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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday at last!!! Yesterday was craptastic and seemed endless and I worked too long. Today, I'm "out the door" with no exceptions. 

Eff off to:

  • Insensitive, rude people. It is VERY possible to give negative news and NOT be a big ol' asshat about it. For example, your friend puts on a dress and asks you how she looks. You could say, "You look like a dead walrus who swallowed a stack of tires." OR, you could say, "It's not the best look for you. What about that blue wrap dress/green palazzo pants/red catsuit? You look fabulous in that!" It's not that bloody difficult.
  • Instant Zoom. This should be illegal. I was sucked into 7 - yes, SEVEN - instant Zoom meeting yesterday. At one point, my cell phone slid down inside the recliner in a vain attempt to take a nap. 
  • Back-to-back-to-back-to-back Zoom. Ermagawd, I was on Zooms yesterday from 7am until 4:09pm - almost 40 minutes after my end of day. No time for breakfast or lunch or that stale Cheezit I found in the recliner when I retrieved my cell phone. Thought I was going to have to go to the bathroom while on a Zoom. Bonus: King Pita was not on any of those!
  • Me. I was so worried about a critical issue, that I logged into work at 8:30 last night. DH is asking me, "Baby, WTH are you doing??" And when I told him, "You've been stressed out all evening. Turn that damn thing off now and have some bourbon."


Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend!


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Instant Zoom.

What fresh Hell is this??

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Hell, indeed! There is an option in Microsoft Outlook to 'Start Instant Meeting'. With or without video. *dash1*

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Traffic jams

rude people as well. Deal with that at work all the fricking time. If only the customers could read the bubble as to what I am thinking  Wink

Cannot wait for 5 oclock..

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If only the customers could read the bubble...

I would hate for anyone to be able to read my thought bubbles because I'd be looking for a job! LOL

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To echo Aniki - down with zoom/teams meetings

  • Eff off to a diary stacked like pre-pandemic planes over Heathrow Airport (Europe's busiest 2019).  It looks more like tetris than a diary.
  • Eff off to sore shoulder.  Its taking ages to get better and I can't take pain killers because pain in my friend in this instance to stop me injurying myself further.
  • Eff off to Mr Bottleneck.  He is slowing my lasted project down (AGAIN).  And this morning I had to get involved with an IT issue for him.  He has been without a core system for his team for 2 weeks but didn't think to escalate the issues even then as a top priority.  I don't see how they will get back on track and the have a hard close deadline.

I don't have any major plans for the weekend but I will be using my new pilates form roller to stretch out my poor muscles and will be rewarding myself with at least one glass of decent white wine.

I'm also going to make a big dish of potato boulangier for Mr TASM.  Might be nice with some pan fried fish and another glass of wine.  *give_rose*

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I have all the wine.  You're welcome without wine.

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OMG, a YUGE EFF OFF to people who Skype one effing line at a time. Every time a line is sent, my computer makes that annoying message sound. Like every 2-3 seconds. 37 lines of text. Thirty.Effing.Seven. WTF. You can't type a paragraph and hit send? Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!

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I have two laptops and two work phones at the moment so I get the bings x 4.

Do you find it triggers anxiety?

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To Ooma.  Great if you want to replace one landline but it sucks compared to Google Voice which i foolishly ported from. 

Ooma "premier" gives you two lines but no way to use the second line as their telo device only supports one line.  You can get another device to support the 2nd line (another purchase)

Lost SMS capability so no texting on assigned numbers

Extra fees for the most basic things as your line identity

Web portal is wonky at best

Phone app is nuts and needs to be reinstalled regularly...features change without warning and without mute feature (seriously)

Phone app stays live 3-5 seconds after disconnect  (caller can hear any comments made for that time period before hang up)

"Support" is a joke

Oh yeah and Google Workspace does not work for email if you are using basic Godaddy as a domain hoster.  It blows out your existing MX and bye bye email.  Godaddy doesn't support two MXs.

No way was i going to synch/ integrate Chef's existing biz email with the Gmail workspace feature.

As George Costanza says "worlds colliding."

I'll shut up now.


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I used to love Gmail. Until I had not logged in for just over a month and they deleted every single email I had saved to folders. I had a ton of family pictures and videos that I'd sent to my gmail account from my phone (limited space). Gone. I was both furious and heartbroken. 

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To procrastination.  Its my albatross lately and I need to get my rear end in gear on some projects.  Of course knowing this here I am on STalk typing this instead of the kick-off document I should be typing.

Eff Off to HR Recruiting.  I posted a job with specific skills required.  Thanks for sending me a batch of resumes where half don't have that skill.  WTF.

Eff Off to stupid required complaince/harrasment/diversity/security/ethics/etc etc etc trainings.  While all well-iintentioned they do pile up in your required training logs and are bloody boring. 


