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Dog pee

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Not sure who I am more ticked with my 11 year old or my ex.


Today when I was throwing in a load of laundry bs11 was cleaning his room. He says I better empty my bag from last weekend at dad's. I said well finally, I have only told you to 3 times. He then says clothes smell like dog per and might be wet because the puppy peed on them.


I was like and did not throw them in the wash today....Omg. I said did tell your dad or sm. He says I can't remember.  I told him he was in charge of finishing up this load.


I texted ex and said he might want to check the room because puppy might have peed else where too. Said son could not remember if he told him.  He replies he did.


So the man could stand there make a huge deal that I needed to wash the one item of clothing he bought bs...a dress shirt for church at the outlet mall so I could hear him but could not say hey I am sending home a back pack of dog pissed on clothes.  And our son who usually listens the first 2 times I tell him to in pack....let's them sit for a week.... men are stupid.


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soak them for several hours in full strength vinegar first. Animal urine can be difficult to wash out with just regular detergent. And yes, men can be stupid!