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OT - Throwback Thirsty Thursday

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That's right - Throwback AND Thirsty!

I know that many people prefer to have ice cream only when it's hot outside (weirdos)  and milkshakes are a popular choice (no dripping cone!). I like a good milkshake, but they always leave me thirsty. There is one ice cream drink that does not.

Root Beer Float

And I'm not talking ANY ol' kind of root beer. I'm talking about the ONLY root beer: A&W.

When I was a kid, there was an A&W nearby. The parents took us there for meals (loved the window trays and the mugs of root beer!). Grandpa took us there for ice cream!

One time, for whatever reason, it was just Grandpa and me. That day, the A&W was giving out balloons to children and those balloons had prizes on the inside. Grandpa made me wait until I'd finished my ice cream cone to pop that balloon. I won a free Root Beer Float. AND GRANDPA LET ME HAVE IT!!! "It will be our secret." ~wink~

To this day, I always think of my first root beer float and that special time with Grandpa. He's been gone 34 years and I still miss him. <3


Do you have a throwback thirsty memory?


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My mom always would get a Chocolate soda with jamoca almond fudge icecream at Baskin Robins.  One time she and my dad went into the local shop together and my dad remarked that he didn't realize there was a place so close to us.  Just then the teen behind the counter said "Hi Jill, the usual?" busted.

Chocolate sodas are good though.. I have had a few myself:)

Also coke floats are good.  I have also seen people do orange soda with vanilla ice a creamsicle


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Ha, that's great!!

I've never had a Coke float, but I've had Coke icees. Nom nom nom!

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Awww. flashback from the past. My mom used to bring me to A&W too when I was a kid. Root beer floats, awesome onion rings, and cool stores. Thanks for the good memories!

My mom used to also get me chocolate malts from Orange Julius when I was young. Delicious!

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Didn't grow up on'em but discovered in my 20's. LOVE the orange freeze!

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When I was little, Dad & Mom would take us to A&W in our pajamas. Then we'd go to the drive-in for a movie. I was ALWAYS asleep before we got back home.

I was picking blueberries this past weekend. You never wanted to go to the swamp with Grandpa to pick The Big Blueberries. It meant you were in trouble!

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Hiawatha Drive In!!!!!

I remember your grandpa taking one of your foster sisters to the swamp. She sure was good after that! *wink*

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I LOVE Orange Julius! There was one in our local mall (which has since been torn down) and my mom would always buy me a Strawberry Banana Julius. I still get one whenever I can!

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We had a Stewart's Root Beer restuarant where I grew up but basically the same thing as an A&W, car hops etc. now you can get Stewart's Root Beer at Cracker Barrel.

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Riiiiiight... I'd have to relocate to live that dream. Plus, I'd have to wear a bubblewrap suit to protect my old, fat arse. LOL

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We used to make homemade Root Beer using dry ice! It used to be one of my favorite things to do! I could play with all the fog coming out of it. Particularly around Halloween.

You reminded me of my Great Grandpa though. He passed away when I was like 6, but I still have SUPER vivid memories of him. He used to take me grocery shopping with him and get me bubbletape... I REALLY looked forward to spending time with him. He also used to talk horses with me. I honestly believe he's a HUGE part of why I love horses so much. I still have this glass horse that was his that my great grandma gave to me after he passed away. Smile He made a big impact for the short time I had with him.

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I make them at home every once in a blue moon. Mom had these 32oz green glasses. Put in a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream and pour the A&W on top. The glasses are so tall that the root beer can foam up without going over the rim. FIrst, I eat the crusty bits of root beer on the edges of the ice cream, then eat most of the ice cream, then stir the remainder into the A&W and drink it. Now I want one....

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I make a mean Brandy Alexander. Do NOT light a match after drinking. Dirol

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I never liked root beer, even as a kid.  So I got a Coke Float!  Yum!  Haven't had one in years and really don't crave them ever any longer.  No regrets. 

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oh dear lord I love it.  I do not usually buy it for a reason and if I do, it's small pints and I strongly limit myself.  There's a local creamery that makes locally sourced ice cream (down to the milk!!!) and it's FREAKING DELICIOUS.  I'd eat the whole dang 5 gallon tub if I could....I mean, even their vegan green tea ice cream is to die for.

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Thank goodness!!! If you didn't, I think I'd cry.

We have a local dairy that makes THE best ice cream (oh, the Mint Mackinaw Island Fudge.....). I have to limit myself to buying a cone. If I buy a container, I'll eat it all!!

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I meant it's the best over anything shipped in from commerical ice creams makers. The Mint Mac is my fave, so unless we're comparing mint chocolates, it wouldn't work well. Biggrin

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Oh they have a mint chocolate made with locally made chocolate and locally grown mint.  Holy moly it's wonderful.

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The chocolate in the Mint Mac never gets hard. Your teeth just kinda oooooooze through it. *lol*