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OT - Eff Off/Food Friday

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Yes, I'm combining Eff Off Friday with Food.

Eff Off to:

  • Meetings that are supposed to be 15 minutes, but last over an hour because people keep YAMMERING
  • IRS scam phone calls (and all other scam/spam calls!)
  • Middle-aged acne (and some beard hairs are ingrown)
  • Beard hairs!! (and other "new" hair in previously hairless places)



In my quest to eat healthier, I'm trying to incorporate more veggies into my dishes. Sometimes, that means making substitutes for food that is not-so-healthy. Last night, I made pasta. But it was HEALTHY pasta.

I baked spaghetti squash. While it was cooking, I made spaghetti sauce: ground turkey breast, shrooms, crushed tomatoes, basil, oregano, thyme, garlic powder, about an ounce of merlot, and a pinch of salt. When the squash was cooked, I "stringed" it, mixed it into the sauce, and topped it with freshly grated parmesan cheese. YUM!! It's also what I'm having for lunch today and tomorrow. Biggrin


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That sounds delicious, Aniki.  My healthy eating has been going well so far, although it is definitely expensive.

I am really loving shredded chicken and black beans with onion and cilantro... a small scoop of guac on the side. yum.  I also have been eating sweet potato with some cinnamon and small drizzle of raw honey.

Happy Friday

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That sounds good, too, AJ!! I love Mexican food, so I want to find some good, spicy recipes and make a few changes (no tortillas...sniff sniff).

Mmmmm....raw honey. I like to make cornmeal pancakes, butter them, and drizzle with raw honey.

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I have some eff offs to add onto your's - MEETINGS ON FRIDAY! LOL, who does that?!?! Also, meetings that could have been an e-mail!!!  

Your food and AJanie's both sound delish!  Maybe it will inspire me to at least attempt to eat healthy today Wink

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I don't mind Friday morning meetings - NOBODY wants a Friday afternoon meeting!

I've had some baaaaaad experiences with trying to do things via email. The chain gets so long, and there are too many tangents due to people replying to an earlier email instead of the most current... Turns into an email that could have been a 15 minute meeting!!! I like my boss and coworkers, but sometimes... grrrrrr....

I NEED to eat healthier. My biggest problems are binge-eating and impulse eating. Dash 1

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Yeah, if you have a Friday meeting it must be morning.  I had an idiot schedule a Friday meeting at 3:45pm last week for a volunteer organization I am a part of.  We had a lot of members that couldn't make it but the president insisted on keeping it at that time (and just giving 2 days notice)....guess what...poor attendance!  Shocking!  

You do have a point about the e-mails.  I get that also.  If there are only a few people though e-mails can be efficient.  I also like my co-workers but I cannot stand meetings when someone tries to dominate just to be heard and make them longer than they have to be!

Yep, I have a problem with eating out of boredom :/

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And the people in meetings who yammer on and on and on.... and it's only relevant to a FEW people. Hey! Table that discussion, let's finish up with the stuff that pertains to EVERYONE, and then you blockheads can yammer away the rest of the day. SMH

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Every needy friend I've ever had is definitely a toxic person. I am SO thankful that I ended my LAST toxic friendship 2.5 years ago!!!

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Eff off to all this snow!! I want Spring already, I want to be outside, and go for walks, and use the camper!

Eff off to all these snow days, late starts, and early releases - I need to get work done!!

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Coco, be glad you don't live somewhere that has 3-4 feet of snow on the ground in April. Or snowfall in May AND patches of snow still melting!!

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Honestly, dealing with unwanted hair is becoming a full-time job.

Your dish sounds delish!

Eff off to: SO/skid circus and everything SO related in general. Just when things are going great between us, we're moving two hours away from skidtown and I'm thinking maybe this has a chance, he just can't help being a dick. 

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Yes, it freakin' is!! I remember when I plucked once every 2-3 weeks. Now I can pluck 2-3 times a day. It's maddening!!! I once looked into laser hair removal and it's NOT an option for me. For one, I'd have to go for YEARS. But the main reason it isn't an option is because the hairs have to be dark. Nothing like having more blonde and white hairs than dark. Fool

It IS delish and I'm looking forward to having it again for lunch soon!

