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Best step grandma!

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Back story : I have been divorced from my crazy ex for almost 7 years. Awful marriage, awful divorce, however I and my family are still close with my former step sons who are 20 and 22.

I was on FB and saw a comment my mom made on a cousin in Sweden's account. She was telling about her grand children and mentioned that she had 3 granddaughters  and 2 grandsons.  At this point I thought to myself that my sister who has a daughter and 2 stepsons would be mad that mom had not said 4 grandsons...till I read her telling she also had 4 bonus boys... and listed my sister's guys who are 19 and 21 and mine and their ages.

Step life can suck the life out of you. Extended family can not always be supportive. It just makes me proud of my 72 year old mom who loves my sister's guys and mine. 

The 4 boys are all crazy about my parents. 


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That's wonderful! 

I grew up with relatives who were step/adopted/foster. There was never any question that they were not family. That attitude and acceptance has been passed down through the generations and we remain a big family - with a fair number who are step/adopted.

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It's nice to see you back, Sweet T. 

How are your son and DH? And how is your health?

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My mom does the same thing. She drops more clothes and stuff off for SS than she does a DD sometimes! She always asks about him and he's inclined everything on my side of the family. No questions asked! I love my family.