older son missed a court summons jury duty this idea what will happen with that.  He had a phone interview with Macy's the other day but unfortunately the position was already filled and the one they offered was too far away and since he doesn't have a car and I'm driving, it's not doable.  Was his first real interview though and he did ok.  

DH continues suffering with his legs but it's improving slightly-he plans to return to his new job Tuesday-hopefully.- we have several more specialist appts set up, they ruled out now we have to check his liver at a GI and a hematologist as well.  I'm sure as always we won't get answers. 

SD posted a half naked pic that they had to use one of those emoji hearts to cover her twat -it was an OB appt w/the doppler to hear the heartbeat-you know stuff couples do in private.  Today she sent an invite to a gender reveal party on a very public FB event thingy-  I loathe these and find them narcissistic and dumb and dangerous.  We will likely reply with a maybe and then not go. I don't feel like seeing BM or sd's godmother I loathe them both.  I'm looking way too rough, dh is practically disabled and don't give a damn to celebrate a kid having a kid. 

LIfe continues sucking ass.  I have to empty my dh's piss from the jug to the bathroom every morning as he can't hold it with the walker and hold himself.  I'm having to do everything. I continue to absolutely loathe my life and existence.  I'm having no bites on dozens of job applications.  I'm supposed to resume mortgage payments next month....I"m seeing no light at the end of the tunnel.  Every day seems worse then the next to be honest. 

I'm still taking the dogs for walks/run off leash every morning -well almost every morning so that helps. I cleaned my car today with my younger sons help so that felt good.  

I'm buckling under the weight of it all, and this cursed life with eveyrthing going wrong. I'm seeing posts of people heading to vacations and the beach and I get mad at the wonderful  planned trip to Mexico we had in Feb that I had to cancel becuase they didn't get my passport to me in time- USPS fault at that.  They lost my mail for weeks.  I planned that ish for a couple years and every year had to postpone because of crap.  Now w/finances there will no vacation for quite some time I"m sure.  

Did I mention how much I hate my life?  

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I'm so sorry to read the burdens you're suffering, bananaseedo. Wish there was something I could do physically to help you. The best I can do is send virtual hugs and prayers. *give_rose*