I'm sending your SO a virtual smack in the back of the head.

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I've been doing electrolysis.  It's fantastic.  It can take a few sessions to see results but I've found it affordable overall and the hair is GONE permanently. 

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Eff off to:


DH not seeing his family does take advantage of him

Taking a toddler for shots... That's going to be fun...

Something I prefer not to post about just yet, but I'm mad about it. LMAO


ANIKI! I've told you before! Spaghetti squash is one of my absolute favorite foods!!! I want to try and grow some this year! I haven't tried growing anything since moving here!!!

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...and my first thought was, "TEQUILA?!" This is what happens to a 53yo with no bios. Booze comes first. LOL

PA, I've had spaghetti squash before, but this was a new recipe. Well, new in that it's something I just threw together. But I will definitely be making it again. Tasty!!

Virtual smacks in the backs of the out-laws, er, in-laws. And {{{hugs}}} for you!

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Bahaha! Out-laws! I told DH we need to move away from here. I phrased it because small town and BM and her family... In reality, I think living AWAY from the "in-laws" would be best for everyone!!!

YOur recipe still sounds delicious! Also drink away! I have these spiked lemonade things in the frudge from when DH thought he could get me to drink if you want them shipped to you! LMAO

{{{hugs}}} back at you!!!

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I have to behave myself tonight. I was invited to a wine tasting tomorrow. While I'm looking forward to the wine, I am NOT looking forward to the loooong drive and dressing up! Lipstick. Crikey!

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Bahaha! At least you get invited to things Aniki! I only get invited to work parties and kid events! LMAO

Have fun being fancy! I don't think I even own a dress nice enough for an event like that! 


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The person who is hosting this is an old friend of mine who is now well-to-do. The other guests are his peers. I'll probably look like his poor relation.

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I'd give you advice... But I wouldn't even know how to start to dress up for that... I'm more of a casual, I have to be able to set off running in what I wear, kind of person. LMAO

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Oh, believe me, I'll be able to take off running. I can run in stilettos!!!

I figure I'm going as myself. I'll dress nicely, but I'm not going to try and pretend to be something/someone I'm not. I'm not rich, I'm not into material things, and I'm not a wine expert. Yes, my family calls me The Wine Snob and asks for my advice on wine and food pairings, but I'm certainly no expert and won't be swishing and spitting and saying, "the slate is a lovely undertone, but the aroma of cedar is off-putting". (BTW, cedar in wine smells like a dirty litterbox to me...)

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Hahaha. I can't run in stilletos... I can however walk like a pretty convincing newborn cow in them...

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I remember the first time I got one of those IRS scam phone calls. I thought how terrible this scam was because I am sure an elderly person would believe it. Makes me sick.

Eff off to:

Dishonest people

Greedy people

Aniki I wish I could say I liked veggies. But I only like a few. But I love all your recipes. I feel healthier just reading them. Does that count for eating healthy, please?

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Those bloody scammers definitely need the crap beaten out of them.

Sure, Queen, we'll let that count. What veggies do you like? Maybe we can tszuj 'em up!

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As a post menopausal woman, spiky hairs on my chinny chin chin are the bane of my life!  I usually pluck them, as shaving them off leaves a "5 o'clock shadow".  Ugh.   

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I'm lucky to have some INGROWN beard hairs! Nothing like a big ol' red bump that looks like a bigarse pimple because a beard hair is failing to rear it's ugly head. I'd love to find something that "melts" those buggers off/out of my skin because GLARING at them and swearing a blue streak is not working!

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Friggin PHISHING attempts. . .. the Docusign scam, the "OWA Administrator IT Helpdesk" scam and on on on and on.   This shit is starting to look really legit and is entrapping people left and right!!!

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Booooooo!!!! What IS it with these arseholes?! Just think if all of the scammers and criminals actually put their talents to work for the side of GOOD.