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OT - Eff Off Friday/Forn Friday

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Welcome to Friday, STalkers! 9.5 hours 'til I get this weekend started (working tonight). I'd really like a vacation for Christmas...

Eff off to:

  • King Pita. Please take vacation for a year, KP. 97% of us know how to do our jobs. Why are you constantly pestering those who know what they're doing instead of riding the arses of those who collect a paycheck for breathing? Wasting my time going over shizzit I obviously know and have already answered/completed is a bunch of crap. If you rode Captain Incompetent's arse, maybe you'd finally get some work out of him.
  • Wrapping gifts. Gads, is it time-consuming. Even when using some gift bags. I should make it a game... put a Santa hat on the corner of the TV. Any time someone is 'wearing it, take a drink (Evan Williams eggnog). Any time I misplace the tape or scissors, take a drink. Could be fun! 


Forn Friday

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined. 

I love carbs. Bread, muffins, pancakes... And my pants got tighter just typing that. In my quest for healthier choices, I've found things that satisfy my cravings for certain foods. One of those is something I call PanCrepes. We had a single banana that was reeeeeeally ripe. You know: aromatic, mostly brown peel, very soft. Neither DH nor I wanted to eat it as is, not enough to make Banana Nut Bread, and didn't want to throw it out. And PanCrepes were born.

  • 1 ripe banana 
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • drizzle of vanilla bean paste (optional)
  • cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, pumpkin pie spice... (one or more, all optional)
  1. Mix ingredients until well combined (I zhuzh it up in a blender).
  2. Melt a tablespoon of butter in a pan over a medium heat and cook about 4 pancrepes per batch (depending on the size of the pan).

  3. Cook the pancrepes about 1-2 minutes per side (the bubbles pop). Cover the pan while the pancrepes cook on the first side before flipping. This allows the top to steam a little bit, making them fluffier and easier to flip.

  4. Serve immediately. Drizzle with honey or fresh berries or both.


Do you have a healthier food substitute or recipe version you'd like to share?


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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oh, this is only an eff off Friday to that time of the month, a busy day at work AND our holiday lunch. I've got an appointment with my gyn doc in two weeks to discuss getting rid of my lovely fibroid (heavy bleeding which requires constant vigilance) so it's fun at work and I have to be prepared for a bathroom break at literally ANY TIME.  I cannot wait to be rid of it.

I don't really crave carbs exept for PMS time, two days before if I'm inhaling cookies or pastry I know why. 

DH and I like tofu stir fries and we try to do a tofu stir fry or tofu dish minimum once a week. I'll use it (the firmest) cut super small/diced, to saute up with garlic and herbs, with spinach and olive oil over pasta. It's always important to use good flavor with tofu as it's a neutral taste, but we've always liked it.  I've even made desserts out of the soft tofu that have been really good (think mousse or puddings).

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Ugh, Cover. Hope your gyn resolves that for you soon!

Have you ever used silken tofu as an egg substitute? I'd like to make cookies for someone with an egg allergy. 

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I have not. Hm. Might be worth a shot though. It is a bit firmer than eggs...Here's what I found.

To replace 1 egg, substitute 1/4 cup (about 60 grams) of puréed, silken tofu.

Silken tofu is relatively flavorless, but it can make baked goods dense and heavy, so it’s best used in brownies, cookies, quick breads, and cakes.

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That substitution is what I have. I wonder if the 'shelf life' of the baked goods is the same.

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Good question - maybe.  All the water is baked out. Maybe I'd refrigerate after a day or two?

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IF I have time to bake, it will be Thursday evening. Cookies can be refrigerated until Saturday delivery. Smile

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Sdiabla24 is coming to town. Yup. SD is flying in on *Christmas Day* DH told her to come whenever so I don't really blame her other than it is right in line with her usual lack of consideration. DH has to drive 3 hours total to pick her up. Lol, that should be punishment enough. I will be home enjoying edibles and eggnog.

I am actually relieved that SD will not be here on Christmas morning. We can still have an uninterrupted Christmas morning with my adult BK's. I plan to make a simple Christmas dinner that I know my BK's and DH will enjoy. SD will be at dinner too but I doubt she will enjoy it.

Even though my BK's and DH are not super close they are kind and respectful to each other. If my BK's needed anything my DH would immediately drop everything to help them. This is what I have to remind myself when bratzilla Sdiabla is here. I will be polite. I will not react. I will not respond. repeat.

I love that banana crepe recipe. I have some rotten bananas that I am going to go try it with right now.

I plan to make springerle cookies this year. I have a nice Christmas springerle set that I still haven't tried out. I may also make some dutch speculaas. I may try flavoring my springerle cookies with lemon rather than anise. Is this sacrilege?

I already got my sweet 6 y/o niece's gift sewn and shipped. (I sewed blankets and a pillow for her dollbed) Most presents are bought, also not looking foward to wrapping.

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Too bad SD can't uber! *ROFL*

I had my first springerle cookie yesterday. I luuuuuv anise and licorice (licorice ice cream is a fave!). No idea is a different flavor is sacrilege, but I like lemon, too... *unknw*

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Sadly, I've had to stop as he loved them too much and would plow through the entire lot in a day or less.  That much licorice is not good for you as it can induce heart attacks.  

