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Throwback Thursday

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TBT is a thing on fb where people post old pictures. every single week, sd21 posts one of her big and pregnant. she must have taken a picture of herself every single day of her pregnancy, not even joking. so predictable that she would post yet another one today. never in my life have I seen anyone so obsessed with pregnancy. seriously, NEVER. she almost seems to enjoy the pregnancy more than the baby! she is a weirdo... now I can sit back and wait for next Thursday with excited anticipation of another belly shot! :sick:


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I think it's time to remove SD21 from your facebook news feed.

I still stick with my comment on your last blog that it is about attention and proving to her friends (who probably act like normal 21 year olds) that her life as a mommy is oh-so-special and she isn't missing out! It's about attention.

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it's definitely about attention. she also has a fb page for her kid, and she started a mommy group on fb for questions and advice. she is playing this mommy bit to the hilt. to the point where it seems like her only sense of self is in being a mom, like she is nothing except a mom. it started out annoying, but now it's just funny. and kind of sad.

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I rolled my eyes and then laughed when I saw it. because I knew that at some point today, I would see a pregnant picture. I have to ask, does your name mean "what the fucking fuck?" Biggrin

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Why do you continue to look at her newsfeed? Why oh why? If something annoyed me so much I would STOP making it a part of my life. My happiness and well being means too much to me!

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You can BLOCK her newsfeed. You dont have to defriend her or block her (if that would cause drama) but you can "Hide Newsfeed" and PROOF you never have to see her page again unless you actually go over to it.

However people have told you this before and you still do.. so I think for whatever reason you enjoy picking apart her FB page and annoying yourself.

And I only point this out and of course this is my opinion and I could be way off but sometimes we contribute to our own misery and yet we blame others. You seem genuinely annoyed with everything about SD and her FB and what she posts and what she has on it. Okay if you know this, then do something about it. Why do you torture yourself? You know your SD is an ass. Okay leave it at that and move on.

You have a CHOICE to not be annoyed by this and not let this affect your life.

And of course this is a site to VENT about stuff, but its the same thing over and over- SD post this, SD said this on FB, SD thinks she is so much better then everyone. Its the same stuff and people keep telling you to block it and you keep looking at it anyways.

Really I am trying to help you to have some peace in your life. I promise I am not trying to be a bitch. (((HUGS)))

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I guess I do it because it is amusing (but annoying too) and also to remind myself that she will never change, so continue to keep her at arms length even when she tries to push her way in further.

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You dont need multiple daily reminders.

Why is it amusing what she posts? Its her life and her FB. Let her be to post what she wants. Unless she is dogging you or DH on FB, then it has nothing to do with you.

I can see checking in time to time because sometimes as SP we have to, because of the way the skids act. I guess get a "head start" on any drama they may be causing.

You already keep her at arms length and dont intend to keep her close or let her close. So you dont need a reminder of why you cut her out of your life to begin with.

You hated when she came into your work and flaunted herself, trying to seek attention from you. There you couldnt really do anything about it. But with FB you can do something about it.

I have THREE teenage/young adult SDs. 2 of them have babies. Trust me I know how annoying they can be on FB and what not. But once I stopped nit picking every little stupid thing that they said I really started to feel better all around. I was releasing some of that negative emotions and allowing more positive to come into my life. Now I do sometimes look at stuff and get annoyed and even post about it here (I just did on Monday Lol But its rare.

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I just did it. I have too much to be thankful for to let her have that much of my focus.

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Congrats Smile It's only hard to just initially do it - after that it's easy to keep them off your news feed. You just forget them.

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yeah, it was nice when I didn't have her on there for so long. if not for the stalk walks in the store, I would have never thought about her at all. I don't even hate her anymore, I just hate her needy, hungry ego. I have never seen anyone beg for attention like she does or do the over the top shit she does to make sure everyone knows she was PREGNANT and she GAVE BIRTH. I don't understand it. and zsd was right. I've had enough. time to disconnect from it.

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yeah I mean she was basically getting what she wanted. She showed up for those stalk walks to make you think of her. & it worked. & it made you check what she was up to on FB. over & over & over.

I'm glad you aren't going to let her win anymore Smile

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OMG. one wasnt' enough. now she has another one up. she says she misses her belly, but she loves her son. I think that speaks volumes about how YES, she is obsessed with pregnancy, and likes being pregnant more than having a baby!