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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Welcome to Friday, STalkers! This is the last Friday of 2018, so no more Eff Off Friday until next year. *biggrin*

Eff off to:

  • system problems - I'm busy!!!
  • SD22 (still need to post about the Christmas Craziness...)
  • flat tire caused by a bigass nail
  • arseholes who are such YUGE arseholes they should just be called The Whole Ass. Go away.
  • 2018 and all of the health issues, financial problems, and drama.


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Hola Aniki-

-Eff off to people who run STOP SIGNS!

-Eff off to inconsiderate @ssholes that seem to be around me constantly.

I want to wish you a relaxing weekend and that 2019 brings you nothing but good health & happiness!

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Hola Siempre!

Oh, the arseholes. Some days, I feel like an arsehole magnet.

Muchas gracias, amiga! Te deseo el mismo!!

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Can I simply second this?

This would also be it for me. Otherwise, I’ve been able to chill this week.

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Eff  off to BMs who think they can do what they want. 

Eff off to police who don’t understand the dynamics of step families and that some people attempt to use them for their own agendas. 


Eff off to being out of coffee and not being equipped to deal with this mess today. 

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Eff off to having the 1st New Year's Eve without kids and DH is on call so no party for us.

Eff off to it raining buckets today and me having to drive home in it.  I should have stayed in bed.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!  Thank you all for helping get thru another year, and a horrible one at that, of step mother hood!   Peace and Mad Love to all of you!


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Eff off to DH working New years eve (he already worked thanksgiving AND Christmas eve....)

Eff off to Psycho in general

Eff off to how darn tired I am today

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Do you have the girls New Years Eve?

If not, maybe you can go out with a friend. If so, then I would put them to bed at a reasonable hour and roll in the New Year doing whatever I want to do at home.

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We do have the girls New Years Eve. I'm sure that SD5 will pass out before like 9 though. SD10 is a toss up. If I throw on a movie I can probably get them asleep early. lol

I think I'll roll in the New Year with my punching bag. Kind of like a nod to a year of controlling my stress better. lol

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I think anyone would have a hard time controlling their stress in your situation... I know I did!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Somewhere.

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My bike wheel almost fell off this morning on my way to work, due to a part failure.  I have to get home now on foot/bus with no rain gear for walking.  At least I am out of work early though!! Yay!

I hope DH stays out with SD12 for dinner, they delayed their afternoon out from yesterday to today. I'm hoping for a quiet evening alone.

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Poopie part!

A quiet evening sounds lovely...