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Yes to the Dress - shopping with SD24

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Saturday was The Day for wedding dress shopping with SD24.

While I was 99.9% certain that BioHo would not be going, I was prepared for that. IOW, if we stopped to pick up 'Ho after SD picked me up, I was going to get out of the car and walk home. *diablo*

Thankfully, that did NOT happen! 

SD24 and her MoH picked me up early and we hit the road for the bridal shop (after hitting the drive-thru for some java). Conversation circled around The Dress and what SD had in mind. 

After going through a dozen or so dresses... Found it! A designer dress, to boot. Not only was it the color SD wanted, it requires very little alteration AND it was on sale. Woo hoo! Thanks to that sale price, SD was able to buy an absolutely gorgeous veil/headpiece. I know SD's shoe preference and found a pair for her to try on with the dress and veil. She looked stunning and I admit I was a little choked up. 

SD made arrangements for the alteration and got out her card to pay for the dress, veil, and headpiece. Not the shoes, which baffled me because she luuuuuuuurv'd those shoes. 

Me: No to the shoes, SD?
SD: Oh, not today. 
Me: Do you like them?  
SD: I love them! But I'll have to come back for them later.

These shoes were on sale and there was one pair in SD's (popular) size. Very doubtful they would be there later.
Me: Let me buy them for you.
SD: Oh, Aniki, I can't let you do that!
Me: Yes, you can. We'll just consider this my bridal shower gift to you. 
SD: ~drops everything and grabs me in a tight hug~ Thank you SO MUCH, Aniki! Thank you!!!

So dress shopping was a huge success. We stopped for a bite to eat on the way home. MoH declared that I should go with them to look for bridesmaids dresses and SD agreed. I said, "I might be able to do that. We'll see." and left it at that. I don't want to commit to that nor do I want SD to feel she has to ask me. After all, she and 'Ho might make up by then.

All in all, a successful trip and a lovely time. I think someone should pinch me. Good things happening in step life are somewhat surreal.


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Warms me up reading this. Good can happen in step life.

I so wished I had that, like you I have no bios. 

Danke shoan for this uplifting blog!

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Bitte schön! Like I said, it feels surreal. I guess I will never stop expecting the other shoe to drop...

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Ditto! She looked beautiful. 

Evil Aniki is feeling a tad bit smug that she got to see SD in her bridal gown before 'Ho... *diablo*

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I always love reading postive posts! I'm so glad your SD was able to see what a great SM she has and just simply enjoy you. That hug is just wonderful. I'm glad this turned out well for you! 

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Its nice to see positive encounters with steps.  I'm happy for you Aniki!

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Wooohooo for you!!

I was happy to read that you joined your stepdaughter dress shopping. And even happier that it turned into a great day. 

It is nice reading positive step situations. We see so much sorrow and painful stories here. We should be lifting one another in good times and crappy. Nicely done Aniki!

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SteppedOff, it was a good time! Amen to that lifting one another in good times and crappy! Some are all too eager to tear someone down. 

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For some, tog. I always feel badly for the skids who are so PAS'd, there it little hope for a good relationship. Sad

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Yeah, the jury is out on my SS21. I mean, we get along fine, but I don't see him calling me to help him pick out his wedding tux, lol.  Maybe as he matures. If BM will let him.

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If BM will let him.... BioHo has done everything in her power to keep the skids tied to her. That has backfired, since 3 have fled and 1 plans to do so as soon as he finishes HS.

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That's great to read a happy step life day! You are so kind hearted Aniki. Glad to hear all went well Smile

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Shhh.  She gets upset if you call her nice or kind.  She thinks it might ruin her Stalk cred.  Wink

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Thank you, Floral_SM!

You would not have thought e so kind hearted if you'd heard me cussing out King Pita earlier. Naturally, I was on

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For me reading stories like this really give me hope that skids can grow up and disengage themselves from the toxic parent. I'm glad it all went well Aniki and here's hoping it keeps going well.

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Thank you! My fingers will always be crossed, advice. We know how strong the toxic song of these narcs can be.

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I was pretty teary myself! Since I have no bios, this is a moment I never thought to have. Regardless of what happens, I will always have this moment (and the pics) to treasure. 

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If anyone deserves this, Ani, it's you.  You've been nothing but kind and caring, only setting boundaries when needed and willing to keep an open mind when people saw the light.   So, so happy for you. 

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Thank you, Gimmy. It has been a damn rough road. However, I am not so foolish as to expect the rest to be smooth sailing. Constant vigilance!

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I'm really loving this experience for you. Such a lovely and inspiring moment. 

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Hon, I'm not a bit surprised that your dress shopping experience went so well. You're that chocolate pudding girl that nobody dislikes. In fact, I'm convinced that even the 'Ho admires you in her limited way; clearly, her children respect and like their Stepmom. Poor 'Ho, it must make her furious! Diablo

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'Ho, admire me? Bahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! It's more likely that 'Ho is completely baffled as to why the skids are nice to me. And THAT, I'm certain, makes her furious.

BTW, I'm very happy to 'see' you! xoxo

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Thank you for sharing! And that was really nice of you to get her the shoes. 

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EBIA, the shoes were about $100 and that was on sale. It was highly unlikely they would have been there when SD returned. They were perfect and I wanted her to have them. Smile

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Sorry I am late to the game here. Long day. I am thrilled that you had such a lovely time!!! Sounds like everyone did.


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This is wonderful! That is a memory you and SD will always share no matter what.  Congratulations. 

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That is true, SMto2. While I will always expect there to be some tumultuous times, this is definintely a lovely highlight. 

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That is fantastic and SD seems genuinely happy/gracious you went! Smile

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Thank you, NYASM! DH has often said that SD24 is more like her mother than any of the others. One of those things is that SD has zero "acting" skills. If she's happy, you know it. If she's sad, you know it. If she's PO'd, you know it!  So she was indeed genuinely happy and gracious. Smile