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Is it normal for an 12 yr old to be Tired all the time

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SS just turned 12 and for the last year(?) complains he’s Tired. Now I will say he’s the sickliness kid I’ve seen. Meaning he seems to get colds one after another. He seems like he’s always Coughing,runny nose stuffy head crap. I will say he’s a gross nasty little thing who always has his finger in his nose to mouth and never washes his hands. So this could be why he’s sick all the time. He’s not sick enough to miss school just something you would take notice of. Just your basic cold. He stays up late on the weekends with his older brother but can sleep in the morning as long as he would like. He’s not what I would Consider a busy kid. He does not play any sports/Activities and we are a low key family that does not have a ton of things going on that we are dragging him to. He basically comes home from school and that’s it.  He’s thin and I would Consider him VERY hyper but does not have the Stamina of other kids his age. He will run through the house screaming but any long distance activity wears him out.  We have gone hiking a few times(low key and flat)and he hates it. Complains he’s tired. When he gets up in the morning or when we pick him up from school when asked how he is doing he will say a lot good but Tired. Is this normal because he’s growing? 

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He could have allergies that mimic cold symptoms. And he's tired because he lives a sedentary life.

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Pretty common at that age. Teenagers start growing so fast that it truly exhausts their body. I would get him a checkup just to be sure all is going well but it is pretty common and will likely last through high school. I remember I could sleep through a day easily, SS can go until 2 pm if he was allowed. We do let him sleep more than we would but at some point get him up to accomplish something on the weekends. Make sure he is eating enough and food that is healthy and gives him needed energy. No skipping breakfast and no sugar filled breakfasts. But anyway, So normal, his body is working overtime right now. Almost like when you are pregnant and so tired becuase your body is running a marathon all day.

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for his age bracket and what he needs to grow, could all be weakening his immune system. The washing the hands part definitely plays a part so between that, proper sleep, and proper nutrition, he shouldn't be as tired all the time. On the other end of the spectrum, could have an auto immune issue, whether it be a disease, disorder or virus. Typically for something like that it is hereditary though.

Last year I ended up in January picking up from who knows where an virus that is common in children that because I am an adult manifested itself as viral arthritis. It was as simple as being around someone who had it coughed and I got it. They couldn't figure it out for months, thought I had all these autoimmune diseases at first. Made me exhausted all the time and well in a lot of joint pain. Crazy things happen. Don't think it is anything that serious, but if anything auto immune related runs in his family history, I would definitely ask the doctor about it next check up if it continues.

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I came to say this, I second this theory.

You (dh) might have to specifically ask to get it tested as it is non-standard. 

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would Allergies come and go? I know I have Seasonal Allergies and once they start in the spring they don’t Ease up till fall. SS can go a week or more and be fine but Bam sick again. I always thought if you have Allergies they don’t get better till whatever is causing them goes away. Am I correct to think this?

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It could also be anemia.  Does he eat red meat? I won't ask about other iron containing foods since my boys are evidently the weirdest teens in the world who enjoy beans and leafy greens LOL.

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While most preteen boys would eat you out of house and home SS has ALWAYS been a picky eater. Does not like most meats. Won’t even eat turkey on Thanksgiving. Vegetables? Forget it and very limited fruits. Pizza will only eat plain Cheese. He will eat a hamburger if we go out and maybe a hot dog once in a blue moon. Hamburg is about the only meat he will eat on a regular base. Because of his Pickiness the Dr has had him taking Pediasure since he’s been like five or six. Now it comes down to both BM and DH Catering to him and not making him eat the foods he should but that’s non of my Business.

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With his piss poor diet, he definitely could have anemia - in addition to other issues. 

While it is decent of you to "care" about ss "tired and sick all the time" issue, are dh or bm concerned? Will either of them DO anything if you voice concerns about possible issues? Or will you get the "there is nothing wrong with my son" (TM) line of bull?

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You are describing my teenage SD, exactly. She was just diagnosed as low iron anemia.....BUT...BUT...BUT. She does NOTHING. She eats NOTHING but french fries and drinks sweet tea and the occasional chicken nugget. Her and her sister are the sickliest kids I have ever seen in my life. They stay up all night and sleep until 2 pm...miss school non stop and take LOADS of prescription medication. SD is on week THREE of not going to school due to this "anemia" but she goes to the mall with her BM, runs around my house like a lunatic, so I am not seeing the "sickness".

I'm not saying her anemia isn't valid, but the poor diet and doing nothing all the why she is tired. It is NOT normal, AT ALL! My DH just goes with bizarre.

Both my SD's are clearly and visably unhealthy....literally dark circles under their eyes, pail, tired, very very thin....BM and DH don't even notice. All they do is shove fries and sugar down their throats with a HUGE side of weekly antibiotics.

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Gah. Is it difficult to respect him when he is such a crappy parent? 

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At times yes. Another GUILTY DADDY issue, too afraid confront BM (who has the kids most of the time) and too guilty to say a word to the kids about their horrible eating habits.

We share an almost  1 year old baby, and I have already layed down the LAW and said that our child will NEVER be like his older kids. Never ever will it fly. I had to have coming to Jesus with DH's mom (major contributer to his kids bad eating habits) because she gave my 11 month old a F&&&&ING Capri Sun.....I wanted to choke her out. I'm sure I've offended my DH as I have made it crystal clear that our shared child will be raised NOTHING like his older two. I've got older kids baby isn't my first rodeo. LOL

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I totally feel you. 

My formerMIL tried giving my 4mo a taste of her sweet tea! ARE YOU CRAZY. But then again, "couldn't believe I was still breastfeeding". Yes, sweet tea is so much better than breast milk for a FOUR MONTH OLD BABY! 

I also offended my formerSO when saying our child would not be raised like his kids. I'm not sure why, because he complained about how his ex raised/was raising she is bad but might as well continue? Made no damn sense. 

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many times. The fact SS is 12 but fits in size 7/8 jeans and the height of most 9 yr olds one can’t not notice. The Pediatrician solution Was the Pediasure. God forbid the Parents just put their foot down and told the brat you sit at the table till you finish your dinner and be the end of it. Nope let’s pump a Artificial nutrient in him since he likes it. The tiredness is something DH has not really noticed and we try and avoid talking to BM as well she’s a bitch. Since BM is a Helicopter hypochondriac type mother I’m sure if I noticed it she did. She will some also somehow Blaim us for the problem