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OT - Open for Business

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It's only Tuesday and has already been a loooooong week. My favorite ice cream place isn't open this season (farking 'rona!), so I'm opening up Aniki's Virtual Bar & Ice Cream Stand.

Name your poison!

  • Hot fudge sundae
  • Brandy Alexander
  • Root beer float (we only serve A&W here!)
  • Corpse Reviver 2
  • Banana split
  • Mackinaw Island Fudge (Mint or Amaretto Cherry)
  • <insert your choice>

Today's Special: Hot Pretzel with Extra Salt and Mustard

I promise all concoctions are 100% calorie- and guilt-free!


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Growing up I loved cherry soda with vanilla icecream from the soda fountain .

THERE's my Hot Pretzel with Extra Salt and Mustard!

how did my comment get HERE from THERE?


Scratch one-s head

Any ice cream anything except peppermint ..YUCK. or  with marshmallow..

Marshmallows rock in  smores..that's it. 


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It's on the menu just for you, doll! I'd pair that with some Spiteful Twang (which is actually Twang Guava sour from Spiteful Brewing). 

I like peppermint ice cream, but am admittedly picky. Not all are good!

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Dammit Aniki, I'm trying so hard to NOT be fat, and you offer up a list of things that I'd happily devour!!!

...I'll take the banana split with extra banana...

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I still have 10 lbs from my last pregnancy and I think I'm going blimp out this time. I could go for a hot fudge sundae with malt powder, a "dusty road." With whipped cream of course. 

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Well, blow me town, I never considered M&Ms on a banana split! I wonder if they still make the coffee ones... 

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Brandy Old Fashioned Sour using grapefruit juice

White wine pickeled herring with rosemary olive oil crackers

Garlic stuffed olives

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DPW, do you want a Russian Rootbeer Float (made with vodka and Kahlua)? Or... ??? Vodka, rum...

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Lactose intolerance doesn't exist here right?

I want a pretzel like Wicked's, one of those crappy rectangular pizzas, and a vanilla cone with the peanut crunch coating please, cake cone not sugar.

And a CR to wash it all down.

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What is this lactose intolerance of which you speak??

I have fond memories of crappy, rectangular pizza from vending machines...

Cake and sugar cones are both tasty, but imy choice depends on the ice cream. Vanilla (hard or soft serve) always calls for a cake cone.

A big CR with real absinthe.

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I had a bowl of chocolate mocha chip ice cream the other day.  PMS.  Otherwise I abhor chocolate ice cream.

Now - Homemade peach ice cream - dear god I will eat the entire gallon. Good peach ice cream is hard to find.

OR I can go to our local ice cream shop, where they source all their ingredients locally and make astonishing things like strawberry-vinegar and island-mint (incredible), and rhubarb-crumble and non-dairy like the best coconut ice cream on the planet paired with the grean tea ice cream is always wonderful.

I'm a purist though, don't really go for toppings or even cones much. Give me the ice cream.

Dang it, now I want one of their giant ice cream sandwiches.

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THE best homemade ice cream I've ever had was my Mom's recipe for peach. Sadly, she never wrote down and Alzheimer's stole that memory. I've never been able to duplicate that recipe. Sigh...

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Oooooo what's a corpse reviver??

I love gelato and recently got Talenti gelato that has all the ridiculous ingrediants layered beautifully for you to see. It makes digging to the bottom so satisfying.

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Chocolate chocolate chip ice cream, brandy, and the occasional raspberry sorbet keep me on an even keel. Oh, and these wonderful adult popsicles DH found at Costco. Eight percent alcohol in an otter pop, baby.

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Definitely a root beer float! 

I grew up in New England where it seems like there's an ice cream stand on every corner...we don't have that out here and I miss it in the summer.

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Years ago, I traveled to New England with my parents. We stopped at a dairy farm that had an ice cream shop. A single serve was the size of a softball!!!

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Pregnant me is wondering what a root beer float banana split would be like. Can you make that guilt Free too? Lol

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DH and I intentionally travel to a feed store in the next county, just because there's a quaint, old school burger frosty near it. If you're old enough to remember life before fast food chains, you know what I'm talking about - a frosty cone, either vanilla, chocolate, or half n half (my fav). Dipped if you prefer. Mmm, can you taste the nostalgia?