I tried to get him the advent calendar version in the hopes that that it would limit his daily intake but that didn't work either.*dash1*

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DH needs to tell her to let him know what time her Uber will arrive to drop her off at the house.


This is a pure interfere in Christmas and get daddy to herself ploy.

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Yup. BM's idea of ruining our day is to send her demon daughters over to our house. I am sure she and SD came up with the plan. DH is ok dealing with it so I am letting him deal. I will enjoy the peace and quiet with my own BK's while DH is running a Christmas Day taxi service. It's no sweat off my back. 

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Eff0ff: To cellulitis. Dad had a  bout last week that swelled his face to the point her eyes were completely close and one ear was 3x its usual size.  A cycle of antibiotics appeared to resolve it... until this AM. Another bout of the same thing. This time they put him on a longer cycle of a much more powerfu antibiotic and a steroid to reduce inflamation.  If this does not work... likely hospitalization for IV antibiotics and engaging with his dermatologist. The concern is that it infects his "eye sockets".

Eff0ff to diabetes supply providers who jack up orders, play games, and screw up the very delicate balance of BG management. My CGM supplier and my insurance company changed their model and now run CGM orders through their pharmacy rather than their Medical Supplies business. So, all new doc approvals, etc... and.... instead of 4x90day Rx's they do 12x30day Rxs. Copays are $30 per Rx so.... a 3X increase in out of pocket costs.  Grrrrrrr.  Fortunately they delivered yesterday so I am now fully regulated again rather than doing very well manually monitoring and manually dosing, the pump and CGM are doing their job.  This tech is nearly miraculous.

Eff0ff to not having a job. Though things are picking up significantly.  I have had a bunch of interviews over the past two weeks.  Interestingly, my on the spectrum former #2 from my previouse rile quit in Nov.  They are now out of Sr. leaders. They apparently got a replacement for me in Aug who resigned 4wks later.  I wish I had done the same when I first took the job. Hind sight.......

F0rn:  Our low carb commitment is continuing to pay off.  We did not put on weight over the TG holiday. Though my nearly two months only partially dodging my mom's kitchen wizardry did cost me 5Lbs.  Not bad, I expected twice that gain.  Our IP coach is pleased over all. I did lose 4Lbs over the past week.  I recommited to full compliance to the model. It works.  I also increased my Ozempic by 2x and it is showing in my BG control and in my waist.    Though for sure... Eff0ff to the related nausea. Not horendous, but noticable intermittently in the week after dosing.

DW did her GM's recipe peanut butter balls for an office party. So far, I have only had a few over the past week but only when correcting a low BG.  That is my story. I am sticking to it.  These things are like crack.

I am looking forward to DW doing her low carb baking. Her muffins, bundt cakes, waffles, etc... are spectacular. Not to mention her LC Cheddar Bay Biscuits.  Yummm.

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Cellulitis is also. Hope your dad is better soon, Rags.

Mr Aniki is also job hunting. I'm hoping opportunities will pick up after the holidays.

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I am sure things will pick up. The past couple of weeks have blown up for me.  One is a role that is my Unicorn job. If I successfully land it hopefully it will be my career swan song.  5 to 8 yrs should get DW to partner level for at least 5yrs, get me to full SSI and Medicare age, and finish filling out our retirement investments so I can chase DW around the world ... and still be reasonably young enough to catch her.

Good luck to your DH Aniki.  Happy holidays!!!!

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Mr Aniki is hoping to find a full-time job that will last until retirement. After that, part-time at a farm/hardware store would be his dream job!

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I am considering getting a PhD, online for as long as it takes, and after retiring part timing as an adjunct Prof at a small university or college in some very picturesque mountain or desert location.

Not sure if I can finagle that, but.... blathering to young people and doing Prof cocktail parties with my hot supermodel bride on my arm sounds like a decent retirement gig.

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I hope that you and Mr. A have your dream retirement.  As for a farm store part time retirement job, a colleague I worked with for years resigned in his mid 40s and went to work at a farm equipment business.  I have never seen him happier.  He is about half a dozen years younger than I am and has been in the farm business for at least 5yrs.

I am not a farm supply/equipment/Ag guy, but.... I am a big fan of his, and yours. He is a good person who I enjoyed working with very much.  I hope Mr. A enjoys playing with his farm/hardware dreams in retirement and that you have a great time too.


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Well, I wanna say, "Eff Off" to still not being able to taste anything, but I went to the doctor today and have lost 60lbs! I've not been weighing myself so had no idea what the number was, just that I've had to get rid of a lot of clothes.

So, it's not really been a bad thing, just very frustrating at times. My sense of smell is coming back, so I can sometimes smell the food, I just can't taste it. 

The PanCrepes sound awesome, though!


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Congratulations on the weight loss. Great job!

I hope yout buds return to functionality. My son has the same issue.  He ended up with long COVID and had zero taste for almost a year. He has recently started to have some breakthrough with tasting extremely sweet and extremely bitter flavors though with not much subtlety in taste.

