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More on SM's freak out and all that's gone down

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I told wxH that he needed to set a meeting with the principal and yes, of course I would be there. He didn't understand why I'd be at HIS meeting. I told him that I gave him "permission" over a month ago to set up this meeting to discuss his concerns and he didn't and apparently he and his wife think that causing a scene in front of children is acceptable. I informed him that I was the sole legal guardian of our daughter and I will be in all meetings moving forward and his wife did not have my permission to speak with the school regarding my children.

Not only did he show up 20 minutes late to the meeting but the questions he asked were so condescending and idiotic. I was embarassed for him. (He's not the brightest. I nearly earned my masters in education and was a school teacher before having my children).

The princip was awesome. Addressed every concern and hit it out of the pro with her professionalism and thoroughness.

After the meeting he asked me if he could take the children, as we discussed, this sat. I told him we had plans. He tried to say "oh well you told me I could take them extra since you are taking them an extra weekend for your trip over the holidays".

I said, "no. I have them extra days over the holidays because YOU asked me to take them over new years because you wanted to take a trip without them. I also gave you extra time last weekend and you never followed up about this weekend and I have plans"

The conversation escalated into a text battle for the next few hours. I ended it by letting him know I wouldn't be speaking with him any further until him and his wife apologized to me and the principal. And please don't try and sit with me at the show on Friday. And I've already let your mother know she can reach out to me directly to see the children during her visit"


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Yep. And sm had the nerve to tell me that she was not happy with the education being offered at the school. Hay was right b fore I ild her I was done with this cinversation.... Since we were at the school and then she tespinse that that was because I was unreasonable.