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OT - Eff Off/Forn Friday

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Happy Friday, STalkers! Who else is ready for the weekend? I'm sad that the snow we got at the beginning of the week is all gone, but we'll be able to finish up some outdoor work before the big pile-up begins.

Eff off to:

  • Poopie heads who cannot read simple instructions. It's 3 short sentences, FFS. Evil Aniki wants to respond with "read the number-facking three, ya fackwit". Sheesh.
  • King Pita. It's downright annoying that you I know aspects of your job better than you do. It's even more annoying to have to explain to you how to do your job. I should get your salary rate for those times. 
  • Me. I'm cranky about attending a funeral for my SIL's SM, who was one of the most toxic people I've known. All I've heard from others is what a blessing it is that she's gone. What a sad legacy.


Forn Friday 

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.

I'm craving breakfast for dinner. DH wants a bacon omelet (and will get it). I want pan-crepes. What are pan-crepes? They are a flourless substitute for pancakes and they actually satisfy me when I want regular, carb-laden pancakes.

Aniki's Pan-crepes

  • 1 banana (does not have to be uber-ripe)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • Optional: spices or extracts, to taste (vanilla, almond, orange, maple, lemon, etc; vanilla bean paste; cinnamon, cardamom, clove, nutmeg, ginger, pumpkin pie spice, etc.)


  1. Mix all the ingredients together until well combined. (I use my blender.)
  2. Melt a knob of butter in a pan over a medium heat and cook about 4 pancakes per batch (depending on the size of the pan).
  3.  Cook about 1-2 minutes per side. I cover the pan while the pancakes cook on the first side before flipping. This allows the top to steam a little bit, making it easier to flip.
  4. Drizzle with honey or syrup or some heated jelly/jam. Sprinkle on a little powdered sugar, if you like.

What breakfast do you like for dinner?


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend! 


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Eff off to dental issues.

Cant eat anything but broth and yogurt...

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I'm sorry you're suffering with that, CLove. {{{Hugs}}} and hope that it's better asap.

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Eff off to perimenopause periods. First 1.5 days crampy. And just tired. I was remote working yesterday so could lay down on the office couch for a while with snuggle kitty for a bit, but I'm on-site today.  UGH.  Should be better in by the afternoon though.

Eff off to LOL - DH's comment last night..."You know I've asked about this before, but you know women runners and cyclists don't get their periods..."  OMG DH it's because their body fat is SO LOW their bodies don't make hormones correctly any longer!  Like anorexics.  I suggested that I could quit my job, or not, and train for 8 hours a day, meanwhile cut all food to just protein shakes and then my periods will stop.  I still don't think he's convinced that it's unhealthy.  WTH!?  This is a man who put off going to the dentist for a bad tooth (known since early JULY) until it was really really bad and he had an infection - and which I pointed out that people get SEPSIS from that and REALLY DH?  I need to just start printing out medical information for him rather than talk about it.

And, DH hates breakfast for dinner. When I met he and the SDs, none of them would ever consider breakfast for dinner - ever!  Wierd people overall as we know. But me?  I love it.  My favorite is perfectly scrambled eggs with a little paprika and/or parsley, served with a slice of toast (maybe some good cheese if I'm super hungry), a side of peas, and a glass of wine.  So satisfying.

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Cover, I'm so happy to see that someone else pairs wine with eggs!

Can I pinch your DH? Sigh...

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With an omelet, souffle and salad

Also love poached eggs/eggs benedict

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No eff offs today. I am heading to visit my sister in another state by myself. No SO for 3 days.  I need it right now. Dinner will probably be gross fast food on the road so I can make it in time to see my nephews in the band tonight. 

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Have fun, Crr18! Can you make a nice or sandwich for the road? I'm not a fan of Starbucks coffee, but they make nice Bistro boxes with crackers, cheeses, and fruit (grapes or apple slices). I think they also contain nuts. Maybe you could put together something. Smile

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That was a good idea but too late for me to do.There was so much traffic after work I can't make the game anyway. Oh well I will be there to see them for Homecoming tomorrow.

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No effs today. I am in gratitude mode. We had a scary week with DH's health -- no answers yet but he seems to be ok, or on the way to ok now. He's pretty proactive chasing down doctors and various tests.

Anything I can have for breakfast I can have for dinner. Grits casserole is a fav. French toast casserole is another one. But you can't beat pancakes and bacon. Add a cranberry mimosa or two!

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Merry, glad your DH is okay. Hope you get answer soon!.

French toast casserole?! Must look into that!

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Just google "overnight french toast" for a bunch of recipes. I always add a spash of orange juice (or Grand Marnier when I'm feeling fancy) to the egg and cream mixture. You can also add fruit of your choice before or after baking -- bananas are a favorite.

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New boss is in full on panic mode.  I've suggested a few other employees that work in different depts who know a tiny bit about what I do.  My current co workers want nothing to do with my job (can't blame them).

Meanwhile, new boss asks if my coworkers are taking/ training on my  tickets so he can get away with not hiring someone. 

Not bloody likely.  I warned my co-workers not to let mgmt dump on them like they did me.   They are in agreement.

22 more work days (including a couple days I'm taking off next month. )  

Of course there's still Chef's biz and the rental properties which is a full time job all by itself.  It will be the first time I haven't had two jobs pretty much since 1977.


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Jus EFF off to insurance companies that apparently reprocess a bill over a year after the date of service and decide that on reflection they want me to have a payment obligation of almost 4 thousand dollars!

Contacted the provider.. they say the insurance company sent them a new accounting.

Contacted the Insurance.. they state the PROVIDER sent them new coding (which was as far as I can recall almost identical in amount.. so how the accounting ended up 4K off is beyond me).

I'm contacting my company's benefits dept to see if they can get this resolved so I don't have to pay this money.. again... well over a year since the date.. ins says the provider has up to a year to send info? but since the amounts were almost the same.. how is the outcome so different really?  both were hospital stays.. it's ridiculous.


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Your pan-crepes look amazing! I am going to try some as soon as I buy bananas!

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A day late

Eff-Off:  Interfering Sr. Leaders. My #2 is on vacation as well as two other of my directr reports. So... my two bosses, customer boss and direct boss, decided I needed help and sent the Roving problem solver to stand in. WIthout giving me ample notice nor with any communication of what I am supposed to do with the buy. So, I had him do a deep dive data analysison all of my key KPIs.  He found that we are near the top of the network, which I already knew, and that our data integrity is extremely strong.  He did find a work element that he thought we were not tracking.  We have been tracking it.  Though he did show me a mitigation step I was not familiar with.

Which led to a very entertaining communication with my customer boss.  I reached out to him requesting if he wanted me to do the extension that violated policy, as that boss has been demanding his whole team do, or for me to follow the policy.  HE asked me if I was suggesting that I violate policy.  I reminded him of his instructions to me and my counterparts in the region and I told him I had already submitted the extension per the policy and that it was in his approval que.  I had the extention request built and hit enter as soon as he asked if I was suggesting to violate policy. Again, the policy that he had expressly chewed one of my counterpart's ass for following and that he had directly instructed his direct reports to deviate from

So the unrequested support resource provided me with valuable information and also allowed me to back my customer boss into process compliance on something he had instructed me/us to violate policy on.  Now I know how to do it right.

F0rn:  Konjac noodles.  A life saver of variety in a low carb way of eating.  The current favorite is Trader Joes precooked seasoned chicken meatballs, Cacio-pepe sauce, mushrooms, and Konjac (Feticcine, Spaghetti, Rice, or Pene).  Penne is the current favorite but they are all good.  An easy and quick dish.

Brown the meatballs in some olive oil in a non stick pan on Med-high.

Add mushrooms and green onions for a few minutes.

Add sauce and bring to a simmer stirring periodically.

After draining, rinsing, and draining again, add Konjac to the simmering pan for a few minutes.

Great stuff, low carb, amazing flavors, very savory and satisfying.

On todays weigh in, DH was down 3#s this week, I was down 2.5.  She is down a total of about 25, I am down a bit more than 35.

On the way back from our weigh in this AM, we stopped at a shoe repair and I had three more holes added to my belt.

Have a great weekend STalkers.


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Rags, I'll have to find konjac noodles when I want low-fat Alfredo! I typically use zoodles, but they aren't the best substitute with white, butter, or oil sauce. 

Congrats on the weight loss. When I need new holes on my belt, DH is very handy with a large nail and hammer. *biggrin*

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Not quite as good with tomato sauces. Not bad, just not as good.  Just my opinion.

I have tools at our TX home. I have only a small tool bag in the trunk of my car here.  Though at this stage of my life I would much prefer to outsource.  So off to the leather repair shop we went.


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I <3 zoodles with tomato sauce, so that's an easy and winning substitute for me. I'd thought of trying riced cauliflower with white sauce, but will look for those konjac noodles. Smile

My DH is an Acts of Service love language AND he excels doing hands-on stuff, so him doing it was a given.

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We keep a number of bags of cauli-rice in the freezer for fried rice dishes, mashed pototo subsitutes (cauli-rice, cream cheese, butter, shreded cheddar or 3 cheeses, whipped with a high speed stick blender, topped with chives), etc.

There are an increasing number of nice products for low carb gourmet eating for foodie types.