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OT - Eff Off/Forn Friday

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Welcome to Friday, STalkers! Sorry this is so late, but 3 hours of internet connection issues (work) put me waaaaay behind. I didn't get my breakfast doughnut until almost 10am. *dash1*

Eff off to:

  • King Pita. Congratulations for making the top of the list (again, as usual...). You need to get your shizzit together with some checklists or a slap in your bald spot or something. How many payroll adjustments need to be done because you dropped the ball? I'm awfully darn certain that payroll takes precedence over sending me emails that I already receive. Or asking if I'm including XYZ on the email I've been sending every Friday for three bloody years. Duh!


Forn Friday

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.

I'm in a bit of a quandary. A friend is visiting for the weekend and brought some morels. I planned to make some cheese tortellini tonight. Ideas for a morel pasta sauce??


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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Eff off to MIL again for meddling and also for coddling and spoiling SSs. She is taking both kids on an individual vacation again this year, but can't even buy a high chair so my daughter has someplace to sit when she hosts family meals at her house (instead, I'm expected to pack up our high chair and lug it with me, every.single.time). Last year, she told DH she wasn't getting him a birthday present because she spent "thousands" of dollars taking SSs on a trip (a trip DH didn't request and that also was planned over DH's weekend and his birthday without telling him). 

Eff off to the Gen Zers at my work, who just want to complain, but never want to offer solutions to the "power dynamics" problems that "plague" the workplace according to them. Nothing makes me feel more like an old person than hearing young people who are very well-paid, well treated, and not overworked (they work 50 hours max on a busy week), complain that they don't feel like they are getting enough support to be "successful" at work. 

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I had one of those snowflakes reporting to me.  Basically they want to do the bare minimum amount of work (so they can leave early for yoga or whatever self care trend of the day is) but want promotions every year.  Oh, and they need only positive feedback - no constructive criticism allowed.  So annoying.

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Your MIL.... *diablo*

I can't even with the whiny, complaining Gen Zers. They are becoming the "norm". Dammit.

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Disorganized people who require excessive follow up.  Dear Lord just answer the damn email sheesh.

No suggestions for a morel sauce Aniki, but I love cheese tortellini!  We don't eat much pasta these days but I may have to make some soon.  We have plans out this weekend so I plan to make good use of my slow cooker so we can still come home to a nice healthy dinner.

Have a great weekend, all!

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KP is one of those, caninelover. Ugh.

I'm thinking ill sauté them in a bit of olive oil, finish with a pat of butter, then add them to "orange" sauce. My orange sauce is marinara with sour cream or goat cheese. I have a little log of garlic-herb goat cheese so... fingers crossed!

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I've got some butternut squash raviolies in the fridge -- send all the leftover sauce.

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I haven't had butternut squash on forever! The sauce would've been good on that.

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Eff-Off Friday:

Eff-Off to outstanding employees on the Spectrum.  My #2 is outstanding at his job but his cycling events are soul and energy sucking hell.  And I really like this guy.  Anyone else and I would be in zero tolerance mode.  But, I have his back and run interference as much as I can when he is cycling.  I cant imagine raising kids on the spectrum. Ughh.

Eff-Off and buh-bye to the whiney you have to take him and don't ask questions HR PITA who finally threw a tantrum and walked out yesterdayt harping on how he had just accepted a new job.  Good riddance.

Eff-Off to HR and legal for burying my team in the recently Eff-Off'd "I'm outa here" guy mentioned above. This guy is gone and still is sucking the soul out of my team. 

Eff-Off to email, two IM apps, and text messages and the cultural need for all to be continually monitored and responded to instantly. There is this t hing that has "buttons'' that will allow for a direct verbal conversation. If it is not important enough for you to call me, then EFF-OFF. I will reply when I have my 4x per day e/m, com apps, and text message allerts go off.

Eff-Off to the grief my DW is working through.  Regardless of the "facts" associated with the departed she is grieving over, her heart break just sucks the mighty wong.

fOrn:  Not sure what yet but.... this W/E will be a feasting extraviganza.  I did prime rim on Easter Sunday and though delicious it was not at all how I wanted to spend my Easter.  DW was visiting family. I do not do grieving bride and not being there for her very well.  

Time for a gastronomic experience weekend.  Maybe Hells Kitchen or Giada! Or even better, Din Tai Fung.  If I can get a table.

Have a great weekend STalkers.

Regards, Rags

On a Fri-yay note.  The kid got his base selection list  for his next assignment.  He is returning to the US.  Now to figure out which of the 8 options/States he chooses, or is chosen for him.

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Save the morels for tomorrow and saute them in a little butter...and make a cheese fondue with them (but only if you can get decent cheese). Serve with a nice crusty baguette cut into cubes and a crisp, dry white wine.q

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Eff off to narcissistic colleagues. She just cannot get enough attention. She made suicide threats to me so I did what we're all trained to do. I reported it. There was an intervention and she's mad at me for ratting her out. I'm getting the worst blowback from her. 

OMG! I love morels. I have some dried ones in my pantry and am triggered by the mention of morels. Hmmmm, what to make. DD is cutting weight so I'll wait until she gets off work to see what she wants to experiment with to go with the morels. She's a vegetarian so there will probably be tofu involved. I love eating the Okinawan way so maybe some champuru. 

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Evil, that colleague...yikes! Horrible way to seek attention (which is what I think she's doing). 

I'll have to look for dried morels.

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I miss donuts. I had to give up sugar. (I know. I know. Call the waaa-mbulance.)*smile*

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When I was going into an office, donuts always magically appeared in the break room.  Usually on Fridays.  Literally the only thing about the office that I miss!

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Having to have another shoulder surgery (15 mos since mva) and my attorney doesn't seem too keen on finishing the lawsuit against the perp!

New boss is nice but he lets one of the employees run an all day group chat M-F who says she routinely runs out of work.   She won't when I'm out on disability.

Rental rehab is coming along so slowly!  Arrgh... smell of cover stain oil primer is getting to me even though I wear a chemical mask.  And one of my tenants is getting far behind on rent BUT I can't evict her due to 1.5 mos of ERAP funds last year that I just received last month.  I will be talking to (yet another) attorney. 

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The aggravations! May I give your attorney a kick in the pants? Sheesh.

Prayers that your surgery goes well.

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I'm feeling better than last week but still feel awful.  

Eff off to buying things on the internet.  I saw a bag of potatoes for £1 (about $1.30) at my online grocery.  I didn't check the weight and assumed I'd get a small bag of potatoes.  Oh no!  When they turned up I'd been landed with 3kg.  We've been working our way through them but I had to make a huge potato salad this afternoon because they were about to go off.  


Given the potato situation, we'll be having potato salad with egg and tuna.  I'll pretend its a salad nicoise.