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WTF... what age do kids normally calm down???!!!

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SS drives me crazy when he’s over. Since we have him 50/50 it’s not Practical for me to disappear every time is over. This kid has a room full of toys but 70 percent have never been played with. There is three things he does when he’s over that make up 80 percent of his time over. One running full tilt through our house with the dogs making this high pitched Squeaking noise. Like nails on a Chalkboard. He’s always running into tripping over something in the house.Two  Pillow fight with SO and three video games. I LOVE when he plays video games as that’s the only time I can get Peace and quiet. The other 20 percent he is up SO ass to pillow fight with him. Most of his gifts from Christmas still are in their sealed boxes. We have EVERY kid board game/puzzle known to man and SS refuses to play. We Bought him a robotics kit for Christmas and we can’t even bribe him into playing with it. All he wants to do is run through the house and make noise. He hates going anywheres even six flag type places he has no interest. The only way to get him out of the house is promise to buy him something. He is just so Hyper from the time his feet hit the floor in the morning till bed. He does have ADHD BUT so does my Nephew it other kids I know and they don’t act like this. This Hyperness can’t Possibly go on Till he turns 18? Yes I know girls are calmer but there has to be a age boys stop chasing the dogs, making weird noises and can sit and walk Quietly. I know my 14 yr old Nephew will spend hours in his bedroom playing Fortnite with his friends and we only see him when he comes to get food. God that would be wonderful! 

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Kids calm down when their bioparents make them stop behaving like feral savages. You have a SO problem.

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Why is he ALLOWED to run through the house getting the dog all jacked up? Is your husband ok with that behavior?

If he's allowed to act like a feral animal, he will continue to do so. 

I feel for you. MY children are not allowed to act feral... my formerSO allowed his son to be feral and acted like there was something wrong with ME because "I just didn't understand". 

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ELEVEN!!! Jaysus! I thought you were talking about a 4 or 5 yo …

Your husband is THE problem.

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If he is running around he needs to go outside and do it. Some kids really do have more energy they need to get out then others, but it needs to be in an appropriate place. So outside or else in an after school activity if that's doable. Idk when they slow down for sure since my oldest is 8, but I would guess fairly soon? I cant really picture a 13 year old running around like that...

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This would be a no for me. I would be voicing my opinion to my SO if I were you, and telling him you need more quiet. Give him the chance to fix it and tell SS to knock that sh*t off himself....if he doesn’t, I would tell SS myself. It’s your house too and no one should be expected to just sit back and deal with it when 95% of kids aren’t allowed to act like that (the other 5% do it because Disney Dads allow it).  He’s way too old to be acting like that. My SO has a strong Disney streak going and even he would never allow SD9 or SS12 to behave like this. 

Put your foot down girl!

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My DH seems to have been one of those kids. He was in a ton of stuff.

My mom also met a little girl, slightly younger than your SS, who was nuts and also inappropriate (perhaps mostly because she had too much energy). Rather than prescribe her meds, the doctor told her parents to enroll her in the most active things they could. It did miracles. She just had so much wiggle in her, that it needed to get out.

Enroll him in a kids running club and soccer and gymnastics and tennis. NOT baseball. Too much standing around. Find whatever he is good at that can be done almost continually.

AND tell him to cut it out when he's running through the house. He can control himself. He just has not been required to.

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Echoing running club, soccer, gymnastics, and tennis. Adding Karate. The kicking apart will appeal to him, and paradoxically the sport also teaches self discipline.

Next gift should be a treadmill. He can run on the treadmill instead of throughout the house.

Running would be a good father / son bonding activity. 


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Definitely not age related. Sounds like a toddler on a sugar high... If he isn't uncontrollably badly behaved, which may be the case, speak to his doctor about his ADHD medication side effects if he is taking it -  because this kid sounds unmedicated. (to me)

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Yeah...its up to you to direct his energy. Let the SO know that everytime the kid runs through the house screaming you will make ss do achore.

If that does not work then stop doing what you are doing and do only what you like for a few days.

For fun i would play really loud music that SO hates while the SS is running around screaming. If SO says anything to you pretend to not hear him. If he insists tell him you could not hear him above SS screeching.

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SS had to do track in gym and HATED it. I Mentioned joining a running club before I knew he hated it and he firmly said NO and don’t mention it again. Little bastard. We live in a great Neighborhood to ride your bike but SS can hardly ride because he hates it. My SO and I LOVE hiking and tried a number of times to get SS involved. What boy does not like walking in the woods? Nope SS hates hiking even with the dogs. The few times we were able to bribe him into going he complained the whole time and said he hates it. We live on a beautiful lake with a dock with a lot of fish to catch. Nope SS hates doing that too. We can get him to fish for about 30 minutes and that is only if the fish are biting. I do tell SS to go out in the huge fenced in back yard and run around with the dogs. Sometimes he does but not for very long. SS needs to be attached to SO hip at all times. Another annoyance.