Part of his Christmas gift from his mom is a set of some basic scent candles.  Rose, Cinamon, Pine, Peppermint, CoCoa, Snickerdoodle.   A doctor recommended training the brain to recognize familiar smells to recover smell and taste using candles and essential oils.


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Congrats on the weight loss, hereiam! Hope your sense of smell and taste are back soon so you can smell and taste some PanCrepes!

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Eff off to stupid people who have a car.  Too many of them on the road.  I almost hit one today.  That's what they get for slamming on their brakes to turn.  Idiot...I didn't hit them though.

Eff off to my hand that is hurting for seemingly no reason.  It hurts to grip anything with it but I have to do what I have to do. 

Eff off to blood tests.  My cholesterol is up two points and I'm so disappointed.  All that exercise I've done.  I feel like I did it all for nothing in terms of lowering my cholesterol.  I'm sure it's helped keep the weight off but my doctor is going to be concerned about the cholesterol numbers, not the number on the scale.  I don't eat a lot of fried foods at all.  In fact, my triglycerides are considered low.  It's just my total and LDL that are too high.  HDL is where it should be.  Another test to determine my blood count had a high number and a low number.  It seems to point to me being anemic, I think.  I'll find out when I see my doctor.  

Eff off to my period.  Seriously, just stop.  It started last week and I keep spotting.  Perimenopause is the worst!! 

Eff off to the cyst they found in my breast.  Instead of it's just a benign cyst after I got called back for another mammogram plus an ultrasound, my result was it's a cyst and you need to come back in six months so we can keep an eye on it.  Apparently the category I fall in is that while it's probably benign, there's a less than two percent chance that it is malignant.  So I get to go back in the spring.  It annoys me because of not knowing what is going to happen with it.  

Forn: I'm going to make my dad's famous strawberry cake.  It has real (frozen) strawberries in the cake and the icing, along with coconut and pecans.  It's actually my maternal grandma's recipe, which is kept in my mom's cookbook.  She's told this story many times and it's still hilarious.  She and my dad divorced when I was around 12.  They were amicable, didn't fight over anything.  They didn't even fight over custody of us kids.  But every year, come Thanksgiving, Dad would come over and steal her cookbook and her turkey roasting pan.  Christmas time too.  He was in charge of cooking the turkey and would bake that strawberry cake both times, for his side of the family.  She would have to send one of us to his house to retrieve those two things. 

To this day we don't know what happened to her turkey roasting pan.  He passed away 22 years ago and we never found it.  I don't know if my stepmother ever knew where it was and if she did, she probably had no idea where it came from.  She would have given it back had she known.  Mom ended up buying another one but retained custody of her cookbook.  She emailed me the recipe.  She's retired so I can't sneak in and steal her cookbook.  I'd love to try once just to mess with her though.  I tell her I can run faster scared than she can mad.  Lol

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PetSpoiler, you're certainly having a time of it. :(  Hope things start looking up for you.  {{ hugs}}

That cake sounds AMAZING!!! I'm salivating reading the description! 

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Raising a glass of red in a Friday toast to all the StepTalk peeps!


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That is a good one.

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Late to the party.

Eff off to my stupid bad cold that turned into a chest infection.  The cough has mostly gone but it was so bad for so long that I've damaged the muscles in my shoulders and neck.  So painful and its taking so long to get better.


I don't have a substitute recipe.  However, I did get a present of a side of smoked salmon that I'm working my way through.  Salmon sandwich, salmon suchi, salmon pasta, salmon with scrambled eggs, etc



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Heck, ASM, a friend of mine had similar symptoms and ended up in hospital with pneumonia. Keep in touch with your doc.

Many years ago, my MIL went to Ireland on holiday. She absolutely loved it and brought us a side of artisanal smoked salmon. It was delicious but, when there's only 2 of you, it's kind of hard to finish it.

Last year, one of my daughters worked in a specialist shop that sold caviar and exclusive varieties of smoked salmon. When they closed on 24/12 at 8pm, they sent her home with three different varieties of smoked salmon (the Baltic was the best!). There's only so much ( there was over a kilo of the stuff) a person can eat... She's working at the same place during the festivities and I'm not sure I can face another couple of kilos of smoked salmon. 

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The cold bit is mostly gone now but there was a point when I was scared.  I literally felt like I couldn't breathe.  Luckily I got an emergency appointment to see the GP and between the antibiotics and inhalers I'm better.

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I am very glad to hear that. There are so many very scary things going around at the moment. 

Spoil yourself a bit, it really helps!

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TASM, I hope you recover soon. That sounds horribly painful. {{hugs}}

Mmmmm.... smoked salmon. Our local fish market does lovely smoked salmon and other fish. I'm partial to the trout. Smile

I make salmon hash every now and then. Some chopped onion and green pepper, chopped cooked potato, chunks of salmon. Make wells for eggs, top with salt, pepper, and dill.

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The hash sounds amazing.  I made salmon, feta and cucumber bagels for lunch