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SD22, round 2

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So SD22 "sucked it up" for a little minute. 
See my previous blog:

Maybe she thinks DH doesn't tell me anything. Or that I'm going to put up with her shite behavior/attitude. ~snort~

Last night, I was trying to unwind from a hectic work day and was in the living room with only the table lamp on, lounging in my recliner, sipping a glass of wine, and reading a book.

~knock knock knock knock knock~

I'm not expecting any packages or any visitors (my sister), so I ignore it.

~knock knock knock knock knock~

Hiss off. This is a good book (I'm revisiting The Belgariad, dammit!)


I quietly get up, peek out the window (cannot be seen from the door) and see SD22's car in the driveway. Screw. That.


Nope. Not doing it. You burned your bridge with me a year and a half ago, PITA.

Aniki! I know you're in there! You're car's in the drive. Open the door!!


Aniki!! Open the damn door!! I'm here for my money!!!


ANIKI! I want my MONEY!!!! Open this f*cking door!!! AAANIIIIKIIIIII!!!!!!!!


The beeyotch finally left in a huff (I could hear her swearing as she stomped away).

While she was doing her best to pound down the door, I was texting with my sister. I nipped out the back, crossed the neighbor's yard to the next street, and hopped into my sister's car. We headed for the bar. Sure enough, within minutes of ordering/receiving our drinks, I get a text from SD22.

SD: I know you were home.
Me: (after a few minutes) I'm not home. I'm out with my sister.
SD: Your car is in the drive.
Me: Because she picked me up.
SD: I want my money from Dad.
Me: You have to talk to him about that. (I think that ship has sailed, beeyotch!)
SD: Thanks for nothing.
Me: Any time!!! (Yes, I bloody well did!)

I stayed out with my sister for almost 2 hours before she took me home and was still awake when DH came home.

DH: Baby, what are you doing up?
Me: Oh, I'm still keyed up from hanging out with my sister. I brought home potato skins for you.
DH: Thank you - I'm hungry!
Me: Sweetie, was I supposed to stay home tonight?
DH: No. Why??
Me: Apparently, SD22 stopped by for her money.
DH: SD22 isn't getting any money.
Me: Ah, well, she thinks she is (and handed him my phone).
DH: Baby, I can't believe you said Any Time when SD said Thanks For Nothing!
Me: Huh? (butter will not melt in my mouth at this point)
DH: Look (shows me the phone).
Me: Oh, sh!t! OOPS! I only saw the 'thanks'. Sorry, honey, I was drinking.
DH: It's okay.

At that point, DH took out his phone and called SD22. It's damn near 12:30am.

DH: Why did you come to the house?
SD: To get my money.
DH: Let's get some things straight, MISS. You knew damn good and well I was at work when you came by. Any money for Christmas was from ME, NOT Aniki. So you needed to come when *I* was home. And I don't appreciate you sending sh!tty text messages to MY WIFE because you're p!ssed at ME. She is not part of this.
SD: When can I get my money?
DH: Maybe next Christmas.
DH: With your damn entitlement and sh!t attitude, you forfeited your gift this year. Maybe next year, too, if you don't apologize to my wife. ~click~

Yep. DH hung up on SD22, then turned off his phone. I haven't received an apology yet... DH is so freakin' PO'd with the way she acted, he will NOT forget this.

It was all Evil Aniki could do not to laugh!

No, I did NOT tell DH about SD trying to beat down the door. That will be our little secret. Dirol


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Sneaky? Conniving? A good actress? LOL!!!

I admit I'm still floating off the ground a bit.

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Not at all! And you definitely need to incorporate that old Paul Simon song Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover in the soundtrack:

Just slip out the back Jack

Make a new plan Stan

You don't need to be coy Roy

Just get yourself (skid) free!

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I just really appreciate who your husband is as a person. That's goals right there for you two. You two are magic.

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PA, he has come so far in the last 8 years! 4-5years ago, he would have given it to her. Not any more.

It does make me sad for DH that he's seeing his daughter turn into this kind of person. The Force is strong in BioHo.

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Well it still gives me hope for the future Aniki! 

I can imagine it's beyond hard to watch. Give your DH a hug... He got the rotten end of that.

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Are you kidding me? MY MONEY? Wow. The entitlement is beyond imagination. At least my entitled step bitch has some dignity and would never act like that. Although she's only 16, maybe in time....

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Oh, yes, HER money! SD22 is 110% her mother's daughter. She learned her moneygrubbing lessons well.

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POTATO SKINS..LOADED? I bet they were!

And DH loves his Ani but REALLY REALLY lovedher when she brought home those potato skins..LOVE on a plate!


