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Exciting news!

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This morning my former step son and his girlfriend called to let me know that they are engaged!!!! So excited for them!  He wanted to be the one to share it with me and not hear it from his dad. I am So happy that both boys still love me and consider me their step mom still. I love them just like before and nothing will ever change that.


He is almost 22 and a senior in college inROTC and will be going into the air force as an officer. His fiancee  is a smart athletic girl and is so wonderful! 


I got BS12 to come in the room to hear the is his response.

U also got to talk with stepson 19s girlfriend who was riding with them to get as 19 as they are all going to their mom's brothers wedding today. She is a great girl too and I know she will be next. My aunt t adopted 2 dogs through her parents rescue and she wanted to know how the dogs are doing. 


I just wanted to share this positive aspect of former step life. My ex is still an ass,  and will not let me attend this wedding even though the kids love me still and will invite me. That's ok... I will send my love and a gift and be thankful that out of a horrible marriage I gained my son, his brothers and their mom as one of my best friends. Family isn't always what we think it Will be!


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Maybe you can have a brunch or something special with them some time around the wedding?

Its great that they still love you and want to share special moments with you!

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It's always nice to read updates like yours, filled with positivity from the Other Side.

I hope that your son is doing well, your health issues are under control, and your new marriage is a happy one.

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That’s so exciting!!! I’m so glad you’re doing great! Think about you often! Hugs!!