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Another animal leaving???

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Last night BS11 was sitting with me on the couch and says, mom my dad says that if L, the dog he got about a year and a half ago, doesnt stop being aggressive with her food thery are going to have to get rid of it. He was so upset.

In  the last 4 years they  have gone through 1 cat adopted and then given away, 3 lizards...given away. Gotten 3 birds-1 died, put to sleep the dog he insisted on getting in the divorce because it peed in the house. They got L 5 days later . Put to sleep his wives dog after it bit her... and 3 other people previously including ss18 twice. He got new puppy 3 weeks later.

The poor kid still gets upset about the dog we had..

Some people should not have animals.



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Some people DEFINITELY shouldn't have animals... I can't imagien going through such a high volume of pets so fast... It honestly sounds like poor trianing and animal care. One animal, maybe it was agressive, but all of those? REALLY doubtful that it wasn't the environment they're being subjected to.

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That was my first thought as well. It sounds as if they are horrible pet owners. Ugh. I hate that crap. 

Our cat was having issues with peeing in the house. We spent countless dollars fixing the problem. Isn't 100% fixed but better. 

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When I had the dog I always made him wear a belly band. His breed is notorious for potty training issues. He could be outside and come in.and poop. You had to watch him like a hawk.


I got the girl dog in the divorce and she is pretty good about out side... that said when you have 2 inch long legs  there are a lot of variables,  rain, snow, I the grass too long. Because I take her out on a leash it is very easy to monitor what is we are all crazy about her so as long as she is happy that is all we care about...very spoiled princess.

The dog was not the brightest...but He was very sweet... I wish I could have taken him back.


I cringe whenever they get a new animal.

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I so understand. I sometimes wonder if the skids think that their mother will ditch them the way she ditches her animals. I can't keep track of all the different dogs and cats that she's had as pets and then given away. It's been more than 7 in the past 7 years I've known DH. I asked DH about all the pets they had together before they got divorced and it isn't a pattern that started at divorce. Both DH and her had like 6 cats they adopted/owned during their marriage. They would get rid of one for whatever reason and immediately adopt another, just to give that one away within a year.

I don't understand it at all. I grew up with one family dog that we had for 15 years. I adopted my friend's dog, whom I've had for the past 7 years (my parents love him to bits and he has extended stays with the grandparents which works out well for everyone). I could never imagine giving up my dogs and if I had to, I would probaby be really reluctant to get another based on that. I don't know how she can go through animals the way she does. At least DH (when not with his ex-wife) doesn't get animals in the first place because he doesn't want to take care of them. If I knew that he would do the same thing on his own, I'd be so repulsed.

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Somtimes it is the owner, and sometimes it is the dog.

I have an akita mix, a breed notoriously difficult to train due their alpha mentality and smarts. I spent 3 years solid hard-core training her, and now she is the best dog ever. She responded very quickly to house training (on the other hand, I was Johnny-on-the-spot in this training too). She is funny, loyal, loveable, and teaches herself new tricks when she gets bored. The flip-side to this is that although she knows HOW to obey, she often considers it a choice until I become fierce with her. She isn't a bad dog, but she is mischievous. She is also a hypocritical tattletale, who will tell on the kids by grumbling to me and then running over to the offender and pointing at exactly what rule was broken and then grumbling again. She is very huggy and loving. She is protective of DD.

She was not our first dog though. I tried to own a few before her and they all had one issue or another. I will absolutely not tolerate a dog who pees or defecates in the house, and one dog we owned for two weeks, would poop in the house, and then rub it's own poop all over everything. If I put the dog outside, it made the most awful noises non-stop. I had to take it to the pound in another county, because it had been returned to our pound twice already and a third return was a death sentence for dogs.

Our second dog was a greyhound, which I loved, but he was beyond neurotic. I gave him back to greyhound rescue because his favorite non-stop activity was chewing all of the chair rails off the walls.... uh no. My walls were a bloody mess, and no amount of attention, chew toys, etc would deter him from the chair rails.

My exH had a stupid little toy poodle who LOVED my exH (I guess evil loves evil). This dog would be perfect for my exH - go potty outside, obey, etc. For me though, even though I was in the home more due to working from home, this dog REFUSED to go potty outside. I would often spend more than half the day outside with this little dog - either sitting by while I worked, or gardening, etc - while it hopped around neurotically. It was hopping around because it REALLY had to poop, but refused to poop outside for me. For ME, this stupid little dog ONLY wanted to poop on my oriental dining room rug... needless to say, when I divorced my abusive exH, I left him both that stinky rug, and his stupid little dog.

We had great luck with Great Danes when I was a child. They are very loving and easily trained. I have found that small dogs are the worst offenders for refusing to be housebroken. The medium and large dogs tend to be more easily trainable, but the purebreds often come with neuroses.

We love our Akita mix pound puppy!

However, Sweet T - it does sound like BM is perfectly capable of ruining even a good dog. This is sad and makes me mad. Our HCBM also ruins good dogs. She doesn't train them properly, she doesn't take them outside frequently enough for potty breaks, etc. This is enough to drive any dog insane.