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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday at last!!

Eff off to:

  • Forgetting to set my alarm and oversleeping 
  • People who drive 10-15 mph UNDER the speed limit
  • Arsehole coworkers who hound you for an answer every other day, KNOWING that if I hound the Answer Person, I can ruin the good working relationship I have with them (only a select few do!)


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Eff off to:

  • Power Outages
  • Court
  • GBM not going back to her homestate until after court
  • BM and GBM STILl trying to cause drama. They messaged my MIL with a sob story, she ignored (good for her!)
  • Still living with the in-laws
  • A co-worker getting let-go who I work with quite a bit, therefore doubling my work-load
  • DH being in night classes
  • Anxiety caused by the fear that BM and GBM don't care about the girls and therefore have this need to bring drama to them or are going to try and kidnap them
  • 2.75 more weeks to court

A positive though Smile My DH came home from class last night with a card for me letting me know how much he loves me and appreciates me, and a little metal plane for my office Smile It was very thoughtful (I also think this is how he's handling the stress...)

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The 10-15 under the speed limit thing drives me insane!!! Sometimes I wish I were a traffic cop. Don’t these idiots remember from drivers Ed that “keeping up with the flow of traffic” is the best, safest, and preferred way to drive? 

There are just way too many control freaks out there. I can just imagine these aggravating drivers sitting at home thinking “well since I have no control over my own pathetic life, I’m going to go out in rush hour traffic and purposely drive super slow to control other drivers on their way to work. Seeing them get pissed off will make me feel powerful! Yeah!”

I wonder how many of these slow-driving idiots are aware that brake-checking is considered road rage, and they could find themselves with a ticket if they happen to get rear-ended and the person doing the rear-ending has a dash-cam (like me) which happens to reveal several brake-checks prior to the rear-ending. ...if getting into an accident wasn’t such an inconvenience I’d be out there teaching these control freaks lessons on a regular basis.

Ok, rant over.


Eff off to:

  • trying to force teens to grow up
  • coordinating outings in a “blended” family
  • Inaccurate product reviews
  • HCBD being $20,000 behind in CS but able to pay his lawyer $10,000...

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I laughed at the traffic thing iamwoman, that's one of my pet peeves too.  lol

There was one this morning trying to swerve in and out of traffic, while going at a slow speed... I was just waiting for them to cause an accident at that point...

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Don't even get me started on the things that other drivers do to annoy me! A dash cam is an awesome idea, though. In my state, if you rear end someone, you are automatically at fault. Might be worth it to invest in one!

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I need a car with a gigantic crane on top with a magnet. I could pick up the offenders and move them out of my way.


A bar on the bumper that sweeps them onto the shoulder would work, too...

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Eff off to:

  • A 2.5 hour long conference call first thing at 9am
  • Being forced to go to skid's play tomorrow - plays and musicals are NOT my thing!
  • Never having enough time to get anything done around the house (however, SO did clean out the garage the other night and mowed the lawn last night...I think he's feeling guilty)
  • 100 degree heat EVERY DAY
  • My brand new car having the check engine light come on the day I bought it and having to drive a loaner while the dealership gets it fixed

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Eff off to:

!, Grown adult skids that can't take care of themselves.

2,Children that grow up with zero rules or manners.

3, Fathers that think their children are perfect and would never do anything wrong.

4, Fathers who can't face reality about their child.

5, Moody men.

6, People who can't tell the truth.

7, People who think that I will dish out money to them. UMM NO!

I must add thank you to Aniki for posting Eff off Friday and Dawn for this site.

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to Shoobies that have no idea how to drive

DBDB just for being her

adding teens to car insurance.  Holy dollars out the window batman

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Women who speed their asses off driving thru parking lots...and those same women walk so slow across to get into stores. I only see this in the south. Up north you'd be run over. 

Co-workers who dont do their job and bosses who are afraid of an eeoc complaint.

Anyone who lies AND manipulates the system. Worse is when they never get caught. WHY WHY WHY????

Lack of social skills and common curtsey. I can NOT stand walking past a person and they pretend your not there. I always say Hello, Good Morning, Good Afternoon ---

The fact that Maxine Walters has not been removed from her perch. Then again some folks I know have not been held accountable either in nearly 20years---why should anyone else, right?

(ok vent over )

Dog owners who leave their babies in the car /truck in 95' heat and get pissed when their called out over store speakers "WILL THE OWNER OF THE BLACK SUV WITH A BOXER INSIDE PANTING UNCONTROLLABLY PLEASE COME TO THE FRONT OF THE STORE"-----I ratted them out to the store manager and told the manager I will call the cops next time....2x I found this poor dog--stupid lady. PISSES ME OFF. Dont take your dog grocery shopping.


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I have been in 2 accidents, both times it was a lady speeding accross the parking lot and ramming into me after she cut through cars... Both times sucked, and one of the times my parent's van got totalled out.

That poor furbaby Sad

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I've also had a car that got totaled in a parking lot. The woman slammed into my car as I was pulling into a parking spot - she had already backed into another vehicle and was trying to flee the scene!

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BM did that with the skids in the car before my time... SD9 was in the car... How long ago was this? lol

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Lol, this was like 4 years ago but the woman was at least in her 60's and there were no kids in the car! Thank goodness.

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I was just wondering if BM had managed to grace your life in a negative way as well... LOL

We're still paying on the loan she took out to pay to get everything fixed with her stupid driving... It's one of my sore spots... As I was 1) Not driving, 2) Not the idiot who ran into 2 cars with kids in the car, aslso 3) DH was deployed, he didn't take out the loan either... She just did it in his name...

The image of a 60 year old fleeing the scene of the crime kind of makes me chuckle though. lol

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All these wonderful sore spots. 

I just sent in a $516 monthly auto insurance payment because we added OSD to our insurance a few months ago. OSD STILL has a mark on her record for driving without insurance 5 years ago. It was BMs responsibility to insure the car as it was registered to her household and she has primary custody...but when OSD got into a wreck while uninsured, she tried to deny and walk away from all responsibility. DH’s parents swooped in and solved the problem for her with $$$ without telling us (Yes. They made a legal decision regarding DH’s minor child with BM...behind his back. Without even telling him let alone consulting with him. And then had the gall to be mad at US and tell US that this was a breach in their trust...WTF.) 

Anyway. Long story short...our solution was going to be to get a lawyer involved and plea down the charge. (I have lots of connections bc my dad was a fact, the lawyer who he used to share office space with   was the DA / state prosecutor for years and now uses those connections to work defense in the private sector.)

BM, of course, being lazy and panicky...just wanted to sweep everything under the rug ASAP and screamed at us over the phone when we refused to write her a 5K check on the spot...then the in-laws made the lazy path possible for her.

Flash forward to last year. OSD can’t afford her insurance and so has been on non-driver’s insurance for a year...walking and taking the bus to work. But she’s now trying to move several hours away to school and will have to drive. 

We went to the same attorney we’d planned to go to and he basically told us that if we’d gone to him 5 years ago he could have easily gotten the charges reduced and OSD would have much better rates now. 

So, yeah. We picked up the slack and added her to our plan (still cheaper for her than getting insured on her own) and our monthly payment skyrocketed. Meanwhile, BM skates away scot free. Per usual. 

Eff off to all of that. 


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I want to chain up those craptastic dog abusers outside in the blazing sun with an eyedropper for water. 

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To the boss who decided to show up to work at 3:00 p.m. and expects ALL projects to be done before I leave at 4:00 p.m.