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OT - Eff Off Friday/Forn Friday

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Friday at last. The last 2 weeks have been insane. Work, weather, illness, death. It's like riding a psychotic horse towards a burning stable.

Eff off to:

  • Loss. Again. Rest in peace, Aunt L. I'm glad you're no longer suffering. You are already missed. While I'm sad for my cousins, my heart breaks for my Dad. All of his siblings are gone now. Cray 2
  • King Pita. KP, you are an idiot. When the Big Giant Head asks how to make, you do NOT tell him how to build a sand castle. *dash1*  Lord, my load is heavy dealing with this fool. 


Forn Friday

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.

Let's talk leftover veggies. I bought a veggie tray and some hummus because I was craving those things. The hummus is gone and I still have veggies so I thought I'd throw together a stir fry with the remainder. But I also have a heaping cup of grape tomatoes. Hmmmm... Mexican spices? Italian? Decisions, decisions. 

What do you do with leftover raw veggies?


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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I second eff off to loss.  One of our parakeets, who I will give the pseudonym Mean Bird, started showing symptoms of illness last weekend.  So last Monday I took her to the vet. She noticed something on her abdomen and prescribed an antibiotic, which ended up most!y on her than in her beak.  Poor thing would scream and try to get away.  She wasn't getting any better, so I took her back to the vet yesterday.  She did an ultrasound because the mass had gotten bigger.  She couldn't determine exactly what it is, but it is either a tumor, cancer, or enlarged organ.  Surgery would be the only option, but she didn't know if what this is would be operable, and with the condition Mean Bird is in, she wouldn't survive surgery.  She generally doesn't like opening up a bird anyway, because their chances of survival are low.  So we are keeping her comfortable until it is time to let her go.  We'll be having her put to sleep when she's ready to go, so she won't suffer anymore than she already has.  Her feathers are fluffed and she is breathing fast.  She's still eating, drinking, cleaning herself, flying some, and fighting with her cage mates,  Angry Bird and Sneaky Bird.  She may have a couple of days or a couple of weeks.  My son is devastated as the birds are his.  He stayed home from school today and I am taking him out with me, buying him frozen yogurt and a couple of other things he likes.  It won't take the pain away but maybe he'll feel better for a little while.  

Eff off to dry rotted tires.  Since my son stayed home, my daughter asked me to drive her to school. I can't blame her.  She has to park her car in a space that is as far away from the school as possible, then her class is on the opposite side of where she enters.  It takes a few minutes to get to class.  I used the opportunity to replace her back tires, one of which was dry rotted.  

Eff off to the school resource officer.  Learn how to direct traffic.  She prioritizes one side and the other side just backs up forever.  It causes problems with leaving too.  My daughter has been late to school a few times because this of this incompetent idiot.  I've had to call and talk with the other officer, who is awesome, and get her tardies excused.  Why should my daughter be counted tardy due to the cop's incompetence?  

But now I'll have to pick her up and bring her home, only for her to have to rush back out the door and go to work.  She'll be driving herself there.  

Eff off May 1. 22 years my dad has been gone now.  I spent most of the day in tears.  

Eff off to my stomach.  Why must you hurt?  

I can't even think about food.  


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Aw, PetSpoiler. I'm sorry about Mean Bird. 

You have a lot going on. Could your stomach hurting be related to stress or anxiety? {{hugs}}

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That is possible.  I do have anxiety even on a good day.  It's 4:30 here and I finally felt like eating something.  Hoping I don't regret it later.  I still have a few things to do and all I want to do is get one of the guinea pigs and snuggle.  

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You've had more than your fair share recently. (((((HUGS)))))

I've often thought that Dilbert's pointy haired boss was firmly based in reality,I know that I've certainly had more than my fair share of incompetent bosses...

Leftover veg? That all depends on what kind of veg. My first thought would be to whip up an aioli mayonnaise and settle down with a movie and my veg to dunk. The aioli can be replaced with a tapenade... If the veg needs to be cooked,boil it in some stock, liquidize, float some croutons on top, sprinkle a ton of cheese on top and grill it fiercely.


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I don't have too many effs to give today, it's a pretty good one. One meeting of three today done, I'll have time for a gym visit at lunch, then one more meeting this afternoon and I'll make DH and I dinner tonight. I think there will be wine this evening, esp. since I worked remotely today rather than go in, my usual routine on Fridays is on-site. The only eff is for this cold weather still. It's going to go from a cool & rainy 40s/50s up to mid-upper 70s next week which is always a shock to the system. I need to get some yard work done this weekend so I'm not out there sweating bullets next weekend.

Leftover veggies are a rarity here since we eat a lot of them and go to the farmstand down the road a lot. YUM. Usually leftover veg are incorporated into stir fries. Tonight will be kale than needs to be eaten with tofu over pasta with a red pepper pesto. Or green pesto if the red isn't good still.  YUM.

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let me tell ya

1. Eff of to people that can't google to find answer to their issue. Seriously, today I had one that I literally said..its a java issue with your application.   Then they ticket was assigned back to me again. WHAT PART OF THIS ARE YOU NOT GETTING...I WORK ON DATABASES NOT FREAKING DESKTOP APPS AND DAMN SURE ON WITH JAVA.   I googled the damn error and its a setting on the app...NOT MY FREAKING DATABASE.  Took me 10 seconds to find the error in google..complete with the solve.  Good lord how do these people navigate life...

