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Anyone Know How to pull up a DUI arrest record?

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BM got pulled over about two weeks ago and arrested for her second DUI. She was also holding illegal substances and had SS15 in the car with him. She was kept over night.

We found some info online, and are meeting today with a lawyer to request an amendment of custody. Anyone know where I can find her arrest record, including the charges - other than going down to the county office and spending the entire day there?

DH found something online with some specifics, but now we can't find the site. I found a generic site that confirms her arrest, booking and release date.

So after BM telling me I was a bad parent for "dropping" SS from insurance

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She proceeded to send additional texts till about 1 in the morning. DH's final text was that bm as lame and good night and to take him to court. We then proceeded to have alone time with the phone turned off.

Apparently bm sent another 20 texts to dh until 1 am stating that her and her man would take care of as, that me / sm was so abusive. Lol.

Thanks bm. We'll turn those in tomorrow morning along with our police report since you are clearly breaking the restraining order.

All kids came him this morning to celebrate Xmas morning

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And who ends up pouting?

You bet! Ss14. $20 was missing from his stocking/ may have fallen out or never made it In but that's all he could focus on. Even after the surprise trip to Disneyland.

All kids got $80 in their stockings, disney trips for next week, gifts under the tree... But poor SS couldn't find the missing $20 so he poted. Couldn't give an answer regarding his favorite gift.

ExH apologized

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ExH finally showed up (three weeks later) to complete his portion of ds12's ortho payment plan. He stuck around during the appointment and asked if we could speak after. (See earlier blog posts outlining what went down including my ultimately staying that is speak to him no further until an apology was issued).

More on SM's freak out and all that's gone down

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I told wxH that he needed to set a meeting with the principal and yes, of course I would be there. He didn't understand why I'd be at HIS meeting. I told him that I gave him "permission" over a month ago to set up this meeting to discuss his concerns and he didn't and apparently he and his wife think that causing a scene in front of children is acceptable. I informed him that I was the sole legal guardian of our daughter and I will be in all meetings moving forward and his wife did not have my permission to speak with the school regarding my children.

So much has gone down

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ExH finally said that I was right last night. He didn't actually apologize (because he's not able to do that) but he did say I was right and that he should have addressed his concerns directly with the principal a month ago when he originally voiced his concerns to me (and I suggested he speak with her). He agreed that that is not an appropriate way for adults to act (throwing the principal under the bus in front of her teachers, students, interns at a rehearsal.

sM's attempt at an apology

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sM shows up halfway into dd13's performance as she is alone with her for most of the weekend since ExH is with my boys at a scouting overnight camp out. It is intermission and she tells me she owes me an apology. I say yes, you were very out of line. Then she says, "really how so?" ... Which of course makes me wonder what she's apoligizing for.

Part Two... This is What SM said to the principal and I"M EMBARASSED!

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Principal and I chatted a bit. She said that she was not trying to cause any drama by contacting me last night but she was truly concerned that my daughter was getting yanked from the entire show as SM was so agressive.

So... SM comes in and stands by principal who is in the front row directing the scene. Principal sees her and asks if she can help her. Principal has never seen her before but when SM asks if DD needed to be there, she figured it was the SM. Principal says yes that it's a full cast dress rehearsal the night before opening night.

In a Predicament but Counting on BM's Mess Up to Help Us OUt

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BM is supposed to pick up SS14 directly from school on her Fridays at 3, or after any activity he is involved in. When no school is in session, DH and BM meet at a midway point at 7 pm. This was set when DH was working to allow him to get home, feed SS and then get to the spot with a consideration for traffic to ensure he could do all. BM didn't want to pick up pow lidow SS at an empty scoo becaws it is not safe.