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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Happy Friday, STalkers! Sorry for being mostly absent this week. One of my coworkers gave notice and I'm taking over all of her work. No rest for the wicked, eh?

Eff off to:

  • Liars who think they are too clever to be caught (gotcha!)
  • Arseholes who think that showing exasperation and rubbing their hands over their face will make the boss stop asking why they haven't completed the project they've been working on for OVER A YEAR WITH NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT.
  • my fave bakery being out of prune tarts when I reeeeeeeally want one
  • my farking back. PT starts next week. Ugh.

I hope you all have a good weekend!!!


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  1. Eff off to dogs who pee in the house (this morning)
  2. Eff off to People Who Dont Respect Boundaries (ToxicTroll)
  3. Eff off to weekends with skids who are entering teen attitude years (this and last)
  4. Eff off to hospitals thatput people on morphine for no reason (my DHs brother)
  5. Eff off to not being a perm employee yet (me)
  6. Happy Friday!

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Geez! Why hasn't that person gotten fired yet? No work, AND rude to the boss? They are lucky to even have a job at this point...

Eff off to:

  • Co-workers who prefer running around tattling about every little thing and causing drama instead of just working
  • DD's period week - Lord help us all
  • Insomnia


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Oh, it's not actually rude. He believes acting frustrated will take the pressure off. HA!

The boss has been busy and believed he was doing the work, but now the work is coming due and he's not done. Some of us would be relieved if he'd leave!

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        Hola Aniki!

  • Eff off to the old ladies on the train that commute during rush hour with 10 bags.
  • Eff off to men who feel they have to sit with their legs spread open like they're about to give birth.
  • Eff off to disrespectful teenagers who yell during my commute and nothing but absolute profanity comes out their mouth.
  • Eff off to over crowded trains & buses.
  • Eff off to the MTA in NY who's service is getting worse by the minute
  • Eff off to the stupid coworker who got rid of our refridgerator without permission.
  • Eff off to the idiots that have no common sense.

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Lmao@ “men who like to sit with their legs open like they’re giving birth.” Haha!!

When I was a young naive child, my parents of course told me to “sit like a lady” (which of course I do now). My argument back then as a young child was “Why do only girls have to sit with closed legs? We don’t even have anything there! It’s the boys that have something to hide! THEY should be the ones to sit with closed legs!” Lol

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Hola Siempre!

Those are some accurate eff offs!

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Eff off to silent migraines that hit at 2am
Eff off to cancer
Eff off to heart attacks
Eff off to husbands who ruin birthday trips

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Aniki!!!  I missed you!!!

Eff off to cancer- My grandma was diagnoxed and had surgery this week... It ended up being bigger than they thought, we're waiting on the biopsy results to come back.

Eff off to Fall Break

Eff off to being under investigation with CPS and having to talk them down from calling Psycho so she can't poison the kids... They wanted to see them today... I talked them into waiting until monday to see them instead to reduce drama and keep her from talking the kids into s*** she shouldn't... They agreed, but they also said they'll be coming to my home then.

Eff off to DH working all weekend meaning I have to get the house ready for a visit from CPS by myself

Eff offto Dh not getting why Psycho should be held responsible for things

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PA, I miss you, too!! xoxo

Honey, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. 

CPS?! Oh, EFF!!! *diablo*

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I'm hopeful she'll be okay. It's just worrying! But they think they caught it early enough. They're just waiting for the biopsy results to come back to be sure.

And right Oh CPS how you make things miserrable...

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I need this today!

- Eff off to cranky boyfriends, especially if they are cranky because, heaven forbid, you talked about disciplining their child!

- Eff off to domineering, also cranky bosses who try to interrupt you to argue with you while you are talking, even though they haven't heard your whole point yet and if they would just f'ng WAIT until you are done talking, they would realize they have nothing to argue with you about!

- Eff off to cancer, who I just learned is taking a friend of mine.

- Eff off to friends who expect you to always go by them to hang out and make no effort to come to where you live.

- Eff off to friends who don't pay you promptly for their share when you shelled out the entire amount of a hotel room for a group, especially when you know they have the money! And you have sent multiple nice reminders, and still nothing. Show me the money!!



Thumper's picture may be time to have a FB post and write all their names.

HEY a,b,c,d and e. Maybe this is a better way to reach out to ya's. I have sent all of you nice emails. Remember you promised to pay me back your portion of Hotel rooms from blah blah date? My creadit card is due in 1 week. PLEASE call me.

Becky this doesnt include you because you paid up...THANKS so much for keeping your word.


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Dude, I can't even with this. I actually paid with my debit card, so the cash is all shelled out. 3 out of 4 paid me immediately via Venmo (in front of everyone, it was a big discussion). The slacker tried to give me cash, but it was $100 bill, which was almost $40 too much. I didn't feel right about taking it, and I had no change. First she was going to get change when we stopped, but they couldn't break $100. So we agreed on Paypal, the only electronic method she had. After a day of not getting the $, I then text her my email and said "in case you didn't have my email, so you can paypal me". No response. So this morning I sent a request via paypal...essentially a bill. Still no response. This isn't make it or break it for me, but I would like it soon. I just don't understand not paying someone asap! Especially after seeing everyone else pay, and being reminded 3 times! I am the kind of person who hates owing people, so I pay immediately. I have officially passed into the "super annoyed" stage.

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Could he possibly be cranky because he knows his kid NEEDS more discipline? Disengage, woman!

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Kudos to all the Foffs listed today.

My turn now,

*-to all the crazy so called feminists who made a mockery of themselves over the past few weeks here in America.  Sheep who follow the flock of crazies. Unattractive too.

*To the destruction to the Panhandle in Fla. This years hurricane season has been awful for those living in the south.




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Eff off to brand new employees who call off with "food poisoning" (stupidest excuse ever and one I NEVER believe) and don't even give me time to cover their shift because they call at 7:30 and their shift started at 7:30!


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Well that seems legit, I'm sure the food poisoning just started the second they were about to walk in the door for work...

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EFF off to hurricanes that rip states and families apart

EFF off to cancer for all those being effected by it right now, I have a nephew in remission (Thank God)

EFF off to SD26 who is going to just make GS's 2nd Bday a nightmare tomorrow, instead of it being fun she'll make it all about her the MOTY

and finally EFF off to rush hour traffic filled with self centered drivers

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Eff off to Facebook. They flagged my OWN photography portfolio website as spam.

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Quadruple that eff off to cancer. An old schoolmate of mine just passed away from an aggressive cancer. *sorry2*

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Eff off to...well, everything.

Today is International Moment of Frustration Day and believe me, I have been celebrating all damn day.

Don't even get me started on cancer.