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OT - Throwback Thursday

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Happy Thursday, STalkers! We're one day closer to the weekend. We're expecting a "snow squall" tomorrow and I am SO looking forward to it! Temps ranging from the teens to 32 means Aniki is a happy Finn!

Playing outside in the cold definitely means I'll need a hot beverage. If we're going to be out for awhile, we take a thermos. Otherwise, we tromp back into the house, strip off our wet clothes, put on something warm and fuzzy, and brew up some warmth.

When I was a kid, there was nothing like a big ol' mug hot chocolate to warm up my insides. Mom made it from scratch (no mixes for her!) in a copper-bottom pot on the stove. Oh my, the SMELL of that chocolatey goodness wafting around the kitchen while she wielded that wooden spoon 'round and 'round the pot. FINALLY, it was ready and she poured it into mugs (how she managed to NEVER spill a drop is beyond me!) and topped it with mini marshmallows.

I always pushed my marshmallows down into that steaming deliciousness, get them all wet, then sip around them while they got all melty and oozy. Mmmmmmm......

Hey, Hot Chocolate lovers!

  • Milk chocolate or dark
  • Plain or flavored (cinnamon, peppermint, vanilla, raspberry)
  • Marshmallows (mini or regular) or marshmallow creme

I'm a dark chocolate, mini marshmallow kind of gal. On rare occasion, I will spike it with some Rumple Minze (peppermint liquor).


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Sadly, I hated hot chocolate as a kid because my mom had a habit of scalding milk. Yes, she made the real deal with milk. No Swiss Miss powder at our house.

I still can't get into it unless it's REALLY good chocolate milk made with actual chocolate bars or something.

Mulled cider or hot tea are my drinks of choice on a cold day.

Enjoy the snow!! I'm so jelly.

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FB, we have some recipes that call for scalded milk, but hot chocolate isn't one of them! Real chocolate is the only way to go, IMO. I do enjoy mulled cider (or wine) every now and then. Yum!

It won't be much snow - only 2-3 inches. A foot or two would be great!

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Not when you live in the South where all too many people don’t know how to drive in it. I grew up a good part of my life in Detroit and have also lived in other Northern climates so I do know how to drive in snow. It’s ice that I hate. 

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There are people who don't know how to drive in 1 inch of snow!

Ice is a beeyotch. I was once iced in, but was going to check the mail - and fell flat on my back on the GRASS!

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We got a blizzard here last year. I loved it. Everyone else literally panicked. EVERYTHING shut down for days. Roads were closed before there was even an inch. And people were panicking and driving off the roads before it even got even semi-slippery.

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I live in the region of the Mason Dixon line so I'm technically in the South. We get snow around February or March, but these people. Bless their hearts....if any kind of precipitation is falling....even rain...*shok* they cannot handle it and drive like the road is a sheet of ice!!

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Hola Aniki!

Como estas? I absolutely love hot chocolate and hope you enjoy your "snow squall". I'm not a fan of cold weather but I'll make the best of it. In addition to hot chocolate what other hot beverages do you like? I enjoy hot apple cider and vanilla chia latte Biggrin

Also your mom sounds amazing, she rocks!

Keep warm amiga and enjoy!

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Hola, Seimpre! Estoy bien. Y tu?

Hot beverages besides my life's blood, coffee? Dirol

Hot apple cider, mulled cider, mulled wine, flavored green teas (strawberry, peach, mango, blueberry), and a medicinal Hot Toddy (whiskey, honey, lemon, and hot water).

My Mom was a domestic goddess. I miss her something fierce!

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Dark chocolate, preferably with almond milk or the like. I don’t do cow’s milk.

Cinnamon or peppermint, as I’m vehemently against fruit + chocolate combos. 

No marshmallows. 

Rimple Minze - yes please! 

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I have never tried it with almond milk. Hmmmm....

I can do chocolate with and raspberry or strawberry. Chocolate and orange...~shudder~

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I love hot chocolate! But it has to be real chocolate and hot full fat milk! I have a great instant hot chocolate that contains pieces of chocolate... I sometimes eat the darn stuff before the milk has boiled! Otherwise I love good filter coffee! No instant brick dust or decaf nonsense!!

I like winter but I really detest the snow. (Sorry Aniki.) I live in a region where we hardly used get snow but this past winter (Feb) we had the heaviest snow storm in 40 years. Now we tend to get snow occassionally and the worst thing is that most of the drivers to do not know how to cope with snow conditions, so traffic is  a nightmare!! (I used to live in a city where it did turn into a winter wonderland... I don't miss those days or the freezing cold or snow.)

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Myss, as a Finn, coffee is my life's blood! Real chocolate and it must be GOOD chocolate. That Palmer's caca....  Bad

No apologies! I realize not everyone likes snow ( My oldest brother moved to Florida! (I think he's in-freakin-sane.)
I detest Summer, hot weather, and mosquitos. IMO, the only GOOD thing about Summer is the fresh produce selection. Biggrin

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Winter is also my favourite time of year: rain, grey, wind. Snow?  No thank you. I am not a Finn... Air kiss

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I luuuuuuuurrrrvvvv snow! I miss my darling Mr. P, who also loved the snow. I think he was a reincarnated malamute or husky!

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Yo, Aniki,

I'm with you, Finland gal! This oldster becomes an absolute recluse in the summer months. Hot weather and mozzies (midges for you, Myss) are an abomination! Stop

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Yes to hot chocolate and hot apple cidar!
I love the winter.

It does play havoc with my very long wavy hair though!

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Mom would always make us the real deal. With little marshmallows, during Christmas opening of gifts and tree decorating time.

While down in San Diego I used to make hot chocolate using the Ibarra Mexican chocolate bar. I think it might have some chocolate in it, but also cinnamon. It is reccomended to also add cayenne pepper.

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Oooooo, me gusta Ibarra!!

I have a recipe somewhere for Mexican Chocolate Tarts. They are positively scrumptious and the heat is muy delicioso!!

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And I wondered if you started partying last evening on Over the Hump Day, Ani.


Stock up and eat all the chocolate now coz it could  be GONE in several decades.




Researchers, Candy Company Team Up to Save Chocolate

Scientists say chocolate could face a bitter end.