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Anyone Know How to pull up a DUI arrest record?

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BM got pulled over about two weeks ago and arrested for her second DUI. She was also holding illegal substances and had SS15 in the car with him. She was kept over night.

We found some info online, and are meeting today with a lawyer to request an amendment of custody. Anyone know where I can find her arrest record, including the charges - other than going down to the county office and spending the entire day there?

DH found something online with some specifics, but now we can't find the site. I found a generic site that confirms her arrest, booking and release date.

Thanks for any help.


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My county's superior court site has arrest records with charges for free online. However, some nearby county's there's a fee that must be paid to access this info.

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Where I am you just go to the court system...find the city she was charged in and type in her name. It should pull up everything.

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She lives in an impacted city/ county where they do not have resources and pulled many records from the website. They also only have the records dept open until 1 pm daily.

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Isn't there an online court system you can check? You don't actually have to go to the court.

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Sheriffs departments normally handle all arrests/ jails for charges. Look up your local sheriffs department (or whomever handles the local jail) and see if they have an 'inmate search' function.

Most due, and you can search by name. Should show her mug shot and a list of all charges she was arrested for.

Note: When kids are in a car with a DUI driver there is normally a charge of child endangerment that is tacked on as well. If its not call DCFS and have them open a case for it.

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In our state, the minor has to be under 14 to be considered child endangerment and SS turned 15 at the end of March. He didn't even call his dad to pick him up. (Dad is custodial and he does eowe with bm - if she's up to it).

Would you still recommend DCFS?

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You also want a report on what and where the police did/left SS. When she was pulled over or whatever they would have had to put her in the squad car and taken her to the station. Fifteen or not, did they just drive away and leave SS standing there next to the car? How did SS get back to BM's? I would think it all plays a part of adjusting BM's visitation rights in the courtroom. Even if CPS would do nothing, it might help to put forth what happened with SS while BM was in police custody as to possible restricted/supervised visitations for BM in the future.