2.  Eff of SD and Beaver leaving this stupid hamster here again.  I have place that responsiblity square on DH.  I didn't want the damn thing and new this was going to be one giant PITA.  I don't want the thing to die..but geez I didn't want another pet for christ sakes.

3.  Eff off to every ho that thought it was a good idea to text with my DH.  Seriously...what person in their right mind...thinks..sure this guy seems like he is on the up and up when he says..."my wife is all a-ok with this as long as she doesn't know about it." much of damn ho do you have to be to engage in that shiznit.  In my defense..discovery day anniversay was yesterday so I'm a bit wound up on this one.  If I ever meet one of these text hos' it will not go well for them and I may be wearing a orange jump suit.  While I blame DH for his actions.....they were willing fucking accomplises.  I did reach out to the one decent human that told me about my DH's side activities because she thought it was hinky and she always verifies what the guy is saying and tell her THANK YOU FOR BEING A DECENT HUMAN and to apologize for DH being a scumbag.  KUDOS TO HER...LET ME TELL YA.

4.  Eff off to cancer.  My uncle is dying from it. Chemo didn't work...its just matter of time.This is the second brother my Dad will lose to cancer.


Forn...CINCO DE MAYO....TACOS AND FAJITAS.I will use all my leftover veggies in tacos, fajitas and any other mexican thing I can...and MARGARITAS.

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of his siblings alive too and it really makes him sad. 

F off to inflation and gas prices. I can't believe I am thinking $4.25/gallon is cheap and reasonable now. Also, F off to sciatica, I have started my mornings this week a little lazier than usual and now my sciatica is acting up.

I am happy it is finally friday and cinco de mayo! We have our wine club pick up party tonight and then tomorrow we had bought tickets for a wine event that has 20 different wineries and 6 different food vendors, all inclusive. I am starting to hydrate now!

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No we live in a very small community with only one independent gas station, a Chevron and a Shell.

Every other month or so we go to Costco and I always fill up. Good thing my car gets great gas mileage!

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I second the eff off to loss. I lost a dear, dear friend last week, and DH's brother this week.

Veggies. Depends on the veggies, but I try to replicate my Mom's veggie soup. I never can, but I never give up. Or, veggie quiche. Or, can I bake something with them?

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Contractors that think it's ok to try and charge women more - I guess they feel like all women are stupid? And actually, no my boobs won't be responding for me so stop looking at them.

Veggies - make a different dip? I am on a greek yogurt dill thing right now. Yogurt, lotsa dill, garlic, lemon zest and juice, a bit of olive oil and some fresh cracked pepper. MMMM.

Or just throw them all in a pan with some olive oil, couple cracks of pepper and roast. Perfect side for anything. 


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Contractors -- here either they have gotten better over the years or the ones I have called are better lately. I once had a guy who would not give me a quote and said to let him know when my husband was home and he'd be back to discuss it with him. Guess who did not get the job.

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I had one place quote me $2800 for a water heater. Ended up getting it for $800. And that's not even the worst of it. 

ALWAYS ask about my husband... you know the one that doesn't exist. And even when I was married - 1. He didn't own the home - or ever pay for any of it. 2. Didn't know shit. 

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Yeah, I had that happen too - he wanted to discuss it with my DH too. Um, no. He's NOT the one to look at or discuss construction anything. I am that person. See ya!  DH also told a tree service he couldn't ok something because I'm the one to handle it. I took 30 min with the guy, got a stupid bid. He was amazed I was the one to deal with it. Adios!

My regular contractors all know it's me to talk with. And they all respect that. Esp. when they find out I understand what they are saying in spanish - I might not speak it well but I can get the gist of it guys!

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I'm happy that this week went by fast. We have a lot of changes around the office. One of our managers is transferring to another location, We will miss him, as he was very level-headed. Another manager at a different location was mysteriously fired and walked out by security. No one will say what happened but we all know its possible he is facing an investigation by law enforcement. Its funny because he was NOT the person I thought would get fired at that location. Maybe they will get him to roll over on some other crooked managers?  Hmmmm..... taking bribes is bad. (At least we think its that.)

Eff off to Venmo, who sent me 2 notifications that someone tried to log in to my account from another device. The timing is suspect. I think BM got mad at DH for not getting venmo and sending her money as she demanded. So, she is trying to hack into my account. Should I send her my last .63 cents with a message that she can have it if she is that desperate? LOL.. 


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Very late, as per usual

Firstly, big hugs to Aniki and everyone else experiencing loss.  Its horrendeous.  This the week was the anniversay of the death of a close friend.  It still makes my heart hurt but it becomes less raw over time.

Eff off to my food being cross contaminated by cabbage.  Despite explaining at length when I go out to eat that I'm very intolerant to cabbage, yesterday the restaurant I went to with DH managed to poison me yet again.  They either used some cabbage in the stock or used the same grill to brown my duck that they were braising hispi cabbage.

I'm getting much less tolerant over the years but the last 12 months have been rough.  I've been poisoned 8 times.  This means I get home and about 4 hours later start recreating the famous scene from The Exorcist. *bad* Very tired today.


If the veg is still good I'd be tempted to get some more hummus and some fallafel and make veg and fallafel wraps.  If the veg is past its prime I'd make a ministrone soup.