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OT - Eff Off/Forn Friday

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Happy Friday, STalkers! Sorry I'm so late to the game, but it's like Monday 5.0. Blech. Think I'll put my work laptop in the laundry room and shut the door on both for the weekend. I want to enjoy the snow. We are officially over 300 inches for this snow year! *yahoo*

Eff off to:

  • King Pita on Zoom meetings. If I had a dollar for each time KP went off topic (something that should be covered in the zoom slated for that topic), I could afford a few tanks of gas. He's bloody well exasperating.
  • King Pita assuming everyone knows what he's talking about. No, KP. None of us has a freaking clue WHAT that is you're "sharing" (KP has something to share on Every.Single.Zoom.). Unlike the emails you forward that we already received, you didn't share that alien caca with anyone. 
  • DH "helping" without asking if what he was doing was truly helping. I spent a good 30 minutes bending and coaxing a piece of heavy wire into a 'wicket' for a specific purpose. DH "fixed" it. Um, no. You bent it OUT of the shape and the ends are crossing. BEND IT BACK. I love that he's willing to help me with things, but please ask first. (Especially in the kitchen - don't touch that pan!)


Forn Friday

Forn 'food' and 'p0rn' combined. 

It's cold and snowy so I'm making chili this weekend. My Mom's recipe, but with jalapeños (she couldn't eat heat). DH requested beer bread to go with it.

Do you make chili with or without beans? I make two kinds and both have beans. (We are NOT rehashing that "chili doesn't have beans" argument!)


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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Happy Friday Aniki.  I think my eff off this week is just to this week.  It’s super busy at work yet everyday seems to drag on and on and on despite being super busy.

I love chili with beans, my husband hates chili with beans.  So we usually have chili without beans, to me that's just meat soup.

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" me that's just meat soup."

Same here, advice.only2!

My parents were stationed in TX for a couple of years and my Mom got here recipe from a born and bred Texas lady. *unknw*

And I'm having the same kind of week. Happy Friday to you, too!

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EFF OFF to companies that keep their employees in the dark.

1.  My company is supposed to be evaluating a WFH situation for me.. that has been in discussion at this point for over 3 years (covid for 2 years did mean we didn't have to address it though but prior to covid I had gotten some tacit approva).  But, at this point, it has been months that the request is hanging out there.. and it is costing me a lot of money (2 hr commute).. and honestly it's frustrating because we made changes based on some indications that we would get approval sooner rather than later.

2.  To go hand in hand, my DH took a new job in January.. and started in February.. where he was promised a schedule at their annual kick off training that week..but here we are over a month later.. and he has been working in the field for 4 weeks and not only does he not have a schedule.. he doesn't even have any clue when he will come home... or whether his position will actually be what he was promised in the interview based on their staffing.  I was supposed to be able to join him when he worked.. but due to schedule uncertainty. and the above uncertainty from MY company.. I haven't seen him in over a month!

Don't get me wrong.. I do love my job.. it's a good job.. I have been with the company like 20 years.. I have a pension when I do retire.. but I wish they could understand how frustrating it is and how it sort of makes me feel unimportant when they can't give me an answer in a relatively short period of time.. (and my DH took this new job under the assumption my company would be a yes.. and we still don't know.. but of course.. his company wouldn't have waited months for him to decide to take the job.. so catch 22)

And.. I get that his company has a lot going on.. a lot of moving parts.. but you also don't get a chance to make a first impression twice.. and feeling like you have fallen between the cracks is not great first impression no?



I have drowned my sorrows in brownies.. the latest batch I broke up a skor bar in it.. I did make the batch last 5 days.. I think that is pretty impressive.


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ESMOD, I've also been WFH due to the pandemic (2 years now). It works. In fact, it works better than when we were on the office. We're gearing up to go back and awaiting The Plan. Going back is going to tick off people in a major way because two new hires are 100% remote with zero chance of an actual desk (they are over a thousand miles away). Why we are unhappy:

  • Newbs getting a much better (and preferred) option while the old timers are getting screwed. Total crock.
  • The price of everything is going up and gas expense is going to hurt.

A fair number of folks (different departments) are hunting for new (virtual) jobs. Several will retire as soon as a return date in set.


How annoying for both you and your DH.

Woman, I bow to your impressive willpower!!!

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aniki.. helpers that aren't helpful are the worst.. and king pita sounds abysmal to work with.

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My DH means well. His love language is Acts of Service so he is always looking for ways to help. On rare occasion, it is simply the wrong thing to do! Lol  I'm only irritated for a minute or so. *biggrin*

King Pita sucks cow pie encrusted rocks.

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EFF off to spring break coming up....YSD will be with us for over a week. While it's not the end of the world, it's just odd having her with us because she just sits. And DH lets her and doesn't plan a thing. I'll be working a lot anyway but who knows what he's going to do. There is ONE thing!

She's signed up to take her Driving License testing that week and DH is taking her!  I cannot fathom how she's going to pass it because other than driving with the driver's ed teacher she's barely driven. She has admitted she is iffy around corners and parking is hard (we're talking a normal parking space not even parellel). Just watching this.  Told DH that he needs to figure out insurance coverage, I'm assuming that BM is covering it but who knows. She also never wants to drive - DH made her go out with him for an hour or so two weeks ago but really she should be driving home from the pickup point with him and she's not. She doesn't seem to care which is not at all surprising.

I love chili but it does not love DH. He cannot eat beans or cumin or chili powder. I'll buy some every so often for myself but I don't make it any longer.  I will be making meatloaf this weekend though.  Maybe a double batch to freeze some.

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Dh is going off on a week long mountain- biking trip in Morocco. Tonite, he's at a pre-trip cold buffet, That's why DD and I are having duckling breast with Roquefort butter and sauteed beby potatoes. Oh, and homemade chocolate mousse. Then we just have to look forward to a week on our own. Bliss,