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Should probably post an introduction blog....

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I haven't gotten the chance to introduce myself yet so... here goes....

My name is Danielle (I go by Danni most of the time) and I am 26 years old. I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with my DH of three years. We have a little girl together who is 18 months. I have two children from a previous marriage, BD6 and BS5. I get along great with my EX-H and his new wife. We rarely fight about anything and when we do it is usually a small fight. DH has one little girl, SD5, from a previous relationship. BM is completely insane which is of course why I am here, as are the rest of you.

DH and I have a fantastic relationship when BM isn't in the picture. The ONLY thing DH and I ever fight about is BM, which drives me completely nuts.

As of now she has denied visitation totaling(sp?) up to one year, because I came into the picture. She has posted many blogs on various sites about how I am a druggy, I abandoned my children, I am no good for DH, neither one of us are happy, we never bathe the kids, we feed them cake or PB&J for meals, etc. (none of which are true). She spews slander all over the internet and thinks it is ok, yet throws a fit if we say one thing about her. She makes us out to be these horrible "parents" who care nothing about anyone or anything but ourselves.

I later find out that BM has a CPS record. She is required to see a doctor and continue to take meds, in order to keep custody of her two children, which she has not. Her current husband has a couple of DUI's and warrants for his arrest, grows pot in the house, they are always fighting, etc. She just had a baby with current husband a couple of months ago and I am just waiting for her to flip her hormonal lid. Just when you think it is bad enough it goes and gets worse. Yikes!!

Anyways... here is a little bit of my story. Hoping to find some friends on here with crazy BMs like mine. Lol.


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i think she still wants my bf. they never married but were togetehr 8yrs. bf has full custody of sd11. bm is a nutcase. she googled pictures of babies in the nicu and emailed them to a friend of hers, claiming they were hers. she even named them!!!! its sick and sad at the same time.

this hasnt been confirmed, but i am sure bm told sd a couple years ago to tell her teacher i beat her, in an attempt to let sd live with her. cps came to my house and talked with sd, saw right through her lies and dismissed case same day report was made. i have a bd who is 2, and i could have lost her. thankfully sd went to stay at bm's last school year and has made the connection (somewhat) that her bm is a freak.

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My BM is the same way. She has always talked crap about me, and then I say one little thing, and she flips out.

It's unfortunate that there is another child involved with that psychotic BM. Sad Poor thing will be raised in a toxic environment... unless, of course, CPS gets her again... which wouldn't be too surprising, huh?

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." Dr. Seuss

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I too have the psycho BM aka Moo Cow! She has also had her kids taken away a few times. She is nuts talks horrible mean things about me to SD and DH! BUT we have made it this far right? Good luck and we are very glad to have you here Smile
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Isn't is just a hoot that Bio Mom's are called "BM"
Another introduction!!! Just joined myself.

My BF's kids are great, their mom sucks. She has been a drug user for years. Finally, she got caught. BF has temporary custody of his kids. Bad thing, CPS is trying to get BM back together with her kids. This is a woman who calls up her ex and asks him for $20 for his kids for dinner when he gives her $800 a month in CS. When he says he will get them something and bring it over, she says forget it..... cause she was not going to get food!

Calling him when her bf kicked her out and asking him to help move her. Um, NO, we are divorced!

Calling me and saying, "he won't be yours for long, soon he will be mine"

This woman is cuckoo!!! She use to call him all the time! Now that he has the kids all the time, she has very limited visitation with her kids, she NEVER calls. Heck, she gets mad when her kids don't call her!!! They are kids!!! She is the adult!!!

She had another kid by her bf about a year after her divorce from my bf. BF kids have basically raised this little boy. Now they are sick with the thought that they can't see him! She may be a bother to me, but she is severely hurting her children and probably does not even see it.

I can say that we don't have the issues we could have, but we try to take care of our kids. We SHOW them that if they have a need, we take care of it. We don't bad mouth our ex's... (much, it is hard when they ask about it)

We just try to do the best we can with the hand we are dealt. Now, we have our issues, and I will post many here! LOL

I just hope I can vent and find a solution to my issues to make a happy home for my family and 2 sub-families Smile

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My BM is currently going through if I don't see them they don't exist faze, so very quite in my world Smile Need a friendly ear PM me Smile

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My BM isn't nuts, just a "B". Look forward to reading more about your day-to-day situation!

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Our BM is crazy too. You'll find that this site is a life saver. Glad to have you with us,

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