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Exciting news!

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This morning my former step son and his girlfriend called to let me know that they are engaged!!!! So excited for them!  He wanted to be the one to share it with me and not hear it from his dad. I am So happy that both boys still love me and consider me their step mom still. I love them just like before and nothing will ever change that.


He is almost 22 and a senior in college inROTC and will be going into the air force as an officer. His fiancee  is a smart athletic girl and is so wonderful! 


Switching weekends

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I just need to bi+ch a little about my ex. He emailed today to see if I would switch weekends next month because they just now realized the vacation they booked months ago falls of the weekend he has our son.


I swear he is the most disorganized person. What if I couldn't. He has no relationship with his family and they have paid for a trip. What would he do if I had plans.

Dog pee

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Not sure who I am more ticked with my 11 year old or my ex.


Today when I was throwing in a load of laundry bs11 was cleaning his room. He says I better empty my bag from last weekend at dad's. I said well finally, I have only told you to 3 times. He then says clothes smell like dog per and might be wet because the puppy peed on them.


I was like and did not throw them in the wash today....Omg. I said did tell your dad or sm. He says I can't remember.  I told him he was in charge of finishing up this load.


CS agency frustration

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So I am the BM in this circumstance( former step mom for newcomers). When we initially divorced I let my ex convince me to not go through the state for cs management but pay directly like he did weith bm1. He is high conflict  and a couple years in after I had pointed out to him that my costs to insure bs went from 25.00 A month to 300.00 that we needed to review. He refused so I went through the state...I had covered the costs for 2 years before requesting a review.


Positive step dad story

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Having been a step mom to pretty descent kids and having been a member off and on for 11 years I feel confident saying I think step dad's have it easier. 

Forr those who don't know my story I had a husband problem not a skid or bm issue I discovered after 8 yrs of marriage and divorced so I am a remarried bm only now.


My newer  husband ( who some days drives me nuts) had 3 step dad's as a kid and young man. Two bad one good. He has no kids and has a pretty great relationship with BS11.


50th part 2.

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So my husband's boss would not let him leave early like he promised on Friday so he planned on driving up sat am. I told him that was not necessary because it was silly to have 2 cars there for one day...3hrs up 3 back. I decided to come home. It was hot there and the lack of air conditioning was getting to my dad started construction at 8 am. My folks took us out for pizza last night with my brothers family.


Totally OT birthday delemia...mine

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So it is my 50th birthday on Friday.  I am on vacation this week and BS11 and I drove up to my parents today my husband plans to get off work early on Friday and drive thec3hrs up.

Let me preface my sister thought I was nuts to want to spend my birthday with our parents... My 40th was pretty disappointing because we had to celebrate in a different day because my sister in laws friends kids birthday was that day, so we went out for pizza on the day before at a place they like...nothing else.