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I've been procrastinating on my compliance/harassment/diversity/security/ethics/etc trainings. I'm so damn busy with other stuff and those effing Zooms that I will likely have to sacrifice my off time to get them done. *diablo*

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Eff off to work. Normal every day thing. Vacation can't come soon enough. I need a break. 

Eff off to all this rain. I want the sun! 

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I need a winning lottery ticket so I can retire permanently. What I've won thus far will allow me to retire for 5 minutes.

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Post is up almost 200% and the company I work for is making money hand over fist.  (I work in Supply Chain/shipping)  We have overcome and adapted to being remote and having travel reduced to the point we are probably the most effective we have ever been.  This is a good thing correct...sigh ..not with "Corporate Logic"

Logic problem number 1...

woohoo...after almost a year and half of everyone being everyone has to show back up in the office.  


Logic Problem(s)

1.  See above...we have adapted/overcome being remote and have had the most sucessfull year in history.  So sure lets fark with that....and see what happens

2.  There are exactly 4 people on my these peoples does not live in the same state we other three peoples are in.  So unless person in other state is going to fly here every week (he is so far away driving would be impossible)...we ARE NEVER GOING TO SEE HIM FACE TO FACE.

3.   All other peoples we work with are in another state from both the three people here and our remote member.  Also, anybody else we work with are in another time zone...AS IN ACROSS THE INTERNATIONAL DATELINE...not even the same hemisphere. So unless we all want a REALLY REALLY REALLY long commute...once again..FACE TO FACE COLLABORATION IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

4. Water cooler conversations...when we had them before with our three team members...we got shoo'd back to our desks and told we need to stop talking BECAUSE IF WE ARE TALKING WE ARE NOT WORKING.  So unless three of us learn sign lauguage these "water cooler" conversations ARE NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

5.  Our company just totured me with an hour long mandatory training session on how the company and employees can be more "green" and help save our plant.  YET YOU ARE NOW TELLING HUNDREDS OR MORE TO GET IN THEIR CARS AND DRIVE AT LEAST TWICE A DAY IF NOT MORE.  Plus the use of another buildings electrice..etc.  HOW THE EFF DOES THIS FIT INTO THE "GOING GREEEN" WHERE ONE OF THE BULLET ITEMS WAS LITERALY DRIVE LESS.....

More logic Problems...

UPDATE PTO policy.

Pre pandemic...sick days were taken but didn't count against our PTO..just if your sick stay home. worked and most of use would login and work when needed.

Post pandemic.  updated PTO policy ...we magnaimously give you 5 more days of PTO but now you have to use PTO to be sick. 

Logic problem.

1.  You have now incentivised people coming to work when sick because THEY DO NOT WANT TO USE PTO.  Great...can anyone say...PANDEMIC 2022??  

Pre is your vacation time....and here are your paid holidays.  Cool...9 holiday...x number of vacation days

Post is your PTO time we gave you more days....oh yea your holidays have to come out of that PTO.  MMM...say what now?...  Oh and no one can answer my question of ....IF YOU WORK ON A HOLIDAY (being in IT we work alot of em due to the fact everyone else isn't working) DO I GET TO KEEP MY PTO DAY.  Also, if now everyone is working on holidays to avoid using PTO...WThenF ARE WE GOING TO BE ABLE TO UPGRADE SYSTEMS/ETC...

I swear corporate policy is some kind of logic that my kids dreamed up when they were in elementary school....who thinks of this SHIT..


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Halo, my workplace is doing practically the same thing. Less money spent because no one is in the office to spend money on water, electric, supplies, etc... Less PTO taken because people will work at home. And productivity has been the best it's ever been. People log in all hours of the day/night and are working longer hours without compensation.

I have zero desire to go back to the office. Despite the annoying Zoom calls. The peace and quiet at home has helped my anxiety and depression.

Sad to say, I have already purchased earplugs in anticipation of being back in the office. My plan is to go in, hunker down (earplugs with YUGE headsets over thme), do my job, interact as little as possible, and GTFO. I will no longer work extra hours. Once my end of day hits, I'm sprinting for the door.


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8 and my 8 hours and then go home.  Good luck getting me after hours now.

I had to buy jeans for heaven sake....can't wear leggings....  :(  Like really I hate wearing jeans in 90+ degree weather..all so i can go into work and have those "face to face" conversations via microsoft teams....

I love love being at home..doing my "thang".  No distractions other than my puppers and my DH (he is can be trying at times).  I enjoyed at year where my only illness was COVID.  (Thank you SD for bringing that home)  Other than colds, no flu, no sinus nothing.

I have my beats headphones ready and my playlist downloaded to listen to .  I'm in IT for a reason..I DON'T WANT TO DEAL WITH PEOPLE.   

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I'm dreading it but at least we only have 3 days a week. 

And I'm turning in my notice for early next year so I can grin and bear it until then.  Unless I really get sick of it and will decide the extra few months don't matter and they can kiss my arse goodbye.