SD is a stoopid beeyocha-cha-cha-cha! such hubris ..glad DH slapped her down  as she needed it.


I hope she scratches herself raw worrying and wondering wtf happened to her dear old Daaaddeee (and her monnnneee that she ain't geeetttiing LOL)  ..he ain't that guy ,

That sliding out the door is sleuth you!


AndI already forgot all about that secret we are sharing..What secret?




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Those skins are soooooo good! I ate some at the bar.

Isn't that what back doors are for? When you dont want to go out the front? Wink

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Oh my God, that is so funny! So glad that your DH did not cave and give her the money.

And, what a little entitled bitch your SD is, demanding HER money.

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Hereiam, he is fed up with SD22 only coming around/calling when she wants money. But one honestly cannot expect anything less from BioHo's 'clone'...

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I am focusing on the potato skins... dang it. Now I want those. I know what I am making tomorrow.

Your DH I love. And YOU! 

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Cover, they are soooooo good! Italian sausage makes such a difference. 

If DH gets any sexier, I'm gonna miss work!!! *man_in_love*

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Your DH is on a ROLL!

Epic how you handled this, thanks for sharing this triumphant episode!

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He certainly is!

After The Crap of Summer '17, my goal is to do what little I can to let SD22's true qualities shine!

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I can't believe SD has the gall to ask you for her "so called" money/gift. She sounds like a piece of work.

good for your DH for setting her straight. 

I'd block her from texting me.


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Wait - I thought she was never coming over again unless he stopped smoking? 

Entitled AND a liar.  DH must be very disappointed. I know my DH is disappointed in his Entitled Lying Son, SS19.

I'm surprised she hasn't done the Silent Treatment/Withholding of Myself Until I Get What I Want Trick.  That's usually a much more effective weapon than demanding.

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But, tooooooog! She wants HER money!!!!

DH IS disappointed. While it's good that SD is being put in her place, I'm sorry because I know he's disappointed. 

Oh, hon. She only comes around 1-2 times a year. I saw her last Christmas and DH saw her once in Summer. Can't get much scarcer than that.

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Yeah, it breaks my heart to see how disappointed DH is in his only child.  I will hand it to SS19, he played keepaway entirely through the last 4 Christmases, not even gifts could lure him out of alienation.  

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In the past 6-7 years, SD22 became more and more like 'Ho. Scary to think what the future holds...

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Whoa your husband is AWESOME! Does he fart rainbows, too? GEEZ! Well done, Aniki. I think it is awesome you did a Ninja maneuver to go out with your sister lmao.

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And I'll ask what I always ask: did OSD bring a gift for her dad?

We all know the answer - H@ll no!

I remember several Xmases ago when your DH was still  pandering to those ferals and they trooped into your home and laid waste to all the yummy food before you even came out of the bedroom. There wasn't enough Amaretto in the world to get you through that. Your DH has really had the scales fall from his eyes, and I'm so happy for you Aniki!

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Oh, Exjulie, your crystal ball is spot on! Buying DH a gift would take away from SD25's booze bucks!

That amaretto was a sanity saver. This year, I sipped a juice glass of whiskey... *lol*

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Toxic Feral Eldest texted Dh that "momeee is going to kick her out of the apartment and has been draining her bank account!"

And this after scathing texts and rantings and accusations of abuse then radio silence and zero acknowledgements. 

And then at 4 am this morning texted him asking for $400. Aint happening Toxic Feral!!!!!! Perhaps borrow from one of those family members you alienated with accusations? Or perhaps try him in a week or two when he gets paid! Or forget about it and get a payday loan like an adult.

Great story, Aniki - get out the back jack...and your sister sounds like a fabulous sie=dekick. Im imagining you two evily cackling through the night, especially when you got that "thanks for nothing" text.


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CLove, it's the Age of Entitlement!!

My sister is my unofficial "partner in crime"!  She knows all that's going on and will always have my back. 

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You win STalk for this day Aniki!! *give_rose*  Cracking up at the image of you sneaking out the backdoor and running through yards to go to the bar!

I still cannot get over the entitled attitude of this little bitch! Who says "MY money" regarding a Christmas gift, and then expects to still get it by being demanding and rude! There really was no other reaction to this situation other than how your DH handled it, so thank GOD he handled it how he did. I absolutely cannot stand to see people rewarded for terrible behavior.


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Thanks, Step-girlfriend! I'm thankful my skulking/sneaking skills still work. Dirol

Well, it WOULD have been her money. Her craptastic attitude/behavior caused her to lose out. Call the waaaaaaaah-mbulance!