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OT - Eff Off Friday/Forn Friday

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Happy Friday, STalkers! I'm ready to get the weekend started, but it's not even lunchtime yet. *crazy*

Eff off to:

  • Work email idiots. What IS it with those who feel the need to Reply All to a company-wide email? Followed by the just-as-idiotic poopie heads who Reply All with "Don't reply to all!". Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh
  • King Pita. KP, I do not have the authorization needed to make that request. You should know that. But, no. You send me a farking zoom and tell me to make the request (and probably do not understand that it will not go through). I send the email to the Grand Poobah with KP copied, asking Poo to please do X for KP. Big shocker: Poo replies with "KP must authorize this." Aaaaand KP replies with "authorized". You should have emailed Poo directly OR emailed me so I could waste my time forwarding it to Poo. KP, you are the only one who has no idea that you don't know WTF you're doing.
  • Mrs. Jones. Heaven help me, my patience is wearing so thin it's practically transparent. No idea why this woman thinks we're destined to be besties. We have two things in common: friendship with the Hedgehogs and blonde hair. That's it. I'm going out on a limb here and guessing that your other friends have stepped waaaaaaaay back from your emotional vampire toxicity and you need a fresh victim. Newsflash: it won't be me. Go.Away.
  • A knotted up right Rhomboid Major, currently christened The Absolute F*ckwaffle. While the lidocaine patches alleviate some of the pain, it looks like I'll have to have massage therapy to work it out. I absolutely LOATHE being touched by strangers ~shudder~  


Forn Friday 

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined. 

It's a balmy 34°F right now, but I'm in the mood for hot chocolate. I can see it in my future. Tonight, while DH and I watch a movie. Specifically, dark hot chocolate spiked with Rumple Minze. If you don't want the alcohol, add some peppermint extract or crushed candy cane.

Dark Hot Chocolate for Two

  • 2 cups whole milk
  • 2 tsp brown sugar
  • 4 oz dark chocolate 
  • 2 Tbsp heavy whipping cream
  • 2 oz Rumple Minze 
  • Mini marshmallows or marshmallow creme, optional 
  1. Heat milk in a saucepan over medium heat until just before boiling, 3-4 minutes. 
  2. Add brown sugar and stir until dissolved, about 1 minute.
  3. Stir dark chocolate into milk until melted, about 2 to 3 minutes. 
  4. Remove saucepan from heat and stir cream into milk mixture.
  5. Add 1 oz of Rumple Minze to each mug. 
  6. Pour milk mixture into each mug and stir..
  7. Top with mini marshmallows or marshmallow creme.
  8. Enjoy!!!

NOTE: If we add marshmallows, I do not add sugar.


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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Ouch, wolflady! Hope your hand heals quickly. Thanks do sharing that recipe. Sounds yummy! *biggrin*

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Eff off to:

My narcissistic extremely competitive teammate whose life mission is to show me up. The latest is that she just got a promotion with another branch. She accepted and got a start date. She encouraged me to apply for a temporary assignment and I did. Well, I got screened in and did the written test and found out that despite my teammate ACCEPTING a permanent job, she applied for the TA and did the written. WTF? So, what happens if she wins? Give up her pemanent job just to prove and show everyone she beat me? I'm so tired of her! 

The Shunning Bitch - another winner at work who literally shuns everyone. Also got a promotion somewhere else and when someone needed info on her files she left behind, she shut down skype for business when the person reached out and refused to respond. She literally shuns people and yet she gets rewarded with a promotion and management has always favoured her and given her ALL of the prime projects. I just don't get it!

Forn Friday

Speaking of hot chocolate, I work near two chocolatiers. Both make hot chocolate that's literally melted chocolate. Hmmm. I think I'll go there later. I need some chocolate. i might get an assortment of chocolates too. There's white chocolate, milk, dark and extremely dark. 

Oh! I know what I can say about chocolate for my Forn contribution. I make a black bean dark chocolate soup. Yes, it sounds weird, but soooooooooo good! It's very comforting soup to have with all the rain we've been getting. It's wet and cold here with no sign of it letting up for a while. 

