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ExH apologized

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ExH finally showed up (three weeks later) to complete his portion of ds12's ortho payment plan. He stuck around during the appointment and asked if we could speak after. (See earlier blog posts outlining what went down including my ultimately staying that is speak to him no further until an apology was issued).

He gave a sincere apology, seemed to be holding back tears as he confessed his shortcomings and his mistakes on how the situation got this far. He said that SM definitely overstepped but that was it what we were discussing and that was something she was working to remedy herself.

I took it as a very sincere apology. He understood that the way things had progressed had clearly crippled "our" relationship (our two families') relationship moving forward. I can also assume that he is very upset with an after he is finally aware of her behavior with the principal and her insults to me.

I did apologize for my agressive behavior in retaliation but also explained that I will always stand up for what is right for the children and will always stand up if something is wrong. He inderstood.

... Can't really see how or when I'll even be able to speak with sm, let alone acknowledge her moving forward after her behavior and her very poor attempt at an apology - especially after she insulted me.

As ExH said, this is a learning situation.


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I'm sorry but yes I do know what's right for my children and I will continue to stand up for what is right : wrong regarding anything having to do wiit my children.

He apologized because he knew he did not handle things appropriately and he knows his wife was way out of line.

He's told me several times that I was right and he was wrong. He let his time involved in work disengage him from the children and as a result, he lacked as a father and had his wife try to step up - which she is clearly unequipped to do.

And as far as "controlling their behavior by demanding an apology" I simply told him I'd not speak with him until I received one and asked him not to sit by me during our boys' Xmas show. Not exactly controlling.

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I'm glad he apologized to you. The situation seems pretty cut and dry to me. SM had NO business getting involved in your children's school the way she did. I would have been livid if I was you, and I think you were justified in requiring an apology from ExH. It sounds like it was genuine and that you two made some progress co-parenting. And that's great for everyone involved. Except maybe SM. Blum 3

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Thanks and I agree. Yes. SM is the one that seems to have worked her way out of the picture with her actions - both in her behavior at the school and then in her attempt to apologize to me where she ultimately diminished my teaching credentials, experience, then told me what she thought was right regarding MY daughter's education then tried to have the last word after I told her I was done and told me that I was unreasonable.

ExH told me that that was her issue to fix. I keep trying to figure it out in my head how her NEXT attempt at an apology will go. I'm cleary pissed and her first attempt was silly. I just do t know how I can even respond of she tries again.