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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Welcome to Friday! Yes, I did a little 'woot woot' this morning, knowing I was just hours away from the weekend. It's been a fairly good week, but I'm ready for some downtime. 

Eff off to:

  • Covid. One of my friends lost his brother on Wednesday. 
  • Muscle spasms. Tweaked my back last night moving our freezer and am having spasms in my lower back and right glute. Grrrrrr....
  • Zoom. It's neverending.
  • SO sick and tired of politics and those who manage to throw it into every bloody conversation. Eff off already.


Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend!


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Woo-Hoo it's Friday!!!

Eff off to headaches that plague your sleep and then your morning.
Eff off to lovely cold weather that lied and didn't give me my snow day
Eff off to Covid which is keeping us from being able to see family and friends and we really need that right now.

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Eff off to people who think that shortcutting functional and technical requirements, oversimplifying the technology stack details, and leaving solutions architecture out of project planning is a good way to meet completely made up deadlines. 

That's all I have because I need to get back to the above.

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Eff off to old cars needing work - my 15 year old car has a subtle hesitation/slight grinding sound coming from the front passenger wheel. I suspect the bearings or some such thing and I have a long drive ahead of me today. Don't fail me now, old girl! My sports car isn't cut out for the snow in the forecast, so I need my AWD car to make the trip.

Eff off to MORE people thinking I'm renting out the whole house that I bought with my son instead of READING the ad where it says we're looking for roommates.

I need a break, people. I guess I'll have to go back to Craigslist. egads.

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politics discussed in the office. ENOUGH already. Lets get back on track to our great country already!

eff off to having work interfering in my daily dose of Step Talk. Doesnt my boss get it that this is far more interesting than deciphering his emails? 

Eff off to having to understand what a mini wife is and enduring the hell...thank flipping god I am done.

Eff off to my ex DH

Eff off to covid. You have had your time to shine, sarcasm here,  now leave already.

Eff off to online zoom like dates. They really are absurd.

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Eff off to SO for anything and everything. It will be done soon enough, you just wait.

Eff off to colleagues who send you a draft and then send you a newer one five minutes later, then a third one an hour later, then.... you get it. JUST ONE DRAFT. You are confusing everyone and everyone is working off a different one?????

Eff off to weight gain and the work it takes for it to go away. Ugh. 

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EFF off to COVID - YES! 

EFF off to too much work to do and I had to cut my 4 day weekend to 3 days

EFF off to section managers who didn't listen to me when I told them at the end of the summer they were spending too much on their budget and they'd run out of money this coming fall and who now ARE going to run out of money this fall and I have to do more work now to make sure our director knows the complete situation and try to find division money for them.

EFF off to night sweats. I had three glasses of wine last night between 5:30 - 9:30 as an experiment. Nope. I have to keep it to two, no matter what. Sometimes DH and I split a bottle, esp. on the weekends, but obviously that is stopping for me.

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I second the eff off to Zoom.

Eff off to people inviting you to meetings when you have nothing to do witih project.

Eff off to Girl Scout cookies.  I have no willpower and devour half a box a day.  

TGIF, everyone!


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Thankd goodness it's Friday!

Eff off to another FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) lining check being too thin to proceed. Will I ever be a mother to my own child? 


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Don't ask.

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Eff off covid...just go away

Eff off to UHC insurance...just pay the claims so I can go on a vacation

Eff off to old dog health sweet dog should live forever, no cysts, no dementia, no skin issues, no pain...

Eff off to my irritable (adult) son...I'm selling your 80lbs of Legos and spending your inheritance to travel...

Eff off to the snake that was in the hallway this morning on the first floor...I"m not scared of you...I survived a exH Narc and his awful Narc family...even Satan can't make me jump after surviving step-hell.

Enjoy your weekends! 

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Eff off to having to spend the weekend writing a stupid report for work.  I wouldn't mind but I'll be editing it for 3 weeks while people insist on having an opinion which won't actually change the content fundamentally.

Too cheer myself up I'm goiing to make a soup for lunch and an indian feast for dinner  (dinner will be helped along by some store bought elements cos its too much effort and I'm too d*mn busy)

Have a good weekend.