About a pound of dried black beans, large can of crushed or diced tomatoes, molasses, extremely dark chocolate bar at around 90%. I've used 80% and it's worked fine. spices, such as cumin, chili, black pepper, cayenne or something else to add heat, bay leaves, onion powder and garlic. A large chopped onion. 

I put the beans into my Instantpot and run them through the bean/chili cycle. When that's done, I throw in the rest of the ingredients except for the extra dark chocolate and run through the bean/chili cycle again. You can blend some of the soup or all. I like to blend some and pour it back into the soup because I still like to have some whole beans in the soup. Sir however many square of the extremely dark chocolate you want. 


Oh, I just use water rather than any type of stock. The reason is because the soup is so flavourful that any stock doesn't really add anything to the soup. Then the vegans in my family can eat it or the meat-eaters can add chicken chunks. It's a versatile soup. Sometimes I get creative and try adding soaked goji berries on top. Definitely cilantro. Cheese if you're not vegan is great too. 


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Evil, the narc and the SB... WTH?! Some people are awful. 

That soup sounds AMAZING!!! How many ounces of dark chocolate? I am sooooo not vegan.  *mail1*


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I'm not sure how many ounces. I just break off three or four squares from a large chocolate bar and test it and if I want more I'll add more. 

Yes, I'm really sick and tired of my workplace. My supervisor is insane and screams at and berates people, I have the shunner still finding ways to shun even though she's moved on and my narc teammate who finds ways every damn day to level me. I'm so damn tired of these people. 

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That makes sense with the chocolate. Thank you!

I'm sorry, Evil. I'm so damn tired of KP and his idiocy and incompetence. Totally blows. Sad

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Eff0ff: - Not

I am in the twilight zone of not having every interface being an arguement or debate within my own organization. This is allowing a near immediate improvement in the collaboration with the client. It is a strange new world where my commute is not a growing anxiety journey the closer I get to work.  Though I do have some guilt over not firing my now transferred former #2.  I suspect that I let my pesonal feelings buffer my discipline of his toxic behavior.  In my defense, it was a special needs situation.  He is on the Autism spectrum and also struggles with addiction and emotional illness issues.  HR and Legal were zero help in figuring out how to deal with his outstanding capabilities while disciplining his behaviors within the context of his protected status.

He is now someone elses problem. That someone else is his BFF, predecessor,  and my former boss.  I helped my earleir #2 get promoted two levels and he became my boss for about 6mos.  My recently transferred #2 is thankfully not likely to ever be my boss.

I am just relieved to have the chance to take my team to the next level. We did great last year but it was a constant battle. Now, it is showing to be a comparitively calm progress path.

Knock on wood.

DW has yet to turn in her notice, though she did write it. She should have an offer in hand shortly. Once that happens, I am cautiously optimistic that she will cut herself free of the shit show she has been torturning herself over with her current firm.


F0rn:  Not sure what is up for the weekend on the foodie side of life.  Though I am Jonesing hard for a two fingers glass of my birthday gift from my DW last year. I won't.  I do not want to break the Ketosis cycle that has been melting off the fluff over the past 7mos.

Even the 40" waist size jeans I went into 3mos ago are starting to fall off.  A good problem to have.  I may get to 34-36.... if I can remain diligent.

Have a great weekend STalkers.

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eff off to: pneumonia. I'm so tired of being tired. I got sick at the end of Nov. Here we are a whole year later, or a month if you're going to be picky. I so tired. Walk to the bathroom? tired. get the mail? tired. just tired. it will pass but until it does, I'm just tired. 

Forn: not sure yet. I cook big on Sundays. football and food it's my Sunday jam. I'm just not sure what I'm feeling this week.

I'll take some hot chocolate minus the chocolate though. of all the allergies I could have ..I'm allergic to chocolate. sucks. 



have a great weekend all. Not sxure what we're up to. The Mr has been pulling 12 hr days this week, he needs sleep and possibly a visit to the Amish this weekend for some meat and cold cuts. And birch beer. 

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So sorry you're sick and have been for so long, AgedOut. Hope you're felling better and energized soon! *give_rose*

I have yet to try any birch beer, but am intrigued by it. 

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We lived in the Mid Atlantic region (S NJ, PA, DE) for six years.  The Amish markets were incredible food weekends. Birch Beer is a unique experience.  And tasty.

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To the lady that decided it was OK to cough into my hair this morning!  ClassyNJ was not so Classy this morning.  I may have used a few choice words that I have learned from my DH.  This lady really had NO IDEA why I was mad.  "Why do I have to cover my mouth?  Im not sick"  Lady - I don't care!  YOU COUGHED INTO MY HAIR!!!

Food: Tomorrow night the Eagles play the Giants.  Its all football food!  Chili, sausage and peppers, subs and cookies


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Channelling our 6 years living in S. Jersey, PA, and DE.

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GO GIANTS!!!!!! Smile I want the Bills to win the Super Bowl. SO is a giants fan though. 

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Eeeeeeeewwwww, how nasty! Not sick and NO manners. *diablo*

I made chili Wednesday. Froze half and finished the rest last night. 

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Eff off to HEALTH decline and troubles, got Covid AGAIN, this time my husband got it first, then I got it two nights later, my youngest son the next day....we've been horribly sick, this new variant hitting MUCH harder then the one in August (where I got a PE a month later) I'm literally on a thread and the brain fog is so intense I'm starting to worry about my job.

I'm on antiviral, last night the first night w/out a fever....but it's been intense.  Literally felt I was dying. I am measuring my oxygen with oximeter though, went low one day (92) but it improved so at least no extra hospital stay so far.  I have significant muscle loss (especially if you can the last 6 months of hospitalizations, covid, pulmonary embolism, gallbladder attack stays and then surgery in Nov)- and am asking the Dr about getting authorization for physical therapy, my balance/gait is really off and I'm often very dizzy and under care of cardiology/hematology/ent, etc...probably pulmonologist coming- so in order to work out safely and start building stamina/strength, I probably really need guidance of a PT and not just join a gym...for safety reasons.  



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Again?? Aw, bananaseedo... You've had a heck of a time. Hope things are looking up asap!  {{{hugs}}}

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Eff off to my in-laws. Two weekends ago, we were invited to a 1st birthday party for a niece's baby. I declined, saying I had a tight deadline and couldn't go (and I said it with a straight face). Such is life as a freelancer, when there's work, you do it. So off trotted DH and daughter. When they came home, they informed me that there had been 15-20 guests in a tiny livingroom (5 of whom do not believe in vaccines). I don't trust these people since the Royal Wedding a year and a half ago where the mother of the bride had Covid and spent the day hugging and kissing people. She ended off in intensive care for 3 weeks and still isn't vaccinated ...

DH came down with Covid 3 days later and so did I the following day. I should be back to normal by Monday. DH, OTOH, can't shake the cough. It's driving him nuts not being able to go out mountain-biking - it's his drug Smile and he needs several shots per week. I doubt he'll be able to breathe properly for some time to come.

I am pissed at his idiot family and also at him. He should have just handed over the gift when he saw the lie of the land and come home (our daughter has 2 high risk factors - fortunately she has sailed through all of this totally unscathed). What the heck was he using as brains?

My appetite went out the window with the Covid and hasn't come back yet so no forn from me this week.

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WTH is wrong with people? Gaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! Hope you're all better asap. *give_rose*

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This is such a common thing at the moment that computer suggests it as the subject line of my posts.



I think I've said before that I'm not that keen on chocolate but last year someone gave me a box of Pierre Marcolini Belgiun chocolate cubes.  They are tiny fruit infused chocolates.  So good even to a non sweet lover.  They only produce the fruit version in the summer so I have to wait for months to get some more.

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Eff off to drivers who think they can yell, rant, throw tantrums, lie, and demand things from the dispatcher. No, I am the one who give you your assignment, based on the company's needs. You don't get to verbally abuse me because you are having a bad day or feeling lazy. I usually tell these guys and gals "Here are your two choices. If you don't like either, then go away. I have other work to do. Yes, your boss WILL hear about it. Buh bye.

Special thanks to those drivers who are polite, professional, funny, helpful and who make my day better just by being themselves. **

Chocolate? Yes, I need lots of chocolate this week. Its been insane at work.

DH is being sweet. Skids are staying away, doing their own thing. Thank goodness! 


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Shieldmaiden, dontcha just luuuuurrrvvv those who take it out on the wrong person? Asshats. Hope you got some chocolate!