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50th part 2.

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So my husband's boss would not let him leave early like he promised on Friday so he planned on driving up sat am. I told him that was not necessary because it was silly to have 2 cars there for one day...3hrs up 3 back. I decided to come home. It was hot there and the lack of air conditioning was getting to my dad started construction at 8 am. My folks took us out for pizza last night with my brothers family.


I get home and he is kind of crabby i joked about my gift and he said since you asked for it I will go down and get it. He got me a 50.00 Amazon card and a t shirt about being the wife of an asshole and a ok card.


He usually takes bs shopping for me...He didn't. He has made no plans really and when I said I was kind of wore out he snapped that he wants to do something today.....


Not happy about that. It will be remembered.i pretty much have had my fill with crabby men this week. Wth, put on a fing smile and be descent. I want to say, thanks for making 50 special.... if he starts talking about want g to go to Vegas for his any time soon I will loose it.



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I should add he is having an issue with his arm and started a new antidepressant.  


I just sent him and BS11 off in the hot rod to go blow off some steam. Thank God they like each other and the same stupid things. 


I just needed a shower, to wash my hair and relax a bit. Thanks for letting me bitch...argh.

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I agree.  They are home and we are going to go grab some dinner. The attitude is better, plus we know I am pretty cool and indifferent. 

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Oh believe me I will not forget this. Not sure what his total issue is. I love him but I am only gonna tolerate so much. I am really hurt.


I am doing my hair ( I have a lot so washing and drying is a big enjoying my silence.


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Sorry about that - sounds a lot like my 40th with my asshole ex, except he didn't even bother with a card.

Happy Birthday anyway. 

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Well he has redeemed himself.  He explained he got the Amazon card because he could not decide which foot bath to get me ( that is what I wanted). He took us out for dinner and to one of my favorite stores.

I think he realized he was being inattentive. I will always give him this, he is so good to the boy. I know he was lonely.


Even the cat is kind of mad I was gone for three days with the dog.