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OT - Eff Off Friday/Forn Friday

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Are you ready for the weekend? I'm looking forward to sleeping in on Monday. *yahoo*

Eff off to:

  • Construction. Ugh, ugh, and more UGH. Hope it gets done before the snow starts flying...
  • DH's work. He worked OT last weekend. Now he's working OT this weekend and does not get the holiday off. Sure, he gets paid $$, but we had plans to go camping. *diablo*
  • King Pita (what else is new?). I've had conversations with 3 people this week about how bloody annoying he is and how much time he wastes. I wonder how many others on the team are fed up with his poop?
  • Mosquitoes. Effing useless PITAs. One bit me below the eye in the cheek area. I scratched it in my sleep until it bled. Now it's raw and sore and looks awful. *dash1*


Forn Friday

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined. Rain in tomorrow's forecast has me itching to cook some pre-Fall stew and bake a batch of rieska. <3


Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend!


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To annoying co-workers.  I would be more specific but at the moment they are all annoying me.

Eff off to recall elections.  

Eff off to COVID.  We'll be masked up during our Alaska cruise due to high rate of spread in Alaska.

Forn Friday - think I'm going to make a batch of homemade red sauce this weekend.  Other than that just some grilling for us.

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Caninelover, we need a Co-worker Swap. I'll trade you King Pita for two of yours.  Wink

I've been giving that C word an eff off for more than a year. *diablo*

Mmmmmmm... homemade sauce is the best! How will you use your red sauce?

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With my famous homemade pasta, of course!

Though I store some away for us to use on random occasions.  My SO is on a low salt diet so I like to make as much as possible from scratch to control the salt level Smile

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Yum!!! I keep telling myself I'm going to learn to make homemade pasta. One of these days... IMO, salt is used too much. When making a last-minute dish with leftover cherry tomatoes, I pan roast them for flavor.

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Eff Off to contractors that don't communicate and myself for not knowing how specific I need the contract to be.

We had windows replaced. Stupid me assumed that meant inside and out trim would be done. NOPE they want $4k MORE to trim out the inside. FML.

Forn Friday - College Football Season kicks off tomorrow - I'm scowering for some good football food. Wings, pretzels all the yum. 


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$4k MORE?! I also would have assumed replacing windows included inside and out trim. Crikey.

It's been too long since we've had wings. Must remedy that soon!

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$4k nope. Hire a handyman or someone like that. Buy all the trim with a little overage and prep it yourself. I like the pre- prepped stuff. Then all the person needs to do is cut and install.


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Only for prep work, my cuts aren't that good....If I had a nail gun I could install. Payment would be food and drink of course.

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Eff off to the ridiculous politicians of this conservative state who think that working from home means not working. State employees are required to be in person, except in certain circumstances following an unintelligable flowchart.

And eff off to my employees who can not get it through their thick heads that there is nothing I can do about it. So stop asking, and stop bitching to me. Call your legislators.

Forn. Hmmm. Humidity is finally down here, so I'll be sitting outside munching on anything I can put on a cracker. Just opened a fruity bottle of sauvignon blanc last night -- not my normal go-to -- but delightful.

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Working from home means not working. You mean I've been doing this all wrong? Sheesh!

Ooooooo, what sauvignon blanc did you get? My newest fave is Whitehaven. Since DH is working this weekend - and stew is better after it sits overnight - I may have to indulge in some cheese, prosciutto, and wine tomorrow night. Thanks for the idea! *drinks*

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It's a lovely little French number. Touraine. There's a new wine shop near my house, and I went in knowing I was low on whites. I'm still low on whites.

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Domaine Guenault or Bougrier Loire or ...?

I have one bottle of white left. So ashamed. *sorry2*

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Les Roches. The description doesn't say it's particularly fruity, but that's the taste I get. But then I'm a cab girl all the way.

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EFF off to too much work. Yesterday was crazy with a bunch of small stuff popping up all day. I don't want to look at my email today but there's an urgent thing due early next week AND I start training the new person on Tuesday. I'm going to be crazy busy all this month. I'm hoping the Covid rates start going down this fall so I can visit my fam and take a vaca but we suspect it won't happen. Sad

May the transit connection work this weekend (strike imminent). Again, not much hope here.

Forn: I am literally uninspired. I may just make some G&Ts instead.

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Cover, I can relate to the crazy busy month. We have mandatory trainings, which cut into working hours and many of us will be working without claiming the hours to make up for it. 

What's your go-to G? I like Bombay Sapphire and Plymouth. 

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I really like locally made gin. Currently I have Crater Lake Prohibition in the rotation (semi local). Very flavor forward and herbal. Mixed with and elderflower tonic.....yum. 

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I like the name. Smile

Elderflower tonic?! ELDERFLOWER?!?!?! This could change my outlook on tonic, which I dislike. *kiss2*

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Found some within 50 miles (and we go to that area regularly). Thank you!

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EFF off DH just getting called to go to North for the ENTIRE weekend to help with the tornado and flooding damage.  And yes Aniki just like you, its $$ but we had plans to enjoy an empty house this weekend. 

I am making German Potato Salad and now since DH hates it but he will be gone, making my yummmy potroast.  All for me.

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Well, hell, classy. Too bad we can't hook up for a girls night IN. Especially since you're making pot roast! Biggrin

My DH hates brussel sprouts with a passion (which I find hilarious since he loves cabbage). So on nights he works, I like to cook up some brussel sprouts with bacon with a glass of chardonnay for my dinner.

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That would be nice.  Ill toast you while I sit by the fire with the rest of the wine that does not make it into the pot roast.

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wine that does not make it into the pot roast.

YES! I cannot tell you how many people act like I'm crazy for adding wine to the pot roast. How can you NOT? *wacko*

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Eff off to my pup having a seizure last night and scaring the shit out of me (emergency vet though was stellar, informative, and nice while they took care of him)

Eff off to annoying coworkers

Eff off to how tired I amm (I think it's because of a combo of lack of sleep and also having to take emergency anxiety meds during said seizure and emergency vet situation)

Eff off to annoying ass guys

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He'll be alright.  They're having me change his diet and he has a follow up with my regular vet next week.

Me too. lol.  Something about them

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Good to hear. 

I often wish half of one would do the trick so I'm not so tired afterwards. 

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Eff off to DH's annoying co-workers. He's part of a volunteer board related to his career. He went in to the Board's office yesterday to do some work (in response to an email received yesterday morning) after he finished his real job. He talked to this one person and told him he couldn't come back in today. That person said, no problem, he would take care of the outstanding issue. Then that same person emails DH today with another issue that must be taken care of today...didn't even mention it, yesterday. I think these people are manipulative bullies and I looked this one person up in public records and found that he's had multiple restraining orders issued against him by different women, so don't hold him in high regard, in general. 

Eff off to my old boss, who has managed to land on his feet and find a new job that he didn't even have to interview for...which he will be terrible at. As back story, my boss was fired in May. I was told in June that my role was being eliminated, but I'm receiving some time to stay on the job while I look for something new. I'm busy interviewing and proving my worth, while my boss's "friend" just handed him a new boss received a very generous severance. 

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multiple restraining orders issued against him by different women

Oy, sounds like a real winner!

Your old boss may screw over his "friend"... *diablo*

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Nothing in particular but I'm feeling less than enthusiastic at the moment.  


  • Spanish omlette with fried tomatoes finished with sherry vinegar for Saturday lunch
  • Smoked salmon sushi bowl with avocado for Saturday dinner
  • Green thai curry